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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: Anna Sui Nail Colors

Anna Sui has done it again with their packaging! This time around in their Palace Sparkle collection, Anna Sui has released nail polishes with loads of glitter. Very appropriate for the holidays and I've had loads of fun glittering up my nails. Yet, they got me thinking -- are they worth the price tag?

Yes, they do look very pretty in the bottle but in terms of content, I can't give Anna Sui that many points. #402 is a deep wine shade with sparse gold shimmers. Pretty, right? Guess how many coats it took to achieve that opaqueness? Three! I really like the color but it takes far too long for me to apply the polish and one unintentional scrape (which is very likely to happen in my case) means I'll have to start all over again. On another note, this color applies smoothly and although deep, doesn't stain the nails.

My 2nd favorite out of the lot is #081 which has a mix of pink, gold and silver glitters. I used it in one of my Nails for Noobs posts. Glitter is glitter so I can't say if it's great quality-wise.

Next in line would be #005 which is basically gold shimmers with the occasional chunks of glitter. I find this shade a tad frustrating because the larger chunks of glitter is not consistent so in some applications, I'd get a lot of them and in some, none at all. If I layered on the glitter, I'd get too much.

The shade I liked the least is #082 and from the close-up, you can probably tell why. The glitters are just very flat and uninteresting. I would've preferred glitters with more dimensions especially when they're not gonna come cheap. The effect just wasn't impressive.

All of the polishes have the classic Anna Sui rose scent which can be overpowering and get you dizzy whilst you're applying the polish. After a few days, the scent will fade and that's when you'll catch me sniffing my nails *awkward*.

The polishes retail at RM54 each.


Jamilla Camel said...

Yes! That smell! I can't cope!

Connie De Alwis said...

Jamilla: When I was testing out the polish in the office, the entire office smelled of it! And I practically chokes everyone in the living room when I was applying it :p

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