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Monday, May 7, 2012

Update: New Glasses + Recent Haul + Random Photos

After almost two weeks of not blogging, I've finally gathered the mood to sit myself down in front of the computer and write. Not surprisingly, I'm missing several photos of the products that I want to review and lacking inspiration for posts with the existing photos that I have. How typical...

Still, I wanted to have a post up just to kinda reconnect.
Here's something about this and that.
How cute are those beach kitties I met in Perhentian Island?

Last week I went for a picnic at this place called Sungai Congkak. It was like an escape from the busy town without going too far. We're thinking of going there for a camping trip.

A scene like this makes me wanna wear purple eyeshadow. I did a tutorial way back in 2009, inspired by purple skies. This photo was taken while I was heading to Perhentian Island. I'm very eager to go out to sea again!

These days I've been doing a lot less shopping for cosmetics since, well, I have enough makeup to last me several lifetimes. Nonetheless, sometimes I just itch to get something new. From SaSa, I picked up theBalm Meet Matte Eyeshadow Palette and theBalm Frat Boy Blush which entitled me an RM5 rebate and a free single eyeshadow. Also, after much contemplation, I  got the Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in #21 (Teal).

Lookie! I got new glasses! Although in my photos, I'm usually wearing contacts but in real life, I mostly wear glasses. For comfort purposes plus my eyes become sensitive if I consistently wear contacts.

Even if I may seem a tad quiet on the blog, I do check in on Twitter frequently. I've also jumped on the Instagram(@smellyocheese) bandwagon! Feel free to follow me if you wish.

What's been new with you lately? :) 
Let's chat!


Jenn said...

I like your new glasses! Very sexy librarian! Lol!

The sky pic is beautiful! Don't you just love being able to enjoy a scene like this in the air? :D

I'm finallllly going diving next week!! I've been "dry" so long (ok that didn't sound too right :P) i hope my instructor don't make me take a refresher! :S

gio said...

Love the glasses, they look great!

Connie De Alwis said...

Jenn: Hee hee, thanks ^_^ We took a morning flight and caught the scene! Gorgeous!
Where will you be heading for your next dive? I doubt you'll be needing a refresher course! Have fun! I'm planning another trip before Pulau Weh in August.

Gio: Thanks! :D

my said...

You look so cute girl!

salon cincinnati
salons cincinnati

Jade said...

love the glasses!! i think your sky pic motivated me to put on some purple shadow!

Jenn said...

You lucky girl!! I'm soooo jealous!! :D I heard the current at Weh is quite strong, so i'm not too confident of going yet - need to work more on my buoyancy first! :D

I'm going to perhentian again to do my advance! :D Where you planning to go before Weh? :D

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