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Monday, June 13, 2011

Eyeliners Galore!

15 years ago, I was excited over my set of 36 Luna colored-pencils but since then I've traded them in for eyeliners. You won't be seeing 36 of them here today but I assure you, there are at least 36 of them. Somewhere... scattered in my room...

This post will feature a compilation of all the pencil eyeliners that I've never reviewed because I thought it'd be a waste of bandwidth to just write about one pencil. Also, a few gel (and gel-like) eyeliners that I really like and haven't told you about.

Ready? Read on!

MAC Softsparkle Eye Pencil in Peacocked
This came out with one of those holiday sets, I believer. There's quite a lot of golden-silver glitter in there so it can feel a tad scratchy but the soft teal adds a nice touch to any neutral look.

MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Sense of Style
As much as I like the gunmetal-gray color, the texture of this pencil, although smooth, is too creamy to be of much use. It'd smudge if I use it on the upper lash line and it doesn't hold up too well either on the lower lash line. At least not without setting it with power eyeshadow.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Eye Pencil in Dusk
Despite the name, it's more crayon-like than creamy. The color payoff isn't very good but it's sufficient for smudging onto the lower lash line. But because the formula is kinda dry, it may tug a little. Staying power is average.

Stage Eye Liner in Oscar Olive and Teal Theater
Stage makes pretty awesome pencil eyeliners. They go on smoothly... they're pigmented... they stay on reasonably well... they don't smudge...
Oscar Olive adds some smokiness without looking too harsh and Teal Theater is simply a gorgeous deep teal. I'm a sucker for teal. I love this on the lower lash line and sometimes I'd use it on the upper lash line and smudge it out a little for a quick look.

I Nuovi Fluidliner in Light and Noir
I'm a big fan of Noir for tightlining. It's dark, goes on smooth and doesn't smudge. There's really not much more I can ask for. Light is a pearly white, which I don't use often but it's just as smooth as Noir.

Lotree Chic Black Smoky Pencil Eyeliner (from Apronbay)
I love the I Nuovi Fluidliner but I love this one a little bit more. It has all the goodness of the Fluidliner except the black is darker, it's slightly smoother and more water-resistant. Best pencil eyeliner I've tried/owned to date!

Revlon Matter Kohl Eyeliner in Very Violet
The finish is matte so it may look dry but it's in fact quite smooth and the color payoff is excellent. The purple is very vibrant and I'd love to use it more but it isn't really my color. They need to come out with a teal!

Now, let's take a look at gel eyeliners. Yes, I know one's a pen but I'll tell you why I grouped it here in a bit...
Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Gel CreamLiner in Green Eyes (not available in Malaysia)
The pots of 3 colors are stacked in a set. Out of three colors, two were marvelous while one was total crap, as you can quite obviously see. The first color is a black with dark green shimmers -- gorgeous, gorgeous color. The dark lime green with golden olive flecks is great to be worn alone or with light brown eyeshadows. Both the colors have excellent pigmentation with a texture that's really smooth and creamy. On top of that, the liners have excellent staying power and doesn't budge. The purple is everything horrible. Based on the swatches I've seen, the purple's really rich so I guess there was a problem with my stack in particular. Just my luck! Nevertheless, they're great value for money considering the quality.

Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner in Midnight Blue
You can count on this liner to not smudge or budge. I feel confident curling my lashes right after applying this liner, not worrying about my liner disappearing. Midnight Blue is a very deep almost purplish blue. The formula could be a little bit more creamy though. Even in the pot the liner dries up quite fast.

Lotree Easy Touch Design Brush Pen Eyeliner (from Apronbay)
I've had my fair share of pen eyeliners including MAC Penultimate and K-Palette Tattoo Eyeliner. All of them did not live up to my expectations with the exception of Lotree. The brush size is great for both thin or thick lines. It's firm enough to offer sufficient control. The color's pigmented but gives the effect of a gel liner (slightly subdued and more matte). It stays on pretty well but it isn't waterproof so it will fade a little and come off with water. Regardless, this one's a favorite and I carry it around for touch-ups.

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes in Zero
I didn't like Binge but I got Zero anyway because I love the packaging... I don't have a better reason. Lucky for me, Zero turned out to be more functional than Binge. It doesn't have the best staying power and it does smudges. However, Zero is well pigmented and great for smudging. I'd use it for a less precise tightline and also as a base for eyeshadows. To smudge the liner close to my lash line, I use it with the Sigma Short Shader E20 Brush.


Hayley said...

Wow, so many eye liners!
Btw Connie, I wanna ask you something.
I use pencil eyeliner most of the time as I find it faster and easier to apply, however, it smudge easier too, especially on my lower eyeline, any ideas on how to avoid this?

Connie De Alwis said...

Pencils have high tendency to smudge which is why I always prefer to use gel liners for my upper lash lines. I believe that one might as well spend a lil more time on applying make up instead of spending time to fix it. Try some of the pencil liners that I recommended such as the Lotree or I Nuovi ones. they're relatively smudgeproof once dry

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