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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Updates: What's New + Giveaway Winners + Feedback

Before you start losing faith in me, rest assured that I'm not giving up on my blog anytime soon! I've just started a new chapter in my life and let's just say I'm still very much adjusting to working life while attempting to balance it out with what's left of mine. So much so that I missed Skin Deco's 3rd Anniversary! Not something I'm proud of, believe me.

This blog has played a significant part in my career decisions and I am faced with challenges that I probably could've dodged if it wasn't because of my love for Skin Deco. All I ask is for your patience.

On a lighter note, Bobbi Brown has taken an image twist with their Pretty Powerful collection and Burberry Beauty is finally in town!

After the jump, I'll also be announcing the winners of the Double Prosperity Giveaways (OMG Finally!) and a little bladi-blah on the feedback you've given me.

Very well, Bobbi Brown didn't quite stray with the color selections of their Pretty Powerful collections but check out the packaging! It's very unBobbi-like, isn't it? The front part, at least. Some may find it a tad tacky but I personally feel it's refreshing. Of course, it's probably too much to ask for a more daring color selection. They retail at RM230 each.

Two weeks ago, I got the chance to experience Burberry Beauty. The line was predictable yet in many ways, surprising. The colors offered are generally sheer but there are several impactful shades such as a gorgeous smokey purple eyeshadow and a bold red lipstick. The packaging is obviously divine with ample of heft. It'd be interesting to see how the brand develops.

I know, I know. It's been too many weeks since the closing of the Double Prosperity Giveaways. Better late than never, I have the winners!

Congratulations to:

Rachel Phan from Vietnam and Sabrina Aziz-Bahaman from Malaysia!


Realizing that there weren't many entries for the Facebook Skin Deco + I Nuovi giveaway, I asked for your feedback and I'm very appreciative of them.

A "Like"-based contest is nothing new so I figured why not just give this contest mode a try. As it turns out, most of you did not like the fact that the giveaway had become a popularity contest. Giveaways are all in good fun and before this, the winners are chosen by random but I guess it still gives a better chance of winning. I hope none of you will feel too disheartened over this contest. I've considered your comments and I'll certainly look into more effective ways of executing giveaways in future. Or if you're comfortable with the old random choosing method, I can stick with that :)


xin said...

it's ok to take time to adjust to working fact im still trying to adjust to the fact that i have to be up early mon-fri :P

Hayley said...

Congrats to the winners!
No worries Connie, we'll be here waiting for your updates!

Connie De Alwis said...

Xin: Haha. My problem is not so much waking up early but more sustaining the mid-afternoon lethargy and also not to sleep so early at night.

Hayley: I really hope I'll be able to update more often! Thanks for sticking by :)

Anonymous said...

Random selection method is just fine. Personally, I come here for the blog, not the gifts (those are like a bonus), so I don't really wanna, erm "work" too hard for the prize.

Keep on bloggin' :-) dont work too hard! ;-) Was wondering where you'd gone to for so long...

Connie De Alwis said...

Anonymous: Haha. I get what you mean. Giveaways are just a way for me to say "Thanks" for all the support and also to give out new stuff that I don't use (usually sent to me). No point for me to hoard everything!

Ah, unfortunately I have to work hard! Better now than later. About time I start working on having a substantial amount of savings.

Thanks for sticking around! I'll think of ways to keep the blog active even if I can't put out lengthy posts every day :)

Sabrina said...

Connie, I swear I just had a dream about you during my nap. My boyfriend and I met you at the supermarket and I was gushing to you about how gorgeous your makeup was.. (It really was remarkably flawless!) And I asked where you've been gone and you agreed to be my MUA for my wedding. *stoked face*

Haha. Just sharing. Thanks again Connie! :D :D

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<3 Connie

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