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Monday, October 24, 2011

Evolution of Brows

Over and over again I've stressed the importance of having well-groomed eyebrows. In my opinion, the eyebrows can make or break a look. If I could only choose one makeup item to ever exist, it would be my Shu Uemura Hard 9 Pencil.

It took me years of trial-and-error to find the brows that I'm most comfortable with, which are the ones I have now. I can't guarantee that they won't change anymore though...

How Have Your Eyebrows Changed Over the Years?

Read on for my brow journey throughout the years and the current brows that I'm maintaining.

Left to Right:
  1. Messy, without much of a shape. I dreaded filling in my brows and thought I looked weird
  2. Went for eyebrow threading and ended up with super thin and rounded brows
  3. Brows filled in according to shape without any shading. Sharpie brows!
  4. Took awhile to grow out the brows and reshape them. Brows rather flat
  5. Attempted to develop an arch and fill in the brows with more shading
  6. Arch became more apparent but a tad angular
  7. Over-arched!
  8. More rounded arch and started to bleach eyebrows
  9. Bringing down the front again for a more angled arch. Still filling in brows with brown
  10. Brows trimmed short but arch a bit too inwards
  11. Bringing the arch outwards
  12. Rounding it out
  13. The tail's getting thinner
  14. Growing out the tail
  15. Letting the brows bush up a little
  16. Shape getting slightly more angular
17. My brows currently are kept a little bushy so that I can get away without filling in my brows when I don't have makeup on. I also fill it in just enough to enhance the shape. There's a soft arch that's not too angular and a shorter tail. They're also quite easy to maintain seeing as I haven't had my brows shaped for about a year.


plue said...

my brows are usually done thick, with a slight arch and ends around the outer corner of my eyes. i could never stand having thin eyebrows, i look so weird in it!

now that you write about this post, i need to go re-shape my brows d. haih.

nicole said...

mine a quite sparse at the end i end up with embroidery which i hate soooo much :(

♀ [Jozefin] said...

Hi, mind sharing where do you shape your brows? I used to have my roommate in uni do it for me. Some of my friends go for threading but I didn't like the look of theirs after threading so I didn't try that. Your current brow shape is nice!

fiSeeL said...

Me really envy ur nice brow!!! :) My brow are short n sparse..... on top of that i have uneven brow... a lot of times they ask me to close my eyes to trim my brow, but when i open my eyes, i find the brow a bit imbalance like one side slightly higher than the other side.... and there was one time the lady keep adjusting for me makes my brow was too thin than i wanted it to be :(

Btw, can you do a tutorial for monolid, using neutral colours?

Amanda Christine Wong said...

u have the most amazing eyebrows! except the first two pics. eyebrows kept changing too. i trim it myself till one day it took a bold beautician (which i visit once a year) to tell me that i overplucked the tail leaving the head (head?) bushy. i looked at my past pictures n i cringed. i really need to see a professional once in a while.heh

Jamilla Camel said...

Gorgeous brows! I get my threaded and normally use a tinted brow gel to set them.

Connie De Alwis said...

Plue: You have great looking brows! Full! :D

nicole: Awh, how long ago did you get your embroidery done? I know it looks funny at first but it should look better as it fades

Connie De Alwis said...

Jozefin: A few places that I'd suggest would be Empro (they shave), Shu Uemura (they pluck), Apronbay (they wax and thread) and I've heard Benefit's pretty good too (they wax). Nevertheless, the outcome would depend a lot on the person who does your brows so there's really no guarantee!

fiSeel: Thanks! It's very difficult to get both brows looking the same but I'd just suggest going for a specialised brow shaping. They usually give good advice. I'm afraid it's difficult for me to do a tutorial on monolids cuz I personally don't have monolids and I'm not sure if I'd be good at applying makeup on them! If I get the chance, I'd give it a try but no promises :)

Connie De Alwis said...

Amanda: I know what you mean! I can't believe I allowed my brows to look that way before! I was dependent on brow stylists for a bit until I figured out how to maintain my own brows.

Jamilla: Thank you! Occasionally I'd use a brow tint but I'd still fill in at least the tail bit since the hair's rather sparse

Jen said...

i agree, eyebrows make or break a look .. which reminds me of my over-due session XD I love the transformation of your eyebrows over the last few years.. looks like it's an article for a magazine :3

Connie De Alwis said...

Jen: Lol! Funny how this post is reminding people to get their brows trimmed.

Tine said...

Your brows are looking so good now. They're grown up! :P

Anonymous said...

But I thought you were afraid of contacts :) I see contact lenses here!

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