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Monday, January 17, 2011

I've Got The Whole World In My Hands

One moisturizer to rule them all!
I finally caved and bought into the hype that is Steam Cream. Damn that awesome-looking tin! Earth and many other designs available at Serendipity for RM63 :D Join the cult...

With Stage Cosmetics having a might-as-well-be storewide sale of RM18 per item, I've made progress with my 2011 resolution. And I bought a few beauty books.

Read on to check out my loot!

The brand's acting like they're closing down but rumors here and there say they're not. So, this is probably the best time to get their amazing lipglosses (I have 5 colors now so trust me, they're good!). Among other things.
Trying to not buy stuff that I already have (YES! This is trying! *cries*), I bought the Wondergloss in Lucina, Picture Perfect concealer in Ingenue Genie, Eye Pencil in Teal (gorgeous color!) and my very first red lippie that I bought with my own money, Wonderlust Lipstick in Gwen.

RM18 each! The only items that are not RM18 I think are the brushes and palettes. Promo ends February 28th, 2011.

Beauty books are usually full of pretty unrealistic pictures (PHOTOSHOP!!!!) with hardly any substantial information. Nothing that you can't Google, at least.
Months of stalking physical and online bookstores, realizing that most beauty books are not much different than one another, I finally picked up:
  1. "Beautiful Brows" by Nancy Parker and Nancy Kalish: Eyebrows, to me, can make or break a look. If there's one makeup skill that I'd like to perfect, it would be eyebrow grooming for both myself and for others. This book is very informative but the ideology may be a tad outdated. Some of the instructions are perhaps too rigid. The graphics for this book are horrible and not at all good examples of beautiful brows. Otherwise, the written content is not too bad and you'll certainly learn more about eyebrows than what a regular beauty book would present. -- USD$9.81 from Book Depository (ships worldwide for free!)
  2. Kevin's Make-up Magic Book + Kevin's Perfect Beauty Guide: Just as much as I prefer Asian beauty magazines over Western ones, this duo by Taiwanese makeup maestro, Kevin, is how beauty books should aim to be. They're translated versions so don't expect perfect English content but I assure you, there's something to learn from every page whether you're a beginner or intermediate when it comes to makeup. The models used are all regular girls (aka non-supermodels) and Kevin addresses a few common concerns, showing how to fix them using makeup as well as skin care. There's a step-by-step instruction for every look. -- RM45 for a set of two books. Purchased from MPH.
*coughs* A little self-promotion *coughs*

I've just completed my finals, awaiting graduation and I'm looking for a position in Marketing and/or Communications. If you know of any companies based in KL with job vacancies, please please drop me an e-mail. Thank you!


Arhani "Hanny" Daforcena said...

Ah I love Kevin!! ^.^ I'm always watching him on Astro, ahahaha ^.^

Connie De Alwis said...

Hanny: On which channel? I never know what time and which channel. lol. but I quite like him from the tips I see in the books and also in magazines.

azienazira said...

wait? stage cosmetic RM18? including the foundatioN???

xin said...

hey congrats for joining the club of monday-blues soon!

Askmewhats said...

I am eyeing on the concealer! That looks interesting! The packaging definitely is the "whole world" in your hands :) Darn packaging! really! i hate how pretty they are! LOL

plue said...

connie, everything else is rm18 but the brushes and palettes? nice! will go take a peek at their glosses as i do quite like them myself too :D

Fifi said...

I wish we had Stage here, that gloss looks awesome. And I agree 100% with you on the beauty books, haha, nothing we can't google!

gio said...

I love the packaging of the Steam Cream you've got, it's so cool! You're really holding the whole world in your hand lol.

Anonymous said...

are all stage stores having this promotion?

Anonymous said...

Peeped at your review of the lip glosses and I must admit I'm mighty tempted. Every Stage store, you say?

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