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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review + Comparison: Make Up For Ever HD Blush vs I Nuovi Cheek Blush

When I don't talk much about blush, it's not because I haven't been acquiring any new ones, because I have. Most of my blushes are limited edition *coughs*MAC*coughs* which I don't usually post about and the others, I simply have not gotten around to posting. That's not a very good excuse, is it? And it's the same one I'm using for eyeshadows.
Anywho, I'm here to make amends with the 5th blush review of 2010. I didn't realize it was that bad!

I became all giddy when I finally got my hands on the Make Up For Ever HD Blush. There were so many raving reviews going around and it was one of those must-have items for 2010. As I was using it, I realized its resemblance to the I Nuovi Cheek Blush. A comparison was in order.
Are you rooting for the top dog or the underdog?

The Make Up For Ever HD Blush is a new addition to their HD collection. It is "A cream blush that naturally sculpts and highlights the cheeks for a healthy glow". I bought it with the expectations of getting a seamless and long lasting blush.

Let's talk packaging. MUFE comes in a pump bottle and it was the main issue that most had even despite raving about this product otherwise. I couldn't agree more. One pump gets you enough product for at least two pairs of cheeks and sometimes, air gets trapped in there and the cream simply shoots out and lands on the floor. Allow me to point out that this blush is not cheap so the last thing I wanna do is waste it.

I Nuovi on the other hand, comes in a squeeze tube that lets you easily control the amount that you want. It's slim and practical.

Side by side, it's obvious that MUFE has a thicker consistency while I Nuovi's cream sorta melts into liquid. Blended, MUFE appears to be more pigmented. However, it dries too quickly making it difficult to blend, resulting in harsh edges. You'd have to work fast with MUFE.

For MUFE, I selected the shade #8 PDA which is a very natural color on me, exactly what I'm looking for. Its finish is matte compared to I Nuovi's Urbanite which is slightly cooler and gives a glowy finish. Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Soft Plum looks to be of similar color too except more shimmery. It's a pretty good cream blush but unfortunately, it has already been discontinued.

Applied, the result is quite similar but it was a lot trickier to apply the HD Blush. I had to work very fast but I kept getting streaks anyway and I'd blend harder, causing the blush to rub off. In the end, I had on more blush on my fingers than on my cheeks. I tried using a brush, which was slightly better but I still got streaks if I didn't work quickly enough. Applying the blush over powder was a lot worse.

Upon blending, I Nuovi turns into this powdery finish that's very easy to blend. I can apply it over powder and my base makeup would not budge, nor would I get streaks. Blending with a brush gives me a more precise application but I can just as easily apply this with my fingers when I'm on-the-go.

I live in Malaysia and since I'm often running about, sweating is inevitable. With MUFE, I almost always get a streak of blush missing where sweat has trickled down. It's quite awful! And unless I have a blush out with me, I can't fix it because if I tug on the rest of the blush, it'll rub off in patches instead of blending into the gap.

With I Nuovi, I can be sweating like a pig and I'd still have blush on.

Over here, Make Up For Ever HD Blush retails at RM120 while I Nuovi Cheek Blush retails for RM55. So you can imagine my disappointment knowing that I bought something that I completely did not need (color and purpose wise) plus it turned out to be not even as good as what I already had.

If you've never used I Nuovi Cheek Blush before and you don't sweat a lot, the HD Blush would not be half bad. Moreover, it does have a much larger range of colors (fourteen in the US but I'm not sure how many here) while I Nuovi has only three. But if you're looking to get #3 Truth or Dare or #12 First Kiss, I'd suggest checking out I Nuovi Cheek Blush in Fashionista or Dolly (reviewed).

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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Bentleys of Skin Care

WARNING: Prices may cause anxiety attacks

Take a moment and imagine that you're filthy rich. Like seriously disgustingly rich. How else would you justify paying RM4,600 for a tub of 40g face cream?

We all know that while money plays a significant part in skin care, it does not guarantee perfect skin. I've been lucky enough to test run several super luxurious brands in my days so I'm not completely out of loop.

Let's step into a world where money is not an issue...

Impress Granmula Cream RM4,600/40g
Impress Granmula Lotion RM800/120ml
Impress Granmula Emulsion RM1,200/100ml

Fine, I'll accept the prices of Kanebo Impress Granmula but here comes a critical question; what makes this anti-aging and brightening range so expensive? Having studied the media kit, the following terms are now swirling through my mind:

Diamond-like Exquisite Aura: This is the result that the Impress Granmula promises. No, there are no diamonds in any of the products. Basically, radiant and luminous skin that is clear and supple.

Triplet Active Ingredients: Bisamin, Carnitine, Magnolignane/Rhododenol. These botanical ingredients are not new to Kanebo as they've been used in other line of products under the same brand. However, they've never been used altogether in a single product before. Lots of scientific and technological explanations to explain how the ingredients work on the skin etc. etc.

Quasi Drug: "Quasi drugs are defined as medications that are milder in effect than regular drugs and are safe to be purchased without advice from medical experts, such as pharmacists." (source: Medical News Today)
I suppose it's some kind of drug certification in Japan?

My first experience with Kanebo Impress Granmula was through a facial (worth RM688, by the way) at the Kanebo International salon in Starhill Gallery. Perhaps I wasn't too comfortable with the therapist because despite the price, it certainly wasn't the best facial experience I've ever had. Heck, it didn't even make it into my top 5! I was quite sore for the next few days because the therapist was massaging me with cow/physical strength as opposed to inner strength. Er... that probably made more sense in Cantonese. In other words, I felt the need to grab hold of something when she massaged me and was nowhere near relaxed enough to sleep, which is what I usually do at facials. Post-facial, my skin was all soft and smooth as expected. That was really it. No remarkable changes or renewed skin or staring at my skin every 3 seconds because of how good it looked.

The Kanebo Impress Granmula range may have some of the most expensive skin care products in Malaysia but I can't see myself buying into it.

My money would go to La Mer.

So what if the Creme De La Mer has been called an overpriced Nivea cream? So what if it doesn't work or everyone? It comes with a very entertaining story with NASA scientists, explosions and moon phases. If they're gonna charge so much for a pot of cream, it damn well should have a good story to sell! Also, you can't help but feel privileged when your facial scrub contains diamonds...

As far as I know, Creme De La Mer (RM895/60ml) saved my skin and I'm eternally grateful. You see, I'm very prone to getting boils and I have these ugly bumped-up dark brown scars on several parts of my body. One very unfortunate day, I got a dreadful boil on my left cheek and I was completely mortified. I owe La Mer for healing the boil without even a trace of a scar.

I also wouldn't mind splurging on the new La Mer Eye Balm Intense (RM550/15ml). It's the only eye cream that has ever worked for me. I can have ping-pong ball sized eyes from excessive crying and this eye treatment will immediately de-puff like my sight depended on it. Nikki of Askmewhats agrees!

I don't even need to be filthy rich to justify buying La Mer. If I could afford it, I would.

Nevertheless, if I am to drop a year's worth of rent on a single face cream, I'd probably go with the La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare (RM4,100/50ml). Come on, it contains PLATINUM! Also, with the jar being as large as a coffee mug, it's gonna look pretty darn impressive on my dresser. You know, for times when I casually lead people into my room and they'd go "Whoa! What's that huge diamond you have on your table?!" followed by a "No friggin way!" when I tell them the price. Huge cool factor there. I won't get that with the Kanebo Impress Granmula Cream since its jar's probably gonna blend in with my other products. Unless... I could make some sort of a display case for it...

So, let's hear it. If money was not an issue, what skin care product would you splurge on?

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Tutorial: Good Hair Day for the Holidays

Don't you just love those days when all falls into place? My hair didn't disobey me, my eye makeup needed no contacts, my eyebrows were as perfect as they could ever be, my base didn't require "digital enhancement", and to top it all off, a PINK lippy worked in my favor. Sadly, I only went to school for an hour with this look and nowhere else *groans*.

55% luck and 45% make-up. Tutorial after the jump!

See how the ends of hair wisp in all the right places? This is reason enough for me to never have rebonded hair as unmanageable as it can be.

I got a hair cut on Monday by a very nervous ACutAbove Academy student (teacher helped, of course) at a charity event in my college. Not bad for 10 bucks and an ice cream, eh?

I was basically just trying out several new products but I suppose this look could work for a family dinner, daytime gathering or church. It's mostly natural but with enough glow and metallic sheen to make it more festive. This look uses only three colors including highlight!

Items Used:

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base
Cyber Colors Botanical Smoothing Hydro-base
I Nuovi Facefix UV Powder Foundation in 4Y
Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer in Sand

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eve
I Nuovi Metallogy Eyeshadow in Patina
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Jet (from The Black Palette)
MAC Pigment in Blonde's Gold
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero
Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara
Shu Uemura Hard 9 Eyebrow Pencil in Seal Brown

Prep lid with an eyeshadow primer. Using an eyeshadow brush (Stila #30), apply a metallic bronze-brown eyeshadow on the lid and blend the color up to the crease. Take a round crease brush and place a deep purple shade to the outer V and blend it out.

Apply the same color onto the lower lash line using a small precision brush. Join the outer corners and thin out towards the inner corner. Highlight under the brow with a soft champagne gold using a dense highlight brush. Line the upper lash line close to the roots using a black eye pencil.

Apply generous coats of mascara and fill in the eyebrows.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nectar
MAC Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden

Pick up a shimmery peachy pink blush with a duo fiber cheek brush (MAC188 dupe) and tap off any excess to avoid shimmer overload. Lightly contour with a bronzing powder.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in 754 Sugar Plum
MAC Lipglass in Funky Fusion

The weather's been so cloudy lately that I'm having trouble setting the right white balance on my camera.

I'll be spending Christmas with family.
How will you be celebrating Christmas?

Happy Christmas everyone! :D

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Review: Olay Regenerist Serum + Olay White Radiance Cream

The term "drugstore skincare" brings to mind words such as "simple" and "cheap". Well, the line between drugstore and departmental store got a tad blurry when drugstore brands come up with products that are in the three-figure price range. They're no longer simple nor cheap.

Olay's been in the market for a very long time and their new premium product line is not your mom's (or grandmom's) good ol' Oil of Olay cream.

Introducing Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum and Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Cream.

Olay's very much up there when it comes skincare research and development, frequently incorporating new technologies into their products. It would take me a bit of studying to explain it all and I'm not keen on simply copying and pasting the facts here.

After all, what we really care about is if the products work. Many have claimed that they do. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for myself. In fact, to give the products a fair trial, I passed them on to several other people when they didn't work for me. The outcome was still the same.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum

This anti-aging facelift-in-a-bottle targets the signs of aging which includes wrinkles, sagging, age spots and loss of elasticity. I was happily on board since I had some forehead lines that I was keen on getting rid off.

The golden-colored serum contains wee bits of shimmer and has a bearable silicone-y texture. When applied, my skin immediately looked smoother and more luminous. I had pretty high hopes for this serum. Three days on, I started to develop bumps on my face which I haven't been getting for quite some time since I've discovered a regime that works. I persevered up until day five, got 2 more stubborn bumps and then I gave up. This serum is not rich at all so I'm putting the blame on the high silicone content.

I passed it on to The Boy's mom for a test run and while she didn't get any bumps, she saw little to no results.

Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Cream

Aside from lightening spots, this gel-cream promises to hydrate intensively as a day moisturizer. I quite liked the lightweight texture which feels quite comfortable in our humid conditions. An intriguing feature of this cream is the shape memory gel that's meant to "form a layer of moisture, efficiently moisturizing the skin surface and filling out the skin surface evenly, allowing light rays to better reflect off skin for a smoother and radiant glow". See, I can't even summarize! Anyway, what happens is if you alter the surface of the cream (I poked a hole), it'll go back to it's original state in about an hour. Cool huh?

My mom's right around the corner from the big five-O and she got cystic acne from this cream. Her skin got lighter but her pigmentation didn't. Instead, they appeared darker on her lightened skin.

Mom then passed the cream on to my 70-year-old grandmom and she got bumps.

I'm rather disappointed with Olay's new premium product line. Besides several hearsays, I've not come to know a true testament on the performance of the products.
So, if you've given these a try before, I'd really like to know your thoughts!

Both Olay Regenerist Serum and Olay White Radiance Cream retail for RM129.90.

*Products featured in this post were provided by P&G Malaysia for the purpose of review on Skin Deco

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Review + Look: Gucci Guilty

Sex sells and Gucci knows it. As suggested by the commercial, a spritz of Gucci Guilty gets you wildly hot and heavy with a delicious man ie. Chris Evans. Though, with the Batman logo on the bottle (look closely) and the fact that the commercial was directed by Frank Miller, creator of Batman, I kinda wished that the leading man was Christian Bale instead.

Three spritzes later, still no guilty fantasy moment nor a bristly hunk in sight, I resorted to looking more like the leading lady, Evan Rachel Wood.

Can't say that it worked but hey, at least I tried!

For a seemingly simple look of glowy golden skin, contoured cheeks, dark-rimmed eyes, and berry lips, it took me many tries to nail this look and I still don't think I got it quite right. I left my hair blond for a little longer just for it and darkened my hair immediately after I was done.

The scent is one of the few that I like. It's sweet without being nauseating and it's musky without being suffocating. There's a good balance overall. It's an Eau de Toilette so the scent doesn't last 'til the end of the day but it still lingers which means if someone gets close enough, they'd still be able to catch it.

However, I feel it lacks sex appeal despite how it is portrayed in the ads. Having it on doesn't make me feel frisky and it doesn't stir up much interest in the opposite sex. I know for sure that certain perfumes have the ability to do that! Unfortunately, this isn't one of those sexy scents for me. If anything, it smells respectable.

The packaging is gorgeous but it's a horrible fingerprint magnet!

Retails for: RM217/30ml, RM272/50ml, RM355/75ml

I initially did a video tutorial for this Gucci Guilty inspired look but my files got corrupted *groans* so you're only getting the product breakdown and pictures.

Items Used:

I Nuovi Illumina Skin Illuminating Pre Makeup Base in Divine
Revlon Photoready Foundation in 006 Medium Beige
Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer in #1
Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer in #3 Medium
Ben Nye Banana Visage Powder

I applied the illuminating makeup base around the outside parameters of my face since it had a bronze sheen and I didn't wanna look too shiny. I then mixed a glowy foundation with a yellow liquid illuminizer to get a glowy golden base.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Strut
NYX Eyeshadow in Greyish Brown
NYX Eyeshadow in Brown
Milani Eyeshadow in Gold & Beautiful
MAC Pigment in Blonde's Gold
MAC Pigment in Gold Dusk
MAC Eyeshadow in Typographic
Giorgio Armani Eye Pencil in Black
MAC Glitter Eye Liner in Oxidate
Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara

The toughest bit was getting the eyes to look right as simple as it looks. What I did was create a brownish grey base with Strut cream shadow and Greyish Brown eyeshadow. After that, I blended Brown into the crease. Gold & Beautiful was then patted on the brownish grey base. Blonde's Gold was used for highlighting the area beneath the brow, accented with Gold Dusk just beneath the arch.

Because I didn't have an accurate enough brown eyeliner, I lined first with the black pencil and topped with the Oxidate liquid glitter liner. After that, the waterlines were darkened with black pencil and set with Typographic (soft black) eyeshadow.

I filled in my brows thin and light using the Brown eyeshadow.

The Brown eyeshadow was also used to contour the cheeks and the cheekbones were highlighted with elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Sun Kissed.

I combined OCC Lip Tars in Melange and Memento with some clear gloss (Shu Uemura Vinyl Unlimited in CL 000).

Not only was the look a bit of a challenge to create, it's also not too easy to photograph. In real life, the grey base can be acknowledged but in pictures, it disappears almost completely, making the gold look olive.

Maybe I'm losing my mojo...

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Update: What's Been Annoying You Lately?

It's been awhile, hasn't it? My hair's back to being dark (though not black) and as superstitious as I am, I believe the bad luck streak has stopped. However, from the looks of my eye bags and lip-eczema, you can probably tell that I'm still feeling a tad off despite the attempted smile.

My assignments are finally done with and I'll be having my final exams after the new year. To be frank, I'm a little worried about graduating. It seems like the older I get, the harder it is for me to plan out my life because as I become more realistic, I'm also becoming less optimistic.

It certainly doesn't help to be annoyed by minute things that eventually add up, affecting my overall mood.

I'm mostly gonna be ranting so read on only if you're bothered...

#1 Paying off my runaway housemates' bills

This is probably the hardest time to get rooms rented out and I haven't been having much luck in this area so everyday I will be worrying about getting in new people, covering rent and the bills.

#2 Being continuously unwell

I won't consider myself sick because my condition isn't so bad that I have to remain in bed 24/7 but it's enough to make me moody. Last week I had some sort of stomach flu that sent me to the toilet 5-6 times a day and made me constantly nauseous.
After that, I had the classic flu symptoms with the sneezing, blocked nose, fever, dry throat and all that jazz. I'm still recovering actually.

#3 Having people tell me that I'm not proud of being Asian because I wear colored contacts and color my hair

Yes, I'm so ashamed of my dark brown eyes and black hair so I'm changing them to look more Caucasian :) I should let my armpit hair grow out too. Come on!

#4 Being told that I'm dishonest because I review sponsored products

If you've noticed, someone posted that on my Cbox. I've removed it because, while I'm not upset by it, it annoys me.
Just so we're clear, my reviews have always been honest regardless of whether the product was purchased on sponsored. People who bother to read, would know that. I don't owe it to any company to write a positive review just because the product was given to me for free. If I like it, I'll say I like it. If I don't, I'm not gonna say that I do. If I was dishonest, I'd be stupid because what's the point of writing a dishonest review if I'm not getting paid to do it? Just saying :) Uh, to clarify, I don't get paid for reviewing a product nor do I intend to.

Okay, it's almost 3am. I'm going to bed. Will write a proper post tomorrow when I'm less annoyed and hopefully a bit more motivated.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

I believe it was the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation that started the whole High Definition foundation phenomenon.

HD foundations in general claim to create a soft-focus effect to diffuse imperfections making skin look flawless even under harsh lighting -- on screen and off.

Read on for the review.

The very first time I tried this foundation, I was very much in love with the texture and how it made my skin looked but finding the correct shade was a chore since the counters here have rather limited number of shades.

Just by looking at the blob you can probably tell how smooth and fine the foundation is. It's not too runny nor is it too creamy. Whether I'm using a conventional foundation brush, a stippling brush or the MAC109 brush, it's always a dream to blend. Fingers probably won't work as well because it lifts off too much of the intended coverage.

Unlike here, in the States, they have a whopping 25 shades to choose from. My friend in the US, Grace, gave me half a bottle of hers in the shade #123 Desert (for light skin with olive undertones). It's a very good match for my now NC30 skin tone. It appears a tad lighter but it matches well with my neck and chest. I've tried #127 Dark Sand (for medium skin with yellow undertones) previously and it was a wee bit pinkish so I'm thinking if I were to be a darker NC35, my shade would probably have to be #153 Golden Honey (for medium skin with olive undertones).

The coverage is buildable from medium to full. It's able to cover up most of my imperfections including uneven skin tone and broken capillaries. The formula is not drying but it's not too moisturizing either so I'd say it'd be suitable for normal to dry skin. MUFE Mat Velvet would probably be a better option for oilier skin types.

Tutorial for this look [here]

This oil-free foundation gives my skin the "real skin" glow that I want. The staying power is pretty fantastic though some blotting may be required throughout the day but there's definitely no need for touch-ups. In my case, anyway. It wears comfortably as well.

RM122/30ml is not too bad of a price to pay for an awesome foundation considering other department store brands. Albeit not life-transforming, it's still one of my favorites to use especially for taking pictures.

Make Up For Ever counters can be found in KLCC and Parkson U, One Utama.

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Christmas Gift Ideas Guide

Christmas is right around the corner... And I've barely done any Christmas shopping. I've started to receive pressies though :D Yes, I'm a terrible person.

If you're as big of a procrastinator as I am, perhaps this little Christmas Gift Ideas guide will get the ball rolling.

Something Wished

The limited edition Urban Decay The Black Palette is a present for myself. With the help of ParisB, I can now cross it off my wish list!
Now available for pre-order on Serendipity: Cult Beauty Discoveries for RM150.

Something Essential

These essential skin care and body care sets make great starter kits for those who have been wanting to try out the brands.

L'Occitane Aromachologie Travel Set -- RM139
Clarins Perfect Starter Essential Set -- RM165

Something Handmade

This gorgeous pendant was handcrafted by my dear friend, Tine. Her pieces are available for purchase at her online store, Sweet Contemplation Accessories.

I didn't say the something had to be handmade by you ;)

Something Useful

Not only are the L'Occitane Organizer 2011 (RM15) and Clarins We Care Charity Lunch Boxes (RM18) useful, they're also for good causes.

Proceeds from the the organizers will support the Malaysian Association of the Blind in ugrading their library's computer facilities. Funds raised from the lunch boxes will be used to provide educational tools for three homes; Pertubuhan Kebajikan Yesuvin Mahligai, Persatuan Kanak-kanak Istimewa, and Shepard's Centre Foundation.

Something Delicious

Carmen brought back with her a Cheese Board from Perth and I'm savoring every variety, bit by bit...
Other Christmas-appropriate food gifts would be chocolates, cookies, gingerbread men, and candy canes!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Review: Evolle -- The Real Miracle Bar?

Have you come across the moor phenomenon where this bar of soap has the ability to fix all skin ailments from acne to pigmentation to eczema? Some have even claimed that the soap grows hair! For balding people I mean, not to grow a mustache.

It seemed like a whole lot of malarkey to me and believe me, I've used the so-called miracle soap before and it dried out my skin like crazy!

Upon being offered to try the Evolle Soap Bar, which played around with a similar concept (except for the growing hair part), I was particularly skeptical. After being assured that it would not dry out my skin due to its content of cocoa butter and virgin coconut oil (common ingredients that I trust!), I gave this soap a go.

Was there a miracle? Read on.

The soap bar comes sealed in a foil packet like so... It's hardly as big as my palm but considering that I've been using it once a day everyday for over a month and it hasn't shrunk much, I'd say this small 35g bar will last you quite a bit.

It contains mineral and plant-based ingredients, which includes a trademarked ingredient called PhytoCellTec Apple Stem Cells, laminaria digitata (type of algae) extract, virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter, and of course the cult-ingredient, Helimoor clay. You can read more on what these ingredients supposedly do [here].

To use the soap, you place the bar in wet palms and rub them together to work the lather (many many bubbles!). Then, massage it all over your face and leave it on for about a minute before rinsing. The lather is light so you won't get that heavy soap feeling. My skin felt clean, soft and most importantly, not dry.

Now on to the burning question. Was there a miracle?


Not quite. My discoloration (chin area) was still there. So were my eczema patches and the lines on my forehead.

Wait a minute...

Did you notice my laugh line (nasolabial fold)? It doesn't look as deep as it did in the Before pic, does it? I can't be certain if it's Evolle's doing but I haven't changed anything else in my routine and I'm not using any line treatment products either. In fact, I was expecting to look more haggard since lately I haven't been bothered with proper skin care except for cleansing and the occasional moisturizer. Hmm...

Still, a soap is a soap. Evolle makes a decent cleanser and I'm inclined to use it every day. The soap either comes in a single bar for RM39 or a pack of 3 for RM99. Quite alright considering that a bar will probably last you well over 3 months.

Thanks to ParisB for pointing this out -- I was totally mistaken about the price! It's not RM39 for a bar. It's USD39! O_O Now, that's a pricey bar of a teeny soap! I wasn't aware that the site even shipped internationally...

Evolle soap bar is available via their online store or through their authorized dealers.

*The product featured in this post was provided by Indigo Lifestyle Sdn Bhd for the purpose of review on Skin Deco

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