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PR Requests

Skin Deco accepts requests for product/website reviews, giveaway opportunities and event invitations subject to availability. You are encouraged to read the PR T&C page to understand my terms and conditions before approaching me

US-Based Requests

Even though the majority of Skin Deco’s readers are from the US, I am personally residing in Malaysia. If you would like to extend invitations for events that are held in the US or request for reviews of products that can only be sent to a US mailing address, Skin Deco will be represented by a New York based correspondent. In your e-mail, please specify that your offer is valid for US residents only


Advertisement placements are available on Skin Deco. Rates will depend on the size and format as well as the location and duration of the ad. If you’re interested in placing an advertisement on Skin Deco, please submit your proposal and rate offer for negotiation

Link Placements

Small-scaled businesses (eg. blogshops) that would like to advertise economically are advised to request for link placement on the Links page under 'Shops'. In exchange for the link placement, please provide a promotion code or store credit exclusive for Skin Deco readers as a token. Each link is renewable and valid for 3 months


If you would like to re-publish any content (text and images) posted on Skin Deco on an external website, please request for permission to do so. Any content, regardless of size, will require a back link to the original content source. Re-publishing for commercial use may be charged depending on the size of the business

Kindly submit your requests to

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