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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review: Peeling Masks for the Feet!

You gross people just wanna see gross pictures of skin peeling off my gross feet, don't you?

Check out the doggies in the background. We're all feeling sleepy on a weekend afternoon and I've got my feet up, wrapped in the LUS Foot Exfoliation Peeling Sheets...

Yes, there's gonna be gross pictures of my feet so please make sure you're not eating anything right now and have a strong stomach.
Here goes.

In a pack of the LUS Foot Exfoliation Peeling Sheets, you get a pair of foot covers soaked in the magic peeling solution ie. foot masks as well as a pair of plastic covers so that you don't get the solution everywhere. After cleaning the feet, wrap up the feet with the masks and the plastic covers. Leave them be for 2 hours.

The first round I left the masks on overnight and had trouble walking on rough surfaces the next day because my soles became very sensitive. Soon after you've removed the masks, you're probably not gonna see any changes to your feet.

The peeling actually takes place when there's friction on the feet so the more you walk, the more your feet will peel. A good reason to get some exercise! If your feet hardly touches the ground, the peeling might not be too obvious. I also find that I get more peeling if I wore sports shoes. After 2-3 days, the peeling will start to look very apparent.

When you remove your shoes, your feet may look like this:

Okay, I know you just wanna see the peeling and not my dirty feet but if I washed my feet first before taking the picture, the peeled skin would not have been obvious. So, don't judge me!

As tempting as it is to peel the skin off yourself, I won't recommend it. I did that and over-peeled until a big chunk of my heel came off and it was painful! If you just let it peel itself, it's not gonna hurt.

After about a week, the feet will stop peeling and it's just the remaining bits that will rub off. At this point, I'd suggest applying a foot cream to moisturize. I didn't do that so even though I got smoother soles after the peel, my feet went back to being rough the following week. Doesn't help that I stand a lot for work either.

A box comes with 2 pairs of peeling sheets retailing for RM48. RM24 per use is not exactly cheap but at least it's cheaper than going for a foot scrub? Anyway, if you'd like to give this a try, it's available at Sasa and Supermodel's Secrets.

Another product that I was given to try was the LUS Wine Hand & Foot Masks. I wasn't too sure what to expect from this product since I don't really pay attention to my hands and feet. The masks did smell very strongly of grapes though. Each pack comes with the cloth masks and plastic covers. They felt awkward with the plastic which eventually came off while I was in bed.

What did impress me was the mask itself. I was expecting the cloth to be similar to facial sheet masks but these were like toe socks and gloves! The material is sturdy and thick so I didn't throw them out after use. Instead, I washed them to be used as regular gloves and socks. Who knows? I might need them someday. *hoarder*

They're RM12 per pack, which is alright but I don't know if the effect is worth the trouble. Yeah, my hands and feet were softer but there wasn't any WOW effect. This is also available at Sasa and Supermodel's Secrets.

*The products featured were sent to me for review on Skin Deco


Jamilla Camel said...

I need this!!

Connie De Alwis said...

Jamilla: Looks awesome, doesn't it? I believe they do international shipping ;)

nia said...

i used the beautyfoot last time and it was like rm50-ish for ONE pair - also bought at sasa. the LUS foot mask is quite cheap considering it comes in TWO pairs. i might look out for this next at sasa :)

xin said...

holy mama! that's hell lot of skin coming off there! actually i have been tempted to get one to try :P but i keep forgetting about it ><

Connie De Alwis said...

Nia: Wow! That's pricey! Do check it out. Surely, this one works :)

Xin: And that's just one of the days! I peeled and then next day still got more skin coming off >_<

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