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Friday, August 26, 2011

Meet My Fave Everyday Palette -- Revlon CustomEyes

When I first got this palette, I was less than excited. The colors were nothing spectacular. They blended out sheer. And the sponge applicator wasn't too useful, as usual.

So, how on earth did an unimpressive palette ended up being my favorite everyday palette to use for now?

Find out after the jump! I've thrown in a tutorial as well :)

Revlon CustomEyes in 020 Naturally Glamorous
Shades: #5, #4, #3, #2, #1

It's your average plasticky 5-color eyeshadow palette with complementary shades of neutrals. Because I wanted to review this, I attempted to make it work a couple of times but it was just so "blah". Then, off into the drawer it went, uncertain if it's to be used again.

One day, as I was packing some makeup to travel with, I was rummaging around for eyeshadows that were work-safe and wouldn't take up too much space. This Revlon CustomEyes palette turned up and I was like, "It's sheer and boring. Why not?". The next morning when I was applying my makeup, I realised that I've forgotten to pack my eyeshadow brush. Since I highly dislike sponge applicators, I went in with my fingers instead. That was the defining moment.

Yep. Some eyeshadows simply work with good ol' fingers.

Apply Shade #1 over the lid and fade it out towards the brow. Then, apply Shade #4 just up to the crease. After that, apply Shade #2 onto the outer corner. To darker the outer corner, use Shade #1 and smudge the color towards the lash line as well.

Highlight under the brow with Shade #3 and apply mascara. To smudge some color onto my lower lashline, I use the pointy side of the sponge applicator (only purpose it has).

I realised that when I used a brush, the color washes off and when I used the sponge, the color applies really sheer. Using my fingers gave the best color intensity (though the colors are still relatively sheer by my standars) and it blends so much better. The texture's very smooth and the color looks prettier too.

Now, whenever I don't have much time to decide on my makeup or when I travel for work, I reach for this palette. It's light and slim, has all the colors that I need to create a complete eyeshadow look and applies fantastically without a brush!

Retails for RM49. Available in several varieties but I kinda only like this one. The Smoky Sexy (blue) one looks pretty good as well but they're not really my kind of colors (too cool).

Oh wow. This is something. I don't think I've liked a drugstore eyeshadow this much since the Beautilicious Victoria Palette. I'm not usually a fan of local drugstore eyeshadows.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shading Made Easy -- Review: The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder

The honeycomb motif may make The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder look like a MAC Naked Honey Collection knockoff but this one's certainly not a dupe.

In a league of its own, this pretty-looking pan has successfully made shading (a makeup step that I've never really bothered to do cuz I kinda suck at it) easy.

Read on...

The decently-sized bronze ombre compact is slim and comes with a mirror on the other side of the lid.

The shade that I have is 01 Light Matte which is barely a shade darker than my skin tone. How did manage to shade is still dumbfounding to me. Texture wise, the powder is very finely-milled and smooth as well as lightweight compared to regular compact powder. While the shade says it's "Matte", there seems to be a hint of glow but without any shimmer.

I apply the bronzing powder using the Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter brush, focusing on areas such as the hollows of my cheeks, jawline and temples.

When swatched, the color seemed almost invisible but somehow or rather, it shades! Effectively, if I may add. I've never really bothered to shade because it takes some skill to blend and not get harsh angles. Until now! I can do a sloppy job and still get the effect. Keep in mind though, I'm using the lightest shade so the effect isn't drastic but it's still substantially visible and work-appropriate. It provides just enough shading to make my face look more shapely even without blush.

This one's a keeper for sure. At RM69, I'd say the price is not too bad at all considering the amount of product given. I've been using it quite often and the honeycomb pattern is still there. Available in 4 matte shades.

On another note, here's one product that isn't worth RM89. The Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder it meant to act as an illuminator but what it gives is plain glitter. No color or glow... just glitter. And it comes in a tube with an attached brush (soft, at least).

I'm not saying that it's a bad product. However, this is one of those novelty products that you will rarely use unless you have a good reason to be covered in glitter.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

I fail at nails. You should already know that by now since I hardly ever talk about nails unless I've had them done by someone else or they smell good.

To aid helpless people like me, Sally Hansen has come up with a nail color application system that's so foolproof that even guys can do it!

Can the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips substitute the meticulous work of nail-art?

If you haven't figured out what these nail strips are, they are basically stick-on nail polish. Literally. The kit comes with two sets of 8 strips in different sizes. They've also included a mini nail buffer and orange stick. Oh, and the much important step-by-step instruction manual.

I won't be showing how I applied the strips because my pictures turned out crap with my unskillful hands but the manual explains the steps well enough. Basically you just peel off the strip, stick it onto your nail and remove any excess that hangs off your nail. It's really that simple.

With 16 strips (6 strips extra for clumsies), one box is only for one-time use but since I kept my nail short, I managed to use one strip for two nails! Which explains the weird sizing on some of my fingers.

The manual says that the strip stretches but from my experience, it doesn't really. Thankfully, the design that I got was "Skinny Jeans" so the tearing of the strip worked it the design's favor to create a "rip" in the jeans.

However, "Skinny Jeans" probably wouldn't have been my design of choice because the print looks rather "fake". It doesn't look like anything a nail artist would create and the print's rather "digitalized" if you catch my drift.

They would've passed the test if I could actually fool people into thinking that I really got my nails done but even a guy managed to point out that my nails were stuck on. They looked very obviously like stickers! *sighs* The other designs I've seen online look more promising such as Misbehaved and the glitter shades (reviewd by All Lacquered Up). Kitty Kitty worn by MyWomenStuff looks pretty good too! More "drawn", at least.

Despite the box saying that the strips would last 10 days, it started to chip on me on the 4th day. But then again, I was not at all careful with my hands. Since the strips are actual nail polish and not mere stickers, they can be removed with a nail polish removal but you may need to put in some elbow grease.

Though it may cost you a slightly less to have Salon Effects without actually having to visit a salon, the strips are not the best substitute for a solid manicure. However, if you're looking to dress up your nails fast and without downtime (the strips dries immediately), this is a good way to go.

Retails for RM45.90 at Guardian, Parkson, SaSa and Caring Pharmacy.

*The kit was provided by Tongue in Chic for the purpose of review.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Best Gel Eyeliner EVER!

Gel eyeliners are my thing.

I've tried all sorts of brands -- MAC, Bobbi Brown, Stila, Kate, Smashbox, etc.

Though I've been contented with a few, I've never had one blown me away quite like this one did.
And finally, I found a purple one that works! Never really had much luck with the purples...


Meet the Inglot Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner!

Just by looking at the dip you can see how emollient (I'm trying not to say "moist" *cringes*) this liner is. And believe me, it's very emollient indeed! No tugging and scratching -- just a silky smooth line.

The color is very pigmented so the color in the jar is what you're gonna get on your lids. Best of all, the color STAYS vibrant throughout the day! Now, I shall tell you how smudge/waterproof it is. It may need a minute to completely dry, but once it sets, it will. Not. Budge. I can freely curl my lashes and not have the liner lift off. I can jog, cry, rub my eyes; it'll stay put!

With this amazing feature comes a damper though. You'd have to be confident with your eyelining skills or you'd get skin-burn from rubbing off any mistakes. However, the liner does come off clean with a waterproof makeup remover.

More to love about this gem:

The Size
5.5 grams! (MAC gives you 3g, Stila gives 4g). It's packaged in a light plastic jar rather than bulky glass jars that gel liners usually come in.

The Color Selection
An impressive array of 20 colors to choose from! I had a very hard time forgoing the Teal (#87) for the Purple (#74). Now all they need is to come out with a shimmer line and no other gel liners should ever need to exist.

The Price
RM48. Not bad at all considering how much product you're getting and the awesome quality.

Inglot is available in Sunway Pyramid. ONLY T_T Gotta get my butt over there to grab a few more colors!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Foundation

Lancome made one of favorite foundations of all time, the Lancome Maquiliquide Foundation. 2 years later, they discontinued it *wails* and replaced it with this -- Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Foundation.

With a new packaging, higher SPF and whitening properties, how does it fair compared to its predecessor?

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Well, in terms of texture, I'd say that the Maqui Blanc is finer and blends better. However, despite having gotten the same color code as before, the shade is quite different. It's a lot more neutral (thankfully not pink yet!) and fairer too. I would've gotten a "BO" shade but they only had light shades. When first applied, the foundation would look like it's just sitting on top of my skin because the shade was so much lighter than my natural skin color. But give it about 15 minutes to settle and the color will start to blend in.

The coverage, while sufficient, wasn't as buildable as Maquiliquide's. Nevertheless, I do love the finish and glow the foundation gives. Maquiliquide was my ultimate go-to foundation for long wear and I was really hoping that Maqui Blanc wouldn't compromise on that. Hmm... it's still long-wearing but I'd still need to blot off some shine and perhaps touch-up with some powder.

When compared with the Maquiliquide, it's quite obvious that Maqui Blanc didn't quite hit the mark. However, without comparing it to what it's supposedly replacing, I'd still say it's a good foundation. Yeah, the initial color-match can be quite irritating but I can work around that. So, word of advice; when you're testing this foundation, always walk around with it first before deciding on your shade.

Retails at RM140/30ml

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