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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This Is Me... Again!

Guess who popped by Inglot? :D Oh, and I visited Sephora too (late bloomer!) and naturally, could not leave empty-handed... No points given to guess what I bought.

It's delightful to see many of you having some similarities with me. I'm not alone, it seems! So, if you're keen, here's the remaining 25!

26. I love taking pictures of my cat, Tremmie. Here, I’m trying out the aperture mode on my spanking new Panasonic Lumix LX5 :D
27. I bite my nails but not compulsively.
28. I love eating watermelon with the skin attached.
29. I love eating mango with the seed.
30. My room is a complete and utter mess.
31. I don’t regularly wear perfume.
32. I can sleep in practically any environment. Except perhaps mosquito-infested.
33. I’m horribly bad at math.
34. I’m also terrible in most sports.
35. My favorite color now is teal.
36. I have watched 27 Dresses close to 27 times.
37. I can’t play Sudoku or solve the Rubix cube.
38. I eat the cream from a sandwich biscuit (eg. Oreo) before eating the biscuit.
39. I read comic books (or study materials) right before bed.
40. I’ve been tipsy but never drunk. I have too much pride to be vomiting in public.
41. I’d choose tea over coffee.
42. I cry easily but not unnecessarily.
43. I often lose or misplace things.
44. I’m good at brisk-walking. Had loads of practice getting to work just in time.
45. I hate ironing but I’m forced to do it anyway.
46. I also hate folding clothes so I hang them up if I can help it.
47. I have to hit the snooze button at least 3 times before I can wake up.
48. I need a haircut.
49. I can’t drive well.
50. I really need to write proper posts…


AndreaLiciouse said...

So sad sephora is not available at Sabah lorh

yummy411 said...

again i love these posts! thanks for sharing!

beetrice said...

haha...29, 30, 37 and 43 apply to me too! :D

gio said...

I love these posts too. It's great to get to know more about you. :)

Wan Nurzalia Wan Saelan a.k.a NoZ said...

hi..sephora is in KL already?
where is it actually?

nicole said...

Wan Nurzalia, Yes Sephora is here since April :)

JajaIzzati said...

How much the single Inglot eyeshadow cost? Thanks. ;)

Jenn said...

Hey, i'm super bad at math and sports too... unless you count shopping as a kind of sport! Haha!! :D

I HATE ironing too... am thinking of picking up a clothes steamer because of that! Hahha! :D

Rose said...

Hi Connie! How much was Inglot? Am interested in the primer n e/s!

Bun Bun Makeup Tips said...

Where did you get inglot??? In M'sia? I'm dying to visit one!!

Suzana said...

Connie.. Im so waiting for ur review on inglot.. it turn out to be really drying on mine :(

xin said...

i love eating mango with the seed too!

have u tried the inglot face base? it's strange that if feels oily if applied too much, but after a while it will become silky.

Mrs.K said...

reviews on inglot products please! <3

Connie De Alwis said...

Wan: There's one in KLCC and one in Starhill

Jaja: It's RM28 :)

Rose: E/s is RM28, primer's RM76

Bun: Inglot's in Sunway Pyramid

Suzana: What was it that's drying?

Xin: Not yet... haha

Obaging said...

Although I do realize that Sephora is popular, I have not done anything with it. I am starting to change my mind though.

Suzana said...

I mean that when I wore the foundation, my skin ended looking very dry :(

hershey garcia said...

ilike this post

Hair and Laser Clinic Singapore said...

I think this shows how you know yourself well! well that's good makes life decisions easy right?

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