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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Foundation

Lancome made one of favorite foundations of all time, the Lancome Maquiliquide Foundation. 2 years later, they discontinued it *wails* and replaced it with this -- Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Foundation.

With a new packaging, higher SPF and whitening properties, how does it fair compared to its predecessor?

Read on...

Well, in terms of texture, I'd say that the Maqui Blanc is finer and blends better. However, despite having gotten the same color code as before, the shade is quite different. It's a lot more neutral (thankfully not pink yet!) and fairer too. I would've gotten a "BO" shade but they only had light shades. When first applied, the foundation would look like it's just sitting on top of my skin because the shade was so much lighter than my natural skin color. But give it about 15 minutes to settle and the color will start to blend in.

The coverage, while sufficient, wasn't as buildable as Maquiliquide's. Nevertheless, I do love the finish and glow the foundation gives. Maquiliquide was my ultimate go-to foundation for long wear and I was really hoping that Maqui Blanc wouldn't compromise on that. Hmm... it's still long-wearing but I'd still need to blot off some shine and perhaps touch-up with some powder.

When compared with the Maquiliquide, it's quite obvious that Maqui Blanc didn't quite hit the mark. However, without comparing it to what it's supposedly replacing, I'd still say it's a good foundation. Yeah, the initial color-match can be quite irritating but I can work around that. So, word of advice; when you're testing this foundation, always walk around with it first before deciding on your shade.

Retails at RM140/30ml


l y n said...

I do agree the finish is quite nice but sadly, the shade I have does not suit me as it turned out too yellow and dark. I find that it oxidises a little too and I look orange by end of day.

From the photos, it does seem like quite a good match on you :-)

Askmewhats said...

Your skin is perfect! you can definitely go out wearing only THIS foundation! But hey, I have to tell you though that your "before" skin is as gorgeous !!!

gio said...

What a shame it's not as good as the old version. But it still looks great on you. Love the finish it gives skin.

Anonymous said...

babe, can you do a post on your skincare regime now? i rmbr when ur skin used to be bad! now it's perfect!

Connie De Alwis said...

Lyn: The initial color's definitely not the true color! My skin's quite yellow so the shade's better on me after it oxidized. I'm just glad it didn't turn gray! the lighting in my room's messed up so the photos don't really show its true shade

Nikki: Awh, you're too sweet :)

Gio: Yeah! They really shouldn't mess with formula that's already perfect!

Anonymous: Thanks! I meant to but I kept putting it off :p My skin got better quite some time ago but at present, it's not at its best. I'll try to post up my regime soon!

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