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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Review: C. Michael Tricologica Hairomatheraphy

For many years, I didn't quite care what I used on my hair. Nothing really worked to managed it. Many drugstore brands tend to disagree with it; oily scalp, flakiness, sticky residue, tangles, etc. With that, my hair started to develop a pricier taste in hair care.

Then came C. Michael Tricologica Hairomatheraphy. From the packaging to the content, I wouldn't have guessed that the range was highly affordable. More importantly, it didn't go against my hair like most drugstore brands do.

Read on for the reviews...

Scalp Improvement Shampoo

The runny-textured shampoo lathered really well and the smell reminded me of a shampoo or body wash from my childhood. I'm a big fan of nostalgic scents! Generally, I won't have problems with itchy scalp unless I use the wrong shampoo. This one's definitely the right shampoo because I haven't encountered any flakiness or itchiness unless I haven't shampooed in a few days. Yes, I don't wash my hair everyday! My hair feels soft after washing and it doesn't frizz up as much. I'm definitely liking this for frequent shampooing.

Cream Shampoo

This one's specially formulated for color-treated and/or permed hair. It's quite a thick cream but again, lathers really well. The scent's different than the Scalp Improvement Shampoo but still pleasant. It difficult for me to decide if it makes a difference to colored hair in terms of preserving the color but for hair that has been bleached and dyed three times in less than 4 months, at the very least my hair doesn't look completely fried. The shampoo claims to add volume and movement, which I certainly can't deny. But having quite a lot of hair to begin with, volume isn't too welcomed. If you have thinner hair, I think you'd like this shampoo more than I do.

Cream Conditioner

Remember how I was talking about the Rene Futerer conditioner looking deliciously creamy and solid while the Pantene one had that transparent-ish color. Well, the latter was chock-full of silicone, which made my hair uber heavy and sticky-looking. C. Michael's Cream Conditioner looked like an expensive conditioner. It's a thick, solid cream which does not contain silicones (at least I can't spot any in the ingredient list). My hair felt soft and silky with knowledge that it's not just a temporary effect from the silicone. The formula doesn't build up and is comfortable enough for everyday use.

BTW, that's 3 pumps

Essence Professional

It's some sort of a leave-in conditioner that provides instant moisture and UV protection. Sadly, I didn't like this product at all. It made no visible difference to my hair and it surely doesn't help to control my frizz. The pump's convenient but it dispenses too little product that even for my short hair, I had to use about four pumps before I could "feel" anything.

Nevertheless, I'm quite impressed with C. Michael's line of hair care products. I take comfort in knowing that I can still get quality hair care products at affordable prices.

Available at Watsons, Jusco, Isetan KLCC & Sogo Price Range (Retail): RM 16.90 - RM 24.90 Price Range (Promo): RM 15.21 - RM 22.41


domncroxd said...

ooh thanks for the review Connie! i've been looking for something new to use and this definitely sounds promising.

Hayley said...

Wow, just in time! I'm looking for conditioner and think I can try this one... ^^

Paris B said...

Glad it works for you! My hair didn't like it one bit :( Will pass you mine next time :P

beetrice said...

Will check it out this weekend - I'm due to replace my haircare range! :D

xin said...

i wanna try the scalp improvement shampoo! really can improve?

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie

I haven't commented here in a while (: Great you did this review, just the right time for me! I just started to use this shampoo it's 3 days now, since sunday. I am using the Scalp Improvement. I got itchy scalp and flakes, which is due from having 'Dry Scalp' and not an oily scalp (dandruff/flaking) isn't always from oily scalp (which I previously thougt). So now 3 days entering 4 using this, so far it does do as it says its meant to. And I really hope it continues to do so in the long run!


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