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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Giveaway Reminder

Ello everyone!
We have a little more than 10 days until the two running giveaways end.
  1. Malaysia-only giveaway
  2. International (except for Malaysia) giveaway
There's only less than a handful of entries for the first giveaway which baffles me because I thought winning RM300 worth of I Nuovi products would be pretty cool. If you have any feedback on the giveaway or reasons for not entering (tasks too hard, prizes not attractive enough, etc.) do voice out below.

Anyway, if you haven't checked out the giveaways, please do :)

Off I go. Have a good day ahead!


|| Lynn || said...

I only posted my entry today because of my terrible internet connection... pfffttt... yey!
I think some are a bit lazy (sry) to take a pic and post stuff up... that's my own opinion... hahaha... It's troublesome but huraaahh, fewer entries, higher chances of winning :) good luck everyone~

Pepper said...

I like to join this if the submission can be made through blog post instead of facebook. I'm not that comfortable asking people to 'like' something. It's just me, my facebook is

Angel Valerie said...

I have the same thought as Pepper. I'd like to join too if the submission is via blog.

Joined a FB contest and the winner was determined by the number of "likes." I'd say, the result of this "like" is rather unfair if the person taking part has less friends and also, new accounts can be created just to vote for that particular picture.

Isabel said...

Not joining cos I hate 'like' contests. It just seems pretty unfair since there are people exchanging votes and people aren't 'liking' the photo because they deserve to win.

Alot of companies use this 'like' method to gain more fans (since you have to 'like' the company before you can 'like' the pic) and I feel that it is really pathetic. Or maybe they were just too lazy to judge the contestants themselves? Someone once offered me a 'like exchange' and he had 11 other accounts to 'like' my photo with O_O Not implying you are doing so though =)

Just voicing my thoughts here on this matter. The prizes should go to someone who really deserves it (a reader, at least?), not some newcomer who has a network of 'like' people to vote for her.

JC said...

I totally agree with everyone else.. If this is a blog entry then I would wanna join. Clicking "like" button doesn't make much sense as the entry doesn't have to be good. You just need good friends to help you.

Meimei said...

TOTALLY agree with the rest.
It's so unfair to someone who has good friends to help while another is simply creating fake FB accounts to LIKE her own entry.

Beauty blogger, Roseanne previously had a similar style of contest and there was a lot of tension going on because the winner (eventually) had created hundreds of new accounts to help her boost her 'like' numbers.

You'd know these are fakes because some have no profile pictures, some do but it's never a real face, really weird names and by checking their friend list, these fake accounts are friends with each other! Haha!

Hope this giveaway ends on a fair note.
I guess you should really look into this for future giveaways/contests.
All the best to those who entered.
By the look of it, one of the participants is already doing what we are all saying here. Hahaha!

Anyways, have a good week, Connie!

Catherine said...

I agree with everyone else, the number of 'likes' just makes it a popularity contest, and hugely unfair.

Also, when are the winners going to be announce?

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