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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Daily Skincare Staples

Having shared my Daily Makeup Staples, I figured I'd also share my Daily Skincare Staples!
Time and time again I've been asked to share my skincare regime. Since I shuffle through many different brands in a short period of time, it was difficult for me to firmly tell which products I'd use every day.

Well, now that my approach to skincare has changed and I actually have staples, it's finally the time to write this post!

Read on for the breakdown of products that I use daily as well as skin concerns that I've had previously and currently.

Fine! I'll admit it. I have good skin. There. I said it.

My skin is one of my greatest "assets" and I've had countless compliments over my skin *head as huge as a blimp*. Except the last time I actually admitted to having good skin when complimented, I was indirectly told to have a huge slice of humble pie. Reason being why I've since been apprehensive about accepting compliments.

However, for the purpose of this post, I'm not gonna beat around the bush and tell you I have bad skin, because I don't. Oh dear, I really really really hope I'm not jinxing my own skin *crosses fingers and toes*

Has my skin always been like this? No.
Can you get skin like mine if you followed my regime? I honestly won't know. Everyone's skin is different and how you would react to the products I've used could be different as well.

When I first started my blog back in 2008, I was already into skincare and had relatively okay skin as compared to when I was a teenager (couldn't find pics!). With the dark acne marks and dull skin almost all gone, the lingering problems that I had were breakouts, mainly on my forehead, and dry skin.

In efforts to combat the zits on my forehead, I used a lot of pimple treatment products and exfoliants to get rid of the scars. Eventually, the pimples went away and the scars faded but my skin was left badly parched. Fine lines were becoming quite apparent and many times, foundation wouldn't sit well on my skin. I would be using heavy creams and anti-aging products just so my skin wouldn't feel uncomfortably taut.

Many people expressed their envy over the absence of open pores on my skin and the that I don't get oily. The fact of it is, I have eczema which causes my skin to be very dry and flaky. On bad days, I'd get rough, itchy and inflamed patches on my skin. In order to keep my eczema eruptions at bay, I have to make sure that my skin is properly moisturized.

These days, my skin is well-behaved and it has never looked better. It's no longer as dry as it was before. I'm actually producing some oil come midday. The pimples too are quite controlled, occurring mostly during that time of the month. The only concern I have left is the discoloration (particularly my chin area), which I'm not quite sure how to deal with.

A few skincare rules that I live by:
  1. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS remove your makeup properly! -- This is going to reduce problems with clogged pores and acne
  2. Focus on hydration -- a well-hydrated skin simply functions so much better
  3. Adequate exfoliation will improve texture and increase absorption of skincare
  4. Make sunblock your best friend -- the sun creates all sorts of skin problems
  5. Keep it simple -- using way too many types of products at one go can be stressful to your skin

You didn't expect my regime to be so simple, did you?
And note almost all of the products I use are not high-end brands...
I promise, it wasn't intentional. Purely coincidental.

Special Needs
  • [Pimples] Ettusais Acne Clear Spots Superior contains Salicylic Acid to disinfect and I double zap the zip with Avene Diacneal Treatment Care to exfoliate with Glycolic Acid. I continuously apply the latter after the pimple has healed to reduce scarring
  • [Tired/Taut Skin] This is when I'd whip out my Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
  • [Eczema/Sensitive Skin] The Madara Deep Comfort Toner immediately soothes and I'd moisturize with the Madara Regenerating Night Cream
I won't list down the masks and scrubs because I use them at random. Depending on what my concerns are and which one I feel like using.

So, tell me...

How's Your Skincare Regime Like?


Jamilla Camel said...

You have gorgeous skin, and you take such good care of it too!

Connie De Alwis said...

Jamilla: Aw, thank you :) Skincare definitely requires discipline! I'm still trying to resist the urge to pick on my pimples

lyn said...

You do have gorgeous skin and ought to be proud of it :-) My skin has always been very fickle and fluctuates from one extreme to the other. Right now, it is so dehydrated, especially around my undereye area so I need to get my hydration levels up. But I can't use anything too rich as I'll breakout. I have to get back to my regular regime as I've been letting go the past 2 weeks.

Askmewhats said...

I have this feeling Connie that we do have the same skin condition! I used to suffer from SUPER dry and parched skin and it itches like hell! Because of the skincare regimen that changed over the years, my skin do "moist" up in the middle of the day as I've been moisturizing it really well, both mornings and nights :)

Thanks for sharing this post, it's a good shoutout to everyone that taking care of our skin makes a HUGE difference and the effect could take years but it's worth it :)

xin said...

for some reasons, i had better skin when i was in my teen! i started using all these stuff since i was in form 1. in my 20s i had/have to deal with acne :S why oh why! i have many acne-busting products now to kill them as soon as they pop, however, what i am really scared of is acne marks, which take forever to disappear from my skin

Haruuta Chan said...

You Look more younger rite now :O

Helda said...

Hi Connie, thanks for sharing. Since I have eczema on my face, I stop using my usual skincare products because they all sting my face. I'm quite itchy to buy the Madara products now since it works for you. But after reading your last article on emptying the bottles, I think I should finish all my skincare products before buying new ones.

and yeah, I'm jealous of your skin. Good job

Yuvee said...

Been lurking around your blog for a while now, decided it's high time I say something!

Do you use facial masks? They're really the only part of my own skincare regime that ever changes. I've been a loyal user of Clinique since I was 17 and have had really good results so I'm scared that trying out other brands might ruin it.

Connie De Alwis said...

Lyn: Thanks! :) Hydration makes A LOT of difference! It took me awhile to realize that. Keeping up with a regime can definitely be a challenge. Which is also why I decided to keep mine really simple

Nikki: From you posts, I can tell as well that we have similar skin type! Using the right products can certainly change your skin. Yes! I'm glad you got my point. Most people would think that good skin can happen overnight with one product but it's really a series of ups and downs until you figure out what's best for your skin and how you can maintain it. Perseverance is key too!

Connie De Alwis said...

Xin: Well, your skin has definitely changed for the better with age ;) Yeah, I'm concerned about scars too. I find it helps if the pimple area is not too traumatized (minimize the squeezing) and also treatment while the scar is still "fresh"

Haruta: I'm aiming to look forever 21 ;) Lol! Thank you

Connie De Alwis said...

Helda: It's a good idea to empty out what you already have unless the products are clearly unsuited for you then you're better off gifting them to others who would benefit from them. Madara agrees very well with my sensitive skin :) Haha! I did a good job making you jealous eh?

Yuvee: Glad you finally decided to comment!
I do use facial masks but quite sparingly these days. Only when I need a bit of a boost or some pampering. Mostly for hydration purposes. If you ask me, good and healthy skin should be one that doesn't fall apart when you break off from your regime or try need product (exception of allergic reactions). It's worrying when your skin becomes dependent on just one brand/product range. I'd suggest changing up but try switching one product at a time or slowly introducing new products into your skin. Who knows? you may come across something better?

dom said...

My skincare regime is ... all over the place. Pretty much sums it up :p. I've been trying a few things and when I do, I get zits and now it's back to my 'normal' regime, so we'll see if it works.

But yes, you have great skin :D

mayun said...

hi connie! I'm so glad that i found ur URL finally! I used to be a keen reader of ur blog, however i stop for a while and recently i kept searching back for your website but I couldnt. Thank goodness! I'm here again! :)

Connie De Alwis said...

Dom: When I was still trying to figure out what works best on me, my regime was all over the place as well ;) Thanks

Mayun: I'm glad you've found your way back! Looking forward to more comments from you. enjoy the read!

Hydrolyze said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing it with us.

cath said...

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I am definitely a fan of it!

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