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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reviews: L'Oreal White Perfect + Garnier Light

Pigmentation is perhaps one of the most difficult skin concern to tackle. It's especially so for Asian complexions with stronger skin color pigments. Personally, I take my medium skin tone for granted because I don't develop dark spots easily but I'm pretty sure they'll pop up eventually as I age. Thus, I do make sure to apply sunscreen especially on my cheeks where pigmentation is most prone to appear.

Mom, however, has been battling pigmentation for the longest time and so I've been pushing all sorts of whitening products over to her and believe it or not, one of them is actually working!

Read on for reviews of the products that she has been using including one very effective product from the L'Oreal White Perfect range.

L'Oreal White Perfect Day SPF17 PA++ Cream

For a day cream, it's pretty thick and heavy so you may wanna use just a tiny bit or it can get oily. It also has a pretty intense floral scent. The sun protection in this cream is nothing to shout about since it's only a mere SPF17 so you may wanna apply a sunblock after regardless.

Fortunately, the cream does work to brighten mom's complexion overall. Her skin tone is now much better matched to her neck and chest. She hasn't experienced dryness either since she's been using the cream.

Retails for RM33.90 at leading health care stores.

L'Oreal White Perfect Day & Night Spot Corrector

Day corrector on one side and a concentrated night serum on the other, this combination is to be used specifically on the pigmented spot. The day side dries to a slight powdery finish and has a bit of a concealing effect but it doesn't substitute an actual concealer. It only helps to brighten a little.The night sight is more of a gel that absorbs readily.

Mom went through her first tube in two weeks and was thrilled to see that her larger patches of pigmentation very much lightened. The darker spots didn't quite disappear but they don't look as intense as before. The problem is that there's really very little product in the tubes so unless you have only a few countable spots, you're gonna use up the tubes very quickly.

Because she didn't want to use up her second tube so fast, she's now using the corrector very sparingly and it's still working. The lightening effect is less dramatic but her spots are much more under control and do not resurface.

At the price, it's worth giving the L'Oreal White Perfect Day & Night Corrector a go especially when you should be seeing results by the time you're done with the first tube.

Retails for RM39.90 at leading health care stores.

L'Oreal White Perfect Double Action Radiance Boosting Double Essence

This one's supposedly a whitening serum infused with tourmaline to increase blood circulation for a rosier complexion. The serum is light and doesn't feel like much nor did it do much for mom. Perhaps it'll make a good for-the-sake-of-it serum but if you're looking for an intense whitening serum, you may wanna look elsewhere.

Retails for RM62.90 at leading health care stores.

Reader, Kelly Lee, reviewed two whitening product from Garnier. Unfortunately, they did not quite hit it out of the ball park when it came to lightening.

Garnier Light Oil Control Cream

The texture for this cream was a little too thick for my liking. I find it hard to apply it on my face. Sadly, I am allergic to this product. I gave this product to my mum to see if she was allergic to it. Gladly she wasn’t. She gave this product a 6/10 for its oil control abilities. Can’t see the difference in skin lightening as my mum has fair skin. It has a citrus scent and you only need a little amount to apply it to the entire face. The only thing lacking about this cream is SPF.

Retails for RM9.90(40ml) at leading health care stores.

Garnier Body LightExtra Whitening Repairing Milk Lotion

I love this product! I like the citrusy scent. It smelt almost like garnier light oil control cream. It’s milky white and it is easy to apply it on every part of your body. It absorbs really well into my skin. I tried applying this lotion on only one side of my legs for 2weeks to see if it whitens my skin. Sadly, I can’t see the difference. However, it really absorbs into the skin fast and keep my skin soft. This works better than most of the drugstore lotions.

Retails for RM9.90(120ml), RM16.90(250ml) and RM22.90(400ml) at leading health care stores.


Miss Krimson said...

cool! thanks for sharing.
we don't have these products here in canada. because unfortunately in canada products cannot say or claim to whiten.. instead they have to say brighten. unless the product can actually whiten the skin. which most of them don't, they just exfoliate and disperse the pigmentation.
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Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Thanks for the review! I dont think I've ever seen these lines in the US before. They have plenty of Loreal and Garnier, but not the White Perfect line. Looks really good though, something I'd def try! I have so much discoloration on my face :(

Connie De Alwis said...

Miss Krimson: Welcome :) I think the whole whitening scene is really and Asian thing. Ah, and here I thought the term "whitening" isn't used in western countries because it's not PC.

Rainy Days and Lattes: Welcome! I doubt the whitening range is available in the US. The products are developed in and marketed to Asian countries only. It's the same for a lot of brands. Whitening products are certainly not as common in the US.

angel said...

Thanks for the review. =)
I was planning to buy the loreal white perfect day cream after i finish my day cream. Look like i had choose the right cream. Hope it's not too oily because i have oily skin.

xin said...

seriously the corrector works? I really don't mind trying because no matter what I use, I just can't get rid of one stupid patch on the side of my face!

Jenn said...

Oh! Glad to hear that the spot corrector works for your mum! I tried the old one a few years back and it didn't do anything for my freckles!

I do remember liking the essence alot though! :D

Norasyikin Abdul Malik said...

well, I've tried using it for the past 4 months. I'm using the cleanser, day cream and night cream. I love the texture of both day and night cream. They do make my skin more subtle and soft. but it does not do much for whiten the skin or brighten it. The cleanser however does not suit my skin well as it makes my skin feels tight after using it and it tends to dry out. however, i have not tried the corrector and the serum..maybe i should all products from the range to get the effect except for the cleanser. i prefer to use neutrogena oil based cleanser compared to this one.

♔ Anis ♔ said...

thanks for the review. I've tried the Garnier Light Oil Control Cream. My face is still tan, it doesnt seems to work. It's weird though cuz my body is fair and not my face, So hard to find the perfect whitening product. I did tried the L'Oreal White Perfect Double Action Radiance Boosting Double Essence.The first time I put them on my face I started to hate it cuz it does not work and blend perfectly with makeup. You don't wanna use L'Oreal White Perfect Day SPF17 PA++ Cream if you got oily skin, it tends to go oily so easily and not comfortable to wear!

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