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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jungle Adventure -- The Brazilian Wax

I enjoy the occasional adventures in my life even if I'm not so much of an adrenaline junkie. I've become wimpier over time.

The urge for adventure has always been there but being a typical Virgo, this is what happens:
I over-analyze, make a million excuses not to do it, refuse, get close to doing it, chicken out, be pushed by someone else to do it, dig up some courage and then it's now or never.

Be it swinging from tree to tree on Sky Trex or white water rafting (though I'm less nervous about water), the outcome is always the same -- I'd feel exhilarated after and I'd wanna do it again.

So, I figured if I can survive my fear of plummeting to my death from 200 feet (ok, it was more like 60), I can survive a Brazilian Wax.

Now or never. Do or die. Read on.

Standing outside STRIP! The Ministry of Waxing in Lot 10, it was the moment of truth.

Are you ready for this? *cue pumped-up music from Jock Jams*

They started by putting me at ease with whatever I'd worry about getting a Brazilian wax for the first time.

Hygiene is assured where everyone gets a personal wax pack, consisting of new spatulas and a wet wipe, before they go in. Strip has a strict no-double-dipping policy. Can you imagine having wax with a stray hair THAT'S NOT YOURS being spread over your hoo-ha? *shudders*

Strip compiled The Virgin Forest Guidebook which takes Brazilian virgins through the steps of the procedure so that they'd know what to expect.

A squeezy animal can be brought into the room for company. Mr. Koala was very helpful!

The 4th Strip outlet in Malaysia has a nautical theme with all the works, from the lighting to the door knobs. While it's still functional, the space was a little tight.

The room, however, was comfortably spacious. Not the most intimate environment but I did appreciate the reading material on the cabinet to take my mind off the "discomfort", both physical and mental.

Formulated with Brazilian virgins in mind, Strip uses Strawberry wax, a type of hard wax*, that's supposedly gentle on the skin.

*Hard wax is normally used for delicate area where the wax hardens before the therapist rips the entire thing off. No cloth strips are needed. Those would be strip wax, used for larger areas and would be more painful when used on delicate areas.

The Experience

Butt-naked (totally exposed!) and wiped clean, I laid on the bed with a towel covering down 'til where the bush starts. The therapist, Christine, began by inspecting the density of hair before proceeding to trimming. Remarkably, I got over being exposed quickly enough, which was initially by biggest concern. Perhaps it had something to do with the therapist's blank expression during the process. I suppose if she had looked surprised, I'd have something to worry about. "Jeebers! There might be an extinct animal in there!"

It's not fair for me to tell you that it isn't painful since everyone's pain tolerance level is different and mine happens to be somewhat low. Holding my breath throughout the entire session, I didn't cry nor did I scream. Except when she did the labia, that was the most painful but nothing more than a "Woooh! Ssss.....".

My skin's dry everywhere and down below as well. Because of that, the wax couldn't grab onto my hair as well as it should, explained the therapist. She also showed me how the wax ripped off some of my dry skin as well... along with my coarse hair... Yeah, I didn't ask so I was a tad taken aback but still fascinated with how much hair that's down there. Word of advice; scrub and moisturize prior to waxing. Any remaining hair that didn't manage to come off with the wax were tweezed. She then applied some anti-septic on the area as well as the Peace ampoule to soothe and calm.

The entire process took about 25 minutes and by the end of it, I was feeling relieved with a huge sense of accomplishment.

The Aftershock

I was given two tubs of cream, which I can't be certain worked or not. Day one was well and dandy but day two came the painful zits. It started out with two and another one about a week later.

When I was still mentally preparing for the wax, I was told by experienced people that my vag will itch and itch, it did. Sometimes it'd get so bad that I'd have to take anti-histamine pills and sleep bottomless.

I've always wondered what the purpose of pubic hair is and when I peeing at a public toilet one day, I realized. The hair helps direct the pee. And when I'm faced with a seated public toilet, I do a plié instead of sitting so direction is crucial!

Despite all that, I actually wanna do it again. Itchiness aside, it feels comfortable to not have a bristly forest and though it's been 1 month since my wax, the growth has been very little and the hair's definitely a lot finer.

Until 28 February 2011, Strip is offering a first-timer package for RM88 (usual price: RM152). Strip outlets are available in Bangsar, The Curve, Sunway Pyramid and Lot10. For more info, do visit their website

By the way, Strip does Boyzilian as well so the next time a boy makes fun of you for being wimpy, dare them to have their scrotum waxed. A doctor once told me that if men were meant to give birth, there'd be a lot less people in this world.


Arhani "Hanny" Daforcena said...

Woots! Kudos for you and your warriors courage!! I chickened out, so I shave instead.

Isabel said...

LOL! I so agree with the purpose of your pubes xD Zits down there are not fun, man.. I've never gotten any but I certainly don't want to~

nicole said...

I went once and addicted to waxing. The hair just appear to be softer ;p

AtelierGal said...

I share the same insecurities about exposing my intimates to a total stranger, but the itch afterwards scare me the most. I shaved myself once, and the growing process with the stubs and all itch me to the max.

BTW, I meant to get you the Loreal Smoothing Primer, but looks like you got it already. I love that product, hope you feel the same way too. Cheers!

theotherworldly said...

I've never been inclined to shave because I'm really, really scared of getting nicked down there. I've waxed by myself but still prefer plucking... One thing is people talk about waxing to only grow back after 3 weeks, I get stubble by 2 weeks!

For me - no zits or itch until stubble is trying to grow out. Maybe that's the advantage of plucking. :)

vonzi said...

LOL! that was hysterical. I'm glad you did it! I always have a blast with my brazilian waxer. She's from Thailand and getting her RN. We laugh and talk and it's actually a real great experience, aside from the fact i'm not wearing any pants.

a good tip is to wear really baggy sweatpants and skip the undies, bc it gets so sore after.

I have dry skin in the lady garden as well, and I find that when I'm freshly waxed the dryness gets a lotttt better too.


Sarah said...

I like your post =) very informative!

I've never done waxing but I do plan to, one day. But I've been shaving for quite some time now. Although the itch during the growing process irritates me, it gets the job done quick, easy and without any pain.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this article very much. There's a touch of humour and extremely informative. Now I know a bit more about brazillian wax. Cheers =D

Connie De Alwis said...

Arhani: Haha. I'm still surprised that I actually did it. Shaving gave me a lot more zits and the hair would grow out very coarse

Isabel: Some women have lived with pubic hair for their entire lives so if you don't have a reason to wax, there's really no need to!

Connie De Alwis said...

Nicole: Ah, I've heard of addiction! Maybe the occasional pain is welcoming? lol. I do like the finer hair

AtelierGal: Words can't describe the itchiness. Sometimes I'd resort to scratching and then it'll burn when water touches the area and then I'd squirm... ugh. Not fun at all.

Oh, that's sweet of you to think of me! A dear friend got me the primer and I've just started using it. So far so good :)

theotherworldly: Plucking is painful! But I've been plucking the odd stubble that feels rough. The hair started growing back in less than a week but after a month I don't have a bush yet.
The itchiness was probably from the dryness of the skin and zit probably from a few random hair that broke during the waxing.

Connie De Alwis said...

Vonzi: Lol! I'm glad my experience humored you :p It's good that you found a waxer that you're comfortable with to minimize the awkwardness. Thanks for the tip! It's certainly easier to moisturize the area without hair

Sarah: Glad you found it helpful! I get more zits and itchiness from shaving so waxing is better alternative for me. I can handle the occasional pain.

Anonymous: Glad you enjoyed the post! :) Good luck on your first Brazilian if you ever decide to get it done

Hayley said...

Wow, I like this post! So details about brazilian wax.. hehe, I've always wonder hows the process...
Anyway, I think I still dont have the guts to do it =_=

❤ Ee Von said...

ok after reading sooooo many infos and experiences on this, i'm prepared. now let me pick a date when i have the most guts...

btw, kudos to you :)

K said...

Oh boy great post connie! I love reading your blog even if i dont post comments a lot :)

Kinda makes me want to get a brazillian myself!

Connie De Alwis said...

Hayley: It's not as bad as you'd imagine it to be ;)

Ee Von: Haha. DO IT!!!

K: Thanks for leaving a comment! :) Well, might as well get it over with to satisfy your curiosity

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