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Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Mother Nourishes My Life….With LOVE!

Growing up, my mother was everything to me. She nourished me with wisdom, life lessons and love, to make me the person I am today. Being an only child, I was pampered but I was never spoiled. Though the journey we've been through in our lives was not always smooth, we have always managed to repair our relationship and learn from the past. She has always been and will always be an inspiration to me.

This Mother's Day, mom and are going to renew ourselves with a little manicure and pedicure session.

How will you be celebrating Mother's Day? / How did you celebrate Mother's Day? How does your mother nourish your life with love?

Leave a comment in response to the questions above for a treat.
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Claudia said...

Well, my mom is working in overseas, I can't celebrate with her. But I'll definately be sending her a card and give her a phone call. (:

Ada said...

I'm not Malaysian but I think this is a sweet entry anyway :)

I booked tickets to the beach for my mom and we're going whale-watching :D

Pepper said...

I'm in Sarawak and my mum in Sabah right now. I'd bought her birthday present earlier (her b'day on 20th April), and it's Lancome. For this mother's day, I'm gonna call my mum early tomorrow morning and have a long chat with her. Since she loves the Lancome present I got her, I'm gonna get another stuff from Lancome. I never bought luxury brand for myself, but my mum really deserves it!

My mum nourish my live with love in so many ways. I still remember why she lost her wedding ring. It was when I was 3 years old and my father was outstation. My father left some money for us enough for daily expenses until he come back. But one day, I had terrible asthma attack and she need more money, there are no way to contact my father that time. So what she did was, she pawn her wedding ring for some money. The sad thing is that, she never get back her ring because when she have enough money to get back the ring, it's already beyond the agreed time. Aside from that, she's also sacrifices so much for us. She work hard so that her children will always have new clothes for hari raya and books and school uniform when school year gonna start. The best thing in my opinion is that she let me choose the education path I want to take. Thanks for her support and love, I manage to further my education in degree and now I'm doing research for master degree. I still remember how happy and proud she is during my degree convocation. I can't wait to repeat the moment again!

ilif said...

I really wish I can celebrate mother's day with my mum but I'm currently studying and not able to come home at the moment. The best thing I can do is call her :)

My mum nourish my life with love by all the cliché thing mum's did for her children. Being together doing things like shopping, accompany her to hospital or bank, helping her cook. Those thing makes me happy. I'm not the best daughter out there, really. But my mum is definitely the best mum ever.

Salveen said...

Me and mom will also be having mani/pedi sessions on Mother's Day! Usually me and her spend time together just bonding or i cook her a special meal :)
My mom nourishes me with love in any way she can.. She's always been a source of inspiration to me and i will always love her :)

lavender said...

My mom is not in KL now, so this year I can't celebrate with her. So, I will call her instead. When I meet her again next month, I will bring her for shopping. My mom nourishes my life with love in so many ways but she does not demand any return. Sometimes when I want to spend her she will refuse as she said the item is too expensive. She has sacrificed herself in may ways raising me up. I really thank God for a wonderful mom.

thian said...

I'll have a homemade cake for my mum, this will be the first time I bake a cake, I hope I won't spoil anything

Vina said...

I'll be celebrating mothers day with my mother tomorrow by taking my mum out for lunch and a little shopping treat.

My mum nourishes me by being the best mother ever..My mum is a working mum, who holds a senior possition in her organization. She is like a superwoman who is an all rounder, who excels in her job and also takes care of the whole family. Last year she completed her degree, with a perfect score of 4.00.

She is just so awesome, I dont know how she does it..

Atousa said...

I'm far far away from my mother, I'm a student in Malaysia while my mother is in my country. I can just call her and wish her a happy day. i can't imagine my life without my wonderful mom, she is an idol to me!

Miss Sunshine Kelly said...

My mother is currently in China, I have called to wish her and chit-chat with her. I really miss her. So I will be going to Shanghai next week to meet her and celebrate belated Mother’s Day with my family. We will definitely go shopping together, visit relatives, go to spa and eat eat eat (lots of food). My family loves to eat.

My mom nourished my life with love, care and education. She gave me life, pamper me love, take care of me and nourished me with all the good thoughts and education. My mom is a Super Mom and Wonder Women. She had to juggle her precious time between her career and family. She sacrifices for the family most of the time. She is my super Hero.

Vixen said...

How will you be celebrating Mother's Day? / How did you celebrate Mother's Day? How does your mother nourish your life with love?

Well today I'm not actually going to celebrate Mother's Day because I have my exams at the moment but as soon as I'm done, I'm treating her to a spa (also as a birthday present cum wedding anniversary present) and a week later I'm treating her to go to a macaron workshop together which is amazing because she's only the best cook in the world :))

My mother is an actual superhero actually. She is the backbone of the family and she always always puts her children first, irregardless of how much she wants what she wants. If she makes an extra penny, it would all be spent on us and not a single one on herself and what she wants to get. She's so hardworking and selfless and she's exactly what I hope to be one day. If I even come close.. Ugh I miss her. At least I get to spend time with her Right After this blasted exam is over :D

kay kamal said...

I wish to b home too but since i started working, things are nvr d same anymore.

Mom complains we rarely cm bk home (in temerloh nw) & i feel sad i dissapointed her. At d same time she felt guilty cz she was d one who put me into medschool.

Nw dat im a wife n working,i knw hw hard it is for my mom to juggle watever she had to deal w cz i dun thk ill b anle to par her.she wud forever me my idol,my mentor,my joy,my everything

N btw,d best i cud gv her ws an mms of me in my usual labcoat ;p

jy said...

I'll be spending a whole day watching telly with my mum at home. She dislikes going out to crowded places, prefers alone time at home. Not gonna cook for her cos she dislikes ppl messing up her kitchen, so will be bringing her out for dinner.

Mum works hard for the family, really hard. <3

slowbrogal said...

I just celebrate my Mother's Day with my family yesterday by treating her a good seafood meal and also celebrating my dad's birthday. As Sunday I will be back to Spore for work, therefore I replaced it on Saturday.

Mabel said...

How will you be celebrating Mother's Day? / How did you celebrate Mother's Day? How does your mother nourish your life with love?

for me. i would only be able to give her a phone call and i sent flowers to hers. we are 7 hours away. my mum means a lot to me. she has been the most patient woman when i was a rebelious child, patient with me when i am extending my studies with my failures and gives me encouraing words. i love my mama :)

|| Lynn || said...

Hmmmm. Ill be taking her out for dinner. She's spending time with my aunts therest of the day.

Sending her off for a holiday to australia as her mother's day gift!!!
happy mother's day to everyone!

Shop Women's Bracelets, Rings, and Hair Accessories said...

Me and my Mother spent together, were on vacation now :) Happy Mother's day to everyone

vina said...

I have received my lotion bottle today..Thanks Connie

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