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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Taking It All Off At WAXXX!

Waxing has been around for ages but not until recently that it had started to garner popularity in Malaysia. Especially when it comes to removing hair from the nether regions...

Having broken through that fear of exposing my bits to a stranger, only a few apprehensions remain when it comes to waxing ie. itching, bumps & awkward growing out stage.

Lucky for me, I was in the hands of hair removal experts, WAXXX. And experts, they truly are.

Read on for my experience with WAXXX and also details on how you can score some great discounts from WAXXX!

Co-owner of WAXXX, Kelly, invited me in for a Hollywood experience along with a special treatment that got me very intrigued. Permanent hair removal, anyone? I'll elaborate on that in a bit.

Having endured weeks of consciously not exposing my underarms, the day of my appointment finally came. As I was rushing for my appointment (no surprise there), I was very pleased to get a parking the moment I arrived. You see, unlike many waxing salons, WAXXX is located in Aman Suria where parking is ample. I can understand how that can be a huge plus for those who hate going to shopping districts on a weekend!

The decor was clean and simple, with high ceilings for a bright and airy space. They have a total of 7 rooms where they offer purely hair removal services. The rooms, while spacious enough, lacked the kind of privacy that I'd prefer. As you can tell from the picture, the partition doesn't go all the way up. In other words, if the fella next door is screaming for dear life from having his scrotum waxed, I'm gonna hear it. Though it may be amusing to me, I can imagine how frightful that must be for others!

These would be your instruments of torture...
The pot on the left features the strawberry-scented hard wax for use on more delicate areas like the bikini area and underarms. The one on the right contains soft wax for use with strips, which is mostly used for larger areas.

WAXXX practices a strict NEVER DOUBLE-DIP policy by using a different spatula with every dip. On top of that, their equipments are all meticulously sterilized with hospital grade disinfectant.

The services that I experienced were the:
  • Hollywood Wax (ALL OFF!) + Depilar Treatment (RM116 + RM44.50)
  • Underarms Wax + Depilar Treatment (RM32.50 + RM12.50)
You're probably wondering what's this Depilar Treatment?
This is an alternative permanent hair removal method to IPL/Laser. Depilar essentially involves waxing and the application of the two products in black tubes you see above. Having the treatment done 12 to 24 times over the course of 6 to 12 months, the result mirrors that of IP/Laser (at least 6 treatments) minus the risk and hefty price tag.

My Experience

The session started with a brief Q&A to make sure that I'm in the right condition for a wax (eg. am I on any skin treatments, is it my first time, etc.). Kelly herself did the waxing for me and I was certainly in good hands with Kelly having years of waxing experience in Australia.

We started with the Hollywood Wax (all off you-know-where) and let's just say I've grown out quite a bit! Interestingly, unlike others salons I've been to which uses scissors for trimming, WAXXX uses an electric clipper with a detachable comb, which the customer keeps and bring back again for future trimming. Using clippers means the hair can be buzzed uniformly to the best length for waxing rather than getting a haircut for your pubes.

Kelly was cautious and regularly asked if the temperature of the wax was alright for me, which was very thoughtful. After completely removing hair from each part with the wax and tweezing, she applies the Depilar Treatment immediately for best absorption. Granted, the waxing process took longer than usual. Kelly was also very insistent on getting out every single hair even the existing ones that were too short! If she can help it, she's gonna tweeze them out!

Another added service that I appreciated was the removal of fine hair around my lower tummy area with soft wax. That way, when you're in a bikini, you're not gonna end up with smooth bikini line but a fuzzy tummy.

Hard wax and some tweezing was also used for my underams where the Depilar Treatment was applied as well.

After Waxing

Now, my biggest problem about waxing isn't the pain nor the exposure. I've basically come to terms with that. What worries me the most every time after the wax are bumps and to-the-bone itching. They seem to come hand-in-hand with getting waxed.

A few tiny bumps did appear within the next few days but they weren't the painful kind. I suppose they're inevitable and the best you can probably do is cleanse the area well and also avoid tight clothing to minimize any infection of hair follicles.

The most amazing thing about this experience is the fact that I did not itch. Not at all! It's been almost 2 weeks since I got waxed and the very fine hair is starting to grow out but I haven't itched! Believe me, I'm overjoyed! I used to itch so bad that I had to take my antihistamine pills. With the Depilar Treatment, my hair seems to be growing out slower and finer too.

Nonetheless, I don't think I'd feel comfortable being always bare down south though I don't mind the occasional strip but I would love to not have underarm hair. I'm definitely gonna follow up with the Depilar Treatment for and say goodbye once and for all to underarm hair! At least until I have any major hormonal changes that are bound to bring back the hair...

Here are more reasons to get WAXXXed!

WAXXX is having an Opening Promo of 40% off waxing of one body part valued above RM30 (for new customers only).
However, if you're a reader of Skin Deco enjoy an additional 10% off (total 50% discount) up until January 30st, 2012 . Just mention the code, CONNIE50, upon making appointment.

This weekend (5th and 6th of November, 2011), WAXXX will be having a a soft launch where there'll be special packages up on offer.

Don't forget to check out their Facebook page for more details.

And by the way, WAXXX offers services for men as well such as the Manzilian Wax and Manllywood Wax. For the comfort of girlfriends and wives, WAXXX has a MALE therapist to conduct the service.


J-G-17 Jalan PJU1/43,
Aman Suria,
Petaling Jaya,
47301 Selangor

To make an appointment, call 03-78805588


lyn said...

Okay, this depilar thing sounds like something I need! I wanna get rid of armpit hair too! I wonder if other nearby salons around my area offer the same services... must go research.

Connie De Alwis said...

Oh, I forgot to add that the Depilar Treatment is currently exclusive to WAXXX cuz they are the sole distributor in Malaysia

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

Ooooh I am so interested in the Depilar treatment, especially for the underarms! No more shaving, eh :P And since it's not far from my place, will check it out :)

Acne Treatment Reviews said...

Asians specially Malays are not that hairy as compared to Caucasians and other race. But still every now and then our body needs a pampering.

Reena said...

I'm kinda interested with the depilar treatment... :)

Connie De Alwis said...

Stephanie: Good luck! You'll need to go for at least 12 treatments tho

Acne Treatment Reviews: I'd say the problem with Asians is that when the hair grows out, it grows out black so they become very visible against lighter skin. Personally, I don't have hair on my legs and arms. Only the hidden areas...

lazybastard said...

I just purchased a voucher from ilovediscounts for a 50% off brazillian wax at waxxx aman suria. Since I live very near to that area, i've actually passed that place and had been thinking to go there to give it a try. The interior was very nice, but later I found out that the service is nothing compare to other waxing boutique such as Strip or Honeypot.

I requested to add with an upper lip wax. So the girl who was my therapist decided to do that treatment first before the Brazillian. When she did my upper lip, it was already sooo painful! I've never experienced upper lip waxing as painful as that. When i told that to her, she said that it's because the duration from my previous waxing treatment was too long. I just kept quiet, thinking that it would get better.

When she got to my bottom part,, OMG! the way she did it was soooo rough! It was sooo painful and it take sooo long just to finish half part! Everytime I did it at Strip or HOneypot, it would only took 30mins to complete the whole treatment! but even after 2 hrs she hadn't even finish!
The wax she put on my skin was too hot! and it was burning my skin. When i told her this, she said that it's a standard temperature at waxxx and she couldn't do anything with it. So she just left me with that painful burning feeling.

Finally I decided to ask her to stop the treatment because I couldn't stand the pain. She insisted to continue and did not even listen to my complain! Until i really shouted to ask her to stop! Only then she stopped and put a soothing gel on my skin. Which was already too late because my skin was already irritated.

She called the manager in. I passed her all the complain. But even she did not listen and could not do anything. USELESS!

Then they told me to talk to her boss. A chinese arrogant lady who doesn;t even know how to treat her customer. She didn't appologize and did not even look sorry at all! She just called the therapist who did my treatment and she asked me to complain in front of her. USELESS!!!!

I left with a very upset feeling with my bottom part painful for the rest of the day. I regret trying that place and would not go there again! Seriously from now on, I will only go to Strip or Honeypot.

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