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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Clarins UV Plus HP SPF40 Day Screen -- A Sunscreen That You'd Remember to Use

Sunscreen is important. No doubt about it. However, sunscreen's the kind of product that lacks instant gratification so most times, we use it because we know we have to and not really because we want to.

Well, if you ever get the chance to try the Clarins UV Plus HP SPF40 Day Screen, tell me you don't love it.

It's very difficult not to! Review after the jump!

Looking at the pinky sunscreen fresh out of the bottle, I made a face. Why on earth would someone make a pink sunscreen? Testing out the texture on the back of my hand, it felt runny and light but it left whitish marks. Then and there, I decided that I wouldn't like this sunscreen.

That was until I started using it... Oh, how looks can be deceiving!

Applied onto my face, the sunscreen left no white cast rather it made my skin look... Well, judge for yourself! And that's before foundation! So, it made me wonder if the sunscreen would work as a makeup base and guess what? It does! In fact, it works so great as a makeup base that I'm seriously neglecting my other bases.

The formula is lightweight and since it's runny, I don't need to apply a lot to get sufficient coverage. I'm pretty sure it's sweatproof too. Not only because my makeup would stay on better with this suncreen on but because by the end of the day after multiple washes, I'd still see traces of the sunscreen on the back of my hand.

The unfortunate thing about this sunscreen is the size and the price. At RM158 for 30ml, this sunscreen doesn't come cheap.

Both Paris and I love this sunscreen but it's one of those products that you'd have to try for yourself to appreciate it.


xin said...

love it too! definitely something that i don't mind to purchase ;)

gio said...

Thanks for the review. I heard great things about this sunscreen, I would love to try it.

AndreaLiciouse said...

love it! but too expensive for me as a student to get this product :)

Connie De Alwis said...

Xin: Same here!

Gio: You're welcome :) I liked the previous Clarins sunscreen but this new formula is certainly an improvement!

AndreaLiciouse: Yeah, the price is pretty steep for a sunscreen. However, drugstore brands like Biore and Sunplay do make pretty decent sunscreens too :)

Sell WoW Account said...

ooohh~ i think this will work for me:)

AndreaLiciouse said...

nevermind. I will grab this product as soon as i have my own money! hahah

Rae said...

Hi Connie!

Been reading your blog for the longest time but just haven't commented til now :)

Need your awesomest advice on something-my sis is getting married in kl and she's wondering where to get the best eyelash extensions done.

If you could share your recommendations that would be great thanks!

Connie De Alwis said...

Rae: Congrats on your sis getting married! Unfortunately, I've never tried eyelash extensions before so I can't give you any recommendations. However, I'm personally not keen on eyelash extensions since they're for long-term wear and may require some maintenance as well as cause some damage to natural lashes. Also, I find the effect to be rather artificial. I'd personally go for false lashes but good quality and natural ones.

Hope that helps!

lovely-viollette said...

all Carins products on amazing !!!!!!

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