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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Facials of 2011: The Good & The Bad

In 2011, I've had my fair share of facials. Partially because I started deal-shopping. When facials are well below RM100, they're hard to pass up! I've learned a few lessons though. To be honest, I don't find facial necessary but occasionally, it's just nice to escape into a few hours of serenity and wake up looking refreshed.

What was your best and worst facial experience? I'd love to hear your stories! 

Check out some of my better facial experiences in 2011 and some never-to-return-again ones!

The Good 

SanPuri Beauty 

After my first deal-facial experience (will be storied below), I was somewhat fearful of taking up another deal. But I figured I might make it through since the Thalgo brand's pretty established and I'll have my cousin there to protect me should anything were to happen... From the outside, SanPuri Beauty looked as ordinary as any other shop-lot salon. We went in and it still looked ordinary. Then we walked pass the reception area and whoaaa.... It's like a whole other place! Though the space was small, the decor and ambiance was very spa-like with soothing music and water sounds... dim lights... aromatherapy air... and a fish spa pond!

Before we went in for our facial, we had a foot soak and also inhaled aromatherapy steam for relaxation. The facial I did included a microdermabrasion treatment and while it wasn't the best facial ever, I appreciated the service. Most typical facial places would take an extractor to my face and poke unnecessarily, eventually giving me more pimples. This therapist however, just used a towel and her fingers. Thank you for seeing that I don't need to be poked!

Best of all, no pushy sales talk! The regular prices are quite reasonable as well ie. you can get a basic facial for less than RM100 and add RM50 (I think) for microdermabrasion.
SanPuri Beauty is located in Dataran Mentari, Sunway (03-5622 2168)

Clarins Institut (KLCC)

I've had several Clarins facials before and they're always pleasant. The techniques used are for relaxation and the facial includes light hand and feet massage. Previously I only tried the [hydration] ones which were quite good.

Recently, I went for the whitening facial and it was probably one of the best from Clarins. I snoozed, as usual, but had some dejavu moments because the steps used were a series of repetitions. After the facial, I thought my skin looked brightened and refreshed. Actually, what surprised me most was the reaction of a total stranger when she stopped me in the middle of Sephora to look at my naked skin. Positive reaction, of course. I was floating after that!

Energy Day Spa (Great Eastern Mall)

Probably one of the most relaxing facial experiences of 2011. Read this [post] for my full experience.

However... the place has a reputation of inattentive front-desk staff according to some friends. My facial was for a review so my experience could've been not quite genuine.

The So-so 

CRES Wellness (Kepong)

The facial promised many things and I kept being woken up in the middle of the facial because the management wanted to take before-after pictures. Ultimately, the results were so-so just like the facial was. [Full review here].

The Bad 

S2 Slimming (Kepong)

This was the first deal/coupon facial that I bought and I became fearful of facial deals for half a year! The ad said that there would be microdermabrasion. I went through the facial, anticipating the microdermabrasion that never happened. Overall the facial service itself was okay. Very typical salon-type of facial.

After the facial, I expressed my disappointment to the staff saying that I was expecting the microdermabrasion. She insisted that it wasn't part of the deal and I didn't argue because I didn't have a copy of the ad with me and I only paid RM38.

Upon hearing that I was interested in microdermabrasion, the staff immediately took it as an opportunity to push the package to me. I had zero intention on signing up a facial package. Probably it was my fault for being "too polite" but the girl pushed her hardest! For every excuse/objection that I had, she'd have a counter! She was very very persistent! I think she used practically all the tricks in the book. I was confined in the consultation room for a whole hour!

Eventually, I won and she gave up but I've never seen SUCH a pushy salesperson in my life EVER! Even if I was interested in a trial for the microdermabrasion, I wouldn't DARE go back there. She might throw me in a cage next time!


dom said... deals are getting dodgier by the minute! I can't wait to try the Clarins one. Last time I did was 5 years ago.

fiSeeL said...

your worse experience is nothing close to mine.
I bought a coupon and went for the first facial, but that shop only keen to push me to sign up for package, so upon the so call skin condition consultation, I was brought into the facial room and the ordeal begins, first my face was being criticised until to the extend that almost nothing could be done to safe it (but all i have is open pores, oily skin some black n white heads here n there) which I don't think it's that bad. After that they push me to sign up for their package and promise sky n heaven... Throughout that 2 hours facial, they just constantly bugging me to sign package, and after that I was brought in to another room for another 40mins torture!! and I promise myself NEVER EVER go back to the same place.

Best part, I still get their follow up calls on and off. I did tell them my nightmare with them, and yet the same hard sell technique apply saying the previous lady has left and now they don't do that anymore and want me to go there again for another trial.

BUT... if i am paying, why should I go back to this place while there are so many out there to try?

BTW, their facial sucks, my face condition doesn't seem like i just came out from the facial room!

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