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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Special Double Tutorial

Happy Earth Day!
In conjunction with Earth Day, I have for you a wearable green eyeshadow tutorial. Though I wore it for daytime, it's also appropriate for a night event when paired with a stronger lip color.

There's another tutorial after the jump, featuring a fresh weekend look with a bit of teal sneaked in.

On the top lid I had a gradient of yellow to green to dark green -- Shu Uemura  M Yellow 350, MAC Wondergrass and Urban Decay Libertine. On the bottom lash line I had shades of blue -- MAC Electro Sky, MAC Sea & Sky and Urban Decay Sabbath.

After prepping the lid with an eyeshadow primer (UDPP), apply a medium green (Wondergrass) onto 3/4th of the lid. Then, smoke out the outer corner with a deep green (Libertine). Blend the colors together with a blending brush and apply a medium brown to blend out the crease. Add yellow (M Yellow 350) to the inner corner and blend it into the green.

On the bottom lash line, layer a medium blue (Electro Sky) and darken in between the roots of the lashes with a dark blue (Sabbath). Brighten up the inner portion of the bottom lash line with a frosty blue (Sea & Sky). Thinly line the upper lash line with a black gel eyeliner and apply a beige highlight eyeshadow under the brows.

Complete the look by applying several coats of mascara and filling in the eyebrows.


This look uses colors that are a little less boring than weekday browns but it's still very light. It's easy to wear for a casual day out when you simply don't want to have piles of makeup on.

Apply a burnt coral shade (MAC Cut to Fit) up to the crease. Just below the crease, pat on a brighter shade (MAC Straw Harvest) just below the crease to make the lid stand out. Blend out the crease area with a sheer coral shade (MAC Tete-a-Tint). On the lower lash line, I've smudged on a dark teal eye pencil (Stage Teal Theater).


Vanity is an addiction said...

The earth day makeup somehow reminded me of Body Shop..haha...nonetheless, great post!

Connie De Alwis said...

Vanity is an addiction: LOL! With Body Shop highly promoting being earth-friendly and "100% vegetarian" I can understand that :p Thanks!

Askmewhats said...

Dear! you are one pretty hot lady! I love your look! So fresh and blooming!

gio said...

They're both gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorials!

dom said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I like the second look very much - I think I'll try that one out :)

❤ Ee Von said...

in love with the green look! i have a thing for grass green eyeshadows hehe :P awesome tutorials!

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