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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mini Reviews: Organic Lippies

Organic cosmetics are the in thing right now and while I’m personally not too iffy about needing to go organic, I do have a slight inclination towards organic lippies. Having very sensitive lips, I often find myself allergic to all sorts of lip products. Organic or even natural formulations tend to have more simplified ingredients, making it easier for me to pinpoint the culprit if I do get a reaction.

This post reviews several organic lip products that I’ve tried and tested.

EOS Lip Balm

I’ll admit that I wanted this lip balm because Ed Westwick uses it. I was very well aware that the formulation contains beeswax, which I’m allergic to, and yet I wanted to try it. The packaging is so not pocket-friendly but awfully adorable and the dome-shaped balm gets balm everywhere but who cares? I was definitely allergic to it but if I wasn’t, I’d like this balm a lot. It’s neither heavy nor oily and yet it moisturizes so I can imagine why a dude would use this balm. He can apply the balm hands-free and yet not look like he’s applying lipstick.

Mine’s in Honeysuckle Honeydew and it does smell pleasantly of honeydew melon. Also available in Lemon Drop and Summer Fruits. You can get them from for USD$5

Hurraw Tinted Cinnamon Lip Balm

If your knees go weak every time you walk pass Cinnabon, you’ll love the smell of this lip balm. The cinnamon scent is quite distinct with a hint of spiciness even. I like the flat tube design which reduces the bulk when I stuff it into my jeans pocket. The oval-shaped balm also allows for a more precise application. This particular flavor is tinted, giving a sheer cheery red tint. When applied, you should feel the tingling sensation from the cinnamon and your lips may look a tad fuller.

The formulation is chock full of moisturizing ingredients that your lips would love such as jojoba oil, cocoa butter, olive oil and vitamin E. Overall, a pretty decent lip balm. It comes in many other flavors if cinnamon’s not your cup of tea.

Available from Super Smoocher at £2.76

Lavera Glossy Lips

Organic lip balms are easy to come by but organic lip glosses aren’t so I was certainly keen to try one. Everything about this lipgloss looks like a regular lipgloss. I especially liked the slim tube. The content, however, was a little unexpected. It didn’t really feel like a lipgloss rather, it felt more like a runny lip balm. So it does give a little shine and color to the lips but it wasn’t sticky gooey glossy gloss. I like it enough to use it but because it’s not long lasting at all, I’d need to reapply quite often.

The color that I picked is Almond Kiss which gives a warm bronzy color that I’m ok with. Not particularly thrilled with the color. It's not outstandingly great but it's not bad either. I guess I’m not too sure how I feel about this lipgloss.

Available from Super Smoocher at £8.08

Madara Sunkissed Tinting Lip Gloss

This one’s somewhat similar to the Lavera lipgloss except it has slightly better lasting power and more glossy shine. However, it's probably from oil rather than gloss. The color Sunkissed is pretty sheer but I like how the bronzey tone enhances my natural lip color. It feels rather moisturizing so I’d use this more as a tinted lip balm rather than a lip gloss.

Available from Super Smoocher £9.50. Locally, it's available from Body Bar at RM48.

Get 10% off your purchase from Super Smoocher with the code SKINDECO. Promo ends February 28th, 2011. They ship internationally!

Bonus: A few other natural/organic lip balms that I like

Origins Organic Soothing Lip Balm
Crazy Rumors Lip Balm
theBalm to the Rescue Vegan Lip Treatment


theotherworldly said...

AH.... I made my purchase last week and missed out on the code. :(

Askmewhats said...

I seriously want to try the EOS lip balm! I have read so many positives reviews !!!!

Connie De Alwis said...

theotherwordly: Oh dear! I'm sorry about that :( I had the coupon up earlier but it was in the "links" page.

Nikki: It's a pretty good lip balm for those who don't like stickiness and oiliness

Shopcoholic said...

oh i cant wait to get my hands on EOS!

Connie De Alwis said...

Shopcoholic: If only they'd do away with the beeswax! I'd so love to try the other flavors

❤ Ee Von said...

OMG omg omg omg cinnamon?! knees going weak passing Cinnabon?! that's MEEEEE!!! damn i'm placing my order already

Hayley said...

The 1st picture, I thought some sort of deodorant :P
The lip gloss looks very interesting!

Connie De Alwis said...

Ee Von: I'm such a bad influence, aren't I? :p

Hayley: Haha. I think it'd be smart to have a deodorant in that shape and size!

gio said...

I'd love to try the EOS lip balm. It looks so cute!

Casey said...

I use the EOS lip balm in the fruity flavour too. It tastes yummy! The good thing about the sphere being really big is that it's easy to find in my bag, whereas other lip balms get lost in there haha.
It sucks that you're allergic to it though :(

Chii said...

I have sensitive lips too! It is so hard to try a product without worrying I will be allergic to it :(

Now I'm only using The Body Shop Born Lippy, which is a very good lip balm :))

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