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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Living the Dream in Energy Day Spa

Waking up at a little past ten, I lazed around before I headed to Energy Day Spa for my facial appointment. Of all things to worry about, I thought about how am I to fall asleep during my facial if I'm already so well-rested?

To my delight, going into total relaxation wasn't an issue. Read on...

I arrived at the spacious reception where I was led into a consultation room to fill in form stating my skin concerns and details regarding my health and lifestyle. My spa experience began with changing into slippers and a bath robe followed by a stretch-out at the ladies' only Balinese-themed lounge, sipping hot date tea (so delicious!) while overlooking the city view. I noticed the woman beside me, taking her time with a paperback in hand as she waited for her massage on a weekday afternoon. If this is the dream, I wouldn't mind living in it. They also have a unisex lounge and couple treatment rooms for the lovey-doveys who want to relax together.

Soon, it was time for my facial treatment where I opted for a Youth Replenishment Treatment for hydration as well as firming and smoothing out fine lines. My therapist for the day, Grace, had excellent conduct with the kind of subtle courtesy that doesn't go unnoticed. You know how when you're given some private time by the therapist to change into your facial 'sarong' type of robe and the therapist would either a) barge in when you're not done, b) knock on the door asking if you're done and then you go "Not yet!" or c) doesn't knock when you're done and you open the door sticking your head out looking for her. Grace's instruction was simply to unlock the door and open slightly (not enough to see in) when I was done and lay on the bed.

Five minutes into the facial, my initial worries melted away. Grace's touch was perfectly pressured and yet completely fluid that she was releasing the tiniest knots I had that day. By the tenth minute, I was already dozing off. If I could feel that way when I was in a state of relaxation before walking in the spa, imagine how I would've felt if I was truly stressed and tensed. It would be 75 minutes in heaven.

When my facial was done, I was practically floating into the lounge as I stretched out again and enjoyed a second cup of that delicious date tea. In fact, I had a third. I didn't want to leave. If it wasn't because I was there on official duty, I wouldn't have.

Energy Day Spa uses Swiss Line paramedical skincare for their facial treatments and it worked well on my skin. My skin was looking and feeling fabulous for the entire week after my facial. My skin glowed, I didn't feel the need to wear foundation and even if I did, it glided on like a dream.

Having gone through my first day of work in realization that I will no longer be able to sleep in 'til noon on a weekday for a very long time to come, I'm now appreciating my moment in Energy Day Spa more so than ever.

The Youth Replenishment Treatment facial was RM198. They have facial treatments that go as low as RM150 and as high as RM450. In all honesty, for the ambiance and the service, I don't feel that the treatments are especially pricey since the typical shop-lot facial salon with the draw curtains are charging RM100+ for a facial and even more when they use space-age light machines that you're supposed to believe work. A RM700 facial didn't feel this good either.

For more information, do visit the Energy Day Spa website.

So if you're a keen on a moment in paradise, there's a special discount for Skin Deco readers!

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Hayley said...

Hey thanks for sharing! I've longing for one, your reviews sound so relaxing!
And the price is pretty affordable too!

xin said...

ok i feel like i am in heaven after reading your review already :D

beetrice said...

Xin, want to go with me? LOL..I'm in need of a facial too!! :D

gio said...

It sounds so pampering and relaxing. The place looks beautiful too.

Connie De Alwis said...

Hayley: Welcome! it's nice to indulge once in a while ;)

xin: I so wanna go back there right now. Love the atmosphere and the date tea

Connie De Alwis said...

Bee: Go go go! I heard their massages are good too

Gio: It was! they have a good concept going on :)

Farah Farhana Md Yusoff said...

Hey Connie, its me, Farah la! Currently on holiday now so I have been spending most days reading your blog...Finally finished reading all of your posts just now (^-^)So how`s it going with you? Keep in touch la :p

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