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Friday, February 3, 2012

Nails Polish Noob: Matte Red Nails

Looks pretty cool right?

I'm usually a fan of glossy nails since they're so shiny that they bounce off the imperfections... And then I saw these hot pink matte nails and was like, "COOOOL!!"
Lyn of Beauty Cabby told me about Essence having a Matte Top Coat and while I had an intention to buy, I wasn't really looking until I stumbled upon an Essence counter in Mid Valley.

Conclusion, I bought the Essence Matte Top Coat. Review after the jump!
You would use the Matte Top Coat as if you're using a regular top coat. Simply apply one layer after applying your regular nail polish. It'll turn your glossy polish into a matte finish. Keep in mind that the color will dull and if you use this top coat over shimmery or metallic polishes, they're gonna dull too. 

I feel matte works better with solid colors. It's a bit more tricky to get an even coat and you'll have to get it right with one layer. If you add another layer, your nails may look somewhat unattractively "textured". If you miss a spot, you'll get a glossy streak. It dries pretty quickly and doesn't chip too easily. 

The matte effect is not bad at all but it last probably 3 days max because our fingers come into contact with oil a lot (moisturizers, hand cream, nose oil, Nasi Lemak, etc.). The matte will wear off and the nails will start to look a bit more shiny. 

The top coat is a cloudy white color but mine's now a pale pink ever since I used it over red polish (Anna Sui in #405). If you're into matte nails, definitely check this out and even if you're not sure if you like matte nails, it's not gonna hurt much to try. 

The Essence Matte Top Coat is only RM8.90
I haven't seen Essence anywhere else besides Mid Valley (An island store called Coci something in Centre Court, 1st or 2nd floor. Sorry, I was too preoccupied with the matte polish at that time). But I believe some of the bigger Watsons should carry them too? I haven't seen any though.


Sue said...

I really like the Matte look.

xin said...

Totally <3 matte, had tried to mattify yellow and i think it looks really fab

Connie De Alwis said...

Sue: it's growing on me too :)

Xin: Yellow! Been meaning to try. Any recs for yellow polish? cheap cheap la :p

lyn said...

Kekeke, it's nice! Speaking of which, I really need to start using my matte top coats more. The Essence one is such a cheap and good option. I got mine from Watsons in Sunway Pyramid.

gio said...

I love the matte look, it's very pretty! I've been wanting to try the Essence top coat for ages but my counter never seems to have it in stock. :(

Connie De Alwis said...

Lyn: Thanks for sharing the availability! :D I'd tried looking in MV and KLCC's Watsons but didn't see Essence

Gio: Hope you'll get your hands on one soon! Matte's rather fun :)

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