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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Review: LUS V-Line Lift Up & S-Line Body Glove

Oh... the dreaded double chin...
Now that my metabolism's been slowing down and I have a weakness for lemon-cream sandwich biscuits, the chubs and flabs are catching up faster than ever. It isn't as easy as cutting the mayo and taking the staircase anymore.

Perhaps it's gonna take some outside help.
This post reviews the LUS Extra V-Line Lift Up and S-Line Body Glove.

Do I believe in slimming products? Honestly, no. So, when I took up these products to try I was really just aiming at some firming.

Let's start with the LUS S-Line Body Glove.

One box consists of 5 individually-packet mitt. Cleverly designed, the mitt has a sandy surface on one side and a raised-dot surface on the other with two holes for the thumb so that you can use whichever side with any hand you want.

The mitt is soaked with the essence and really warms up as you rub it into your skin. You begin by using the sandy side first to exfoliate and then follow with the dotted side. The concept offers a handy and somewhat more effective application as opposed to just slathering on lotion.

Along with the warming sensation, I could feel my skin tightening up. However, in terms of losing inches, I wasn't expecting to and I didn't. But my thighs, arms and belly did feel slightly less flabby.

Probably it'd work if I was more diligent? A box retails for RM89 at SaSa or

Now, the V-Line Lift Up was equally as entertaining as the Body Glove was. A box came not only with 7 sheets of jaw/chin masks but also the "Neoprene band" which I call a "face bra" (remember the "face bra" from Ally McBeal??).

Basically what you do is slap the mask onto your jaw/chin and then hold it in place with the Neoprene band which you Velcro down up top. It felt really unusual at first because I don't exactly have a small face but after a few times, I was starting to get the hang of it.

The essence from the mask has that warming sensation too which made my skin feel itchy the first time I tried it (no rash... just itchy) but the second time was much better.

To my surprise, it did have some effect. Not a lot, just some. Again, it probably could work better if I was more diligent. My double chin subsided and my jawline appeared a bit more defined.

I still have a few more sheets left but I reckon I could still use the face bra regardless. The material is quite stretchy and comfortable.

A box retails for RM99 at SaSa or

Twio Planet is having a contest on their Facebook page. Do check it out! You can stand a chance to try out either one of the products and even win an iPad2.


Janet said...

Wow!! It does make a difference! thanks for this review...Hope I can find this locally or through ebay or somewhere online..BTW, you have such a nice skin! (^_^)~

xin said...

hey it DID work! and the face bra made you looked like you were having toothache :P

Connie De Alwis said...

Janet: Not a huge difference but a difference nonetheless :p Yup, it's available online and locally at Sasa. and thanks!

Xin: Haha. not bad right? >.< that's cuz I have a chubby face so the face bra really constricts my face

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