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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rounding Up April '10 + The Makeup Show NYC + Vote for the Next Review Post

We're almost done with April and Labour Day falls on a Saturday. Not very optimistic...

Keep your spirits up and check out some of my favorite posts from my blogging buddies:

My American friends (especially those residing in New York), it's that time of the year again. The Makeup Show NYC!
Read on for the deets and there's a poll I need y'all to take on what product I should review next

Mark your calender for The Makeup Show NYC happening on the 16th and 17th of May 2010 at Metropolitan Pavilion. This will be their 5-year anniversary show and it's gonna be huge!
There are over 40 seminars, workshops and forums to participate in led by celebrity makeup artists such as Jon Hennessey, Tegan Taylor, and Make Up For Ever creator, Dany Sanz.
The highlight of the show would be the 60 over brands featuring their products at amazing deals; Eve Pearl, Crown Brushes, Yaby Cosmetics, Inglot, Make Up For Ever, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Smashbox and many more.

Though I'm not able to be there in person, Skin Deco is definitely not missing out on the show! Skin Deco will be represented by US correspondent, Grace Chan, to cover this much-anticipated event.

Advanced tickets are now available for sale with a 10% discount for students.

Please take this poll to vote for which product you'd like me to review next!

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Review: Madara Moon Flower Tinting Fluid

While I'm blessed to have skin (okay, I worked for it!) that doesn't need much concealing, I seldom feel that tinted moisturizers are adequate in terms of providing coverage. If it can't even out my skin tone, what's the point?

Benefit's You Rebel was the only tinted moisturizer that I ever liked and then came Madara Moon Flower Tinting Fluid.
Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer, meet your match!

Read on for the review.

"Gently moisturises while providing a sheer coverage. Evens out skin tone and illuminates complexion with a radiant pink glow - like rose petals in the moonlight. Disguises imperfections and fine lines. A lighter alternative to foundation – does not create a layer of make- up, does not clog pores. Provides light sun protection against UVA and UVB rays. Option to layer on your regular day moisturiser if skin is very dry." -- Body Bar

Let's talk formula. The lotion is quite fluid so one pump (as shown in the pic) is really all you need for the entire face. It doesn't contain SPF in terms of numbers as most tinted moisturizers do but there are ingredients in the formula that offer light sun protection; titanium dioxide and Baltic St. John's Wort, which enhances skin's natural protective abilities against UV damage. That said, use a separate sunscreen. For dry skin, it's best to use a separate moisturizer as well.

If you have caught a glimpse of the Eco Cert logo on the bottle, you should know that this product is certified organic and having an Eco Cert means this is the real deal! I'm not going to get into details but many products would claim to be "organic" when they are really not or only contain insignificant amount of organic ingredients.

Clean packaging with a pump that dispenses just the right amount is a huge plus too!

Moon Flower is pink-toned which got me worried at first because I'm quite yellow and I hate looking pink. Fortunately, the color blended in very well with my skin tone and oh boy, "natural" skin has never looked better! The super finely-milled light reflecting particles diffuse any minor imperfections like discolorations, blemishes, lines, and creases. For additional coverage, just add a concealer where needed. The hint of color adds the appearance of health with a soft glow. I don't think I've ever felt this comfortable wearing a tinted moisturizer on its own even with bolder makeup.

My skin loves the formula a lot too. Normally, I'd avoid my Benefit You Rebel when I have a wee bit of a rash because the formula will sting and irritate the daylights out of my skin. Moon Flower, on the other hand, simply feels good and I dare say, somewhat soothing. The formula doesn't get oily either like You Rebel does but I'd still dust over with some translucent loose powder just to set.

The Tinting Fluid also comes in a warm-toned color, Sun Glow, which would suit tan to dark skin tones. I'm very tempted to get that one too but it'll take a while for me to get through this 50ml bottle. ParisB, who is fair at the end of the spectrum, found Moon Flower to be a tad dark but Charlotte of Lipglossiping did manage to get it to work for her thus, I'd suggest trying out the color yourself before committing. I'm sure the folks at Body Bar will be glad to give you a sample to test.

Here's a full face picture of me wearing the Moon Flower Tinting Fluid. Tutorial for this look here.

Okay, here comes the price. It's RM128 for 50ml. "OMG, so expensive!" would be the natural reaction because Madara is a non-mainstream Latvian (where's Latvia, again?) brand. Benefit is USD$30/RM135 (I think), Stila is USD$32 which means they're all on the same boat in terms of price. Only setback would be when people tell you how lovely your skin looks and ask what product you're using and you'd say "Madara" and they'd go "Huh?" as opposed to saying "Benefit/Stila" and they'd go "Oh..." and save your breath from explaining what Madara is. Yeah.

When a product is good, it's good! If you can pay for Benefit or Stila, why not Madara?
Madara can be purchased from Body Bar outlets located at Sunway Pyramid, Tropicana City Mall, and Pavilion as well as their online store.
If you're not in Malaysia, do check out the Madara website for outlet listing. In the UK, it's selling for about £21.50 so the price's not terribly marked up here.

Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohol, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Oil*, Rosa Damascena (Rose) Distillate*, Glycerin*, Theobroma Cacao Seed (Cocoa) Butter*, Cetearyl Alcohol, Hypericum Perforatum (St. John’s Wort) Extract*, Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Extract*, Chamomilla Recutita (Camomile) Extract*, Algae Extract, Plantago Major (Plantain Leaf) Extract*, Cetearyl Glucoside, Capryloyl Glycine, Stearic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide***, Xantan Gum, Aroma**, Citral**, Eugenol**, Limonene**, Linalool** [+/- (may contain), Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499)]

Speaking of Stila, I have a tube of their Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15. To describe it in direct Cantonese translated words, "Got apply equals to didn't apply".
No coverage whatsoever. Oh, you get shimmer! It may look finely-milled in the picture but when you apply it onto the skin, you'd see bits of shimmer here and there. I've only been using it just because... Now that I have my Madara, there's no reason to use it anymore.
Nikki has better things to say about it.

Ok, it's going up for sale. Who want's it? RM40, used 4-5 times, postage is free. E-mail me!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Him-Spired Tutorials: Bill Kaulitz

Congrats, Hsu Jen!

Thanks for nominating Bill Kaulitz, lead vocalist of Tokio Hotel.

I've wanted to replicate a dude's look for the longest time and try out some different contouring techniques so this was a great opportunity for me.

Don't worry, I didn't leave the house looking like this!

Read on for the inspiration, pictures and product listing.

Image Source: TokioHotelUS.Com

Bill Kaulitz is not hard to overlook with his iconic dark black smokey eyes and lion mane hair (which I wanted to do if not for the lack of hairspray). Unlike the other Him-spired tutorials which are based on the guy's character and personality, this is a straight-up copy of Bill's makeup and I hope I do it justice! He's such a pretty boy that I think I look more masculine that he does.

It's definitely much more than just slapping on thick eyeliner. First I turned my skin pale and I wanted the eyeshadow to be well blended. To create the sunken face shape, I heavily contoured the hollows of the cheek with a technique usually used for male facial features and not female. You can also tell from his pictures that the under eye area is strongly highlighted.

Tokio Hotel will be playing live in One Utama this Saturday! I'm going but Hsu Jen certainly is, so have heaps of fun going crazy over Bill!

Items Used:

Lancome UV Expert BB Base
I Nuovi Studio Cake Foundation in 3Y
Chacott Translucent Loose Powder in White
Any dark concealer or foundation (to contour)
Benefit Eyeshadow in Moody (to contour)
Maybelline Liquid Concealer (a lighter shade to conceal and highlight)

NYX Megashine Lipgloss in Natural (dabbed)

L'Oreal De Crease
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Slate (always creases on me!!)
Giorgio Armani Eye Pencil in Black
Scott Barnes Illumineye Eyeshadow in Night
NYX Eyeshadow in Greyish Brown
I Nuovi Trucolor Eyeshadow in Arabian Black
Chacott Translucent Loose Powder in White (as highlight)
Maybelline The Colossal Mascara
MAC Eyeshadow in Concrete (eyebrows)

I like how my jaw pops out strongly in this pic. Hehe

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Update: New Items Added to Stash Sale + Example of Shopping Experience in SaSa

Just wanna do a quick update letting you know that I've added 20 new items to the Stash Sale. The items are located in the US so if you're in Malaysia and would like to order them in, you can do so and complete the payment by 12/05/2010. Your items will arrive by the end of May.

Remember I was telling you about my shopping experience in SaSa and some of you agreed that certain sales assistants can very much violate personal space? I was watching this video (below) and one of the scenes depicted how it would be like shopping at a retail outlet in Hong Kong. It reminded me so much of the typical SaSa girls (though the the scene was exaggerated) and then it hit me that SaSa is a Hong Kong retail chain. The girls were probably trained to act that way!

Just watch and you'll know what I mean! Scene from 3:25 to 4:14.

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Online Shopping + Affiliate Programs + Birthday Update

Image Source:

While I've been shopping online for years, I'm rather new to affiliate programs and I've been meaning to share these sites with you all.

These sites may sell completely different items but they have one thing in common -- FREE* shipping!

One of the sites even made a birthday surprise possible :)

Read on for my experiences...
* Limitations apply


If you're worried about ordering from StawberryNet, don't. They offer brand name cosmetics, fragrances, hair care and body products at discounted prices. Some limited offer products are so heavily discounted that you'd be crazy not to get it eg. Stila 8-piece set for RM50! It's also a great place to hunt for limited edition or discontinued products. On top of that, you earn more discounts for purchasing multiple items and repurchasing from the website.

More importantly, their service is beyond excellent. Your order will be confirmed within minutes and if it's during working hours, chances are your package will be shipped out within an hour. The package flies in from Hong Kong and normally you should expect a week for the package to arrive but at one time, my package arrived in 4 days. It was unbelievable! Registered shipping is free worldwide so you have less to worry about missing packages. The box will be tied up with their iconic purple ribbon. When I was at the post office to pick up my latest order, I spotted my package before the postman could!

Book Depository

The Book Depository

Story time!
The Boy have been hunting around local bookstores for a book that's apparently in the system but out of stock. Knowing how much he wanted the book and with his birthday coming up, I thought of ordering the book in but I didn't know how long it would take. Coincidentally, ParisB tweeted about how she'd ordered books online so I asked her about it and she referred me to The Book Depository. The book that I was looking for was in stock, priced at RM20 less than the Malaysian retail price and worldwide shipping was free. Without hesitation, I placed my order. Because the books were relatively cheaper, I got myself a title too.

The delivery was a tad worrying because the last status you'll get is "dispatched" but my books did eventually arrive about 2 weeks later. I was mostly worried that he'd manage to buy the book first without my knowledge. Oddly, they sent out the books in two different packets. The Boy saw the packet before I did so my plan to hide the book failed but it was a successful surprise nonetheless.

Play-Asia - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions

Another birthday agenda was the Video Games Live (VGL) held in Kuala Lumpur last weekend. VGL is an orchestral show playing soundtracks from video games through the years. The Boy is passionate about many things and one of them is gaming. I'm personally not big on gaming simply because I suck at games but I do love rhythm games and games that don't require much skill such as Guitar Hero, Elite Beat Agents, Katamari, Brunout, Loco Roco, Cooking Mama, Animal Crossing, and the likes.

VGL was the best concert orchestra that I've ever attended since it wasn't like the regular ones where you'd have to pinch yourself to hold in a sneeze or stop from dozing off. When they played the soundtrack from Sonic the Hedgehog, I was on the verge of tears, reminiscing the days when I was glued to my SEGA for 5 hours straight just playing that one game.

In the words of a gamer: "Gaming ruined my life. Thank goodness I have two more lives left"

So anyway, Play-Asia is a Hong Kong based website where you can find anything that's game-related. Purchasing consoles can be expensive and games would be priced at about the same. The real treasures from this site are the accessories. You'll be able to find a huge variety of console casings, limited edition skins, stylus (I lost my Animal Crossing one when my first Nintendo DS got stolen *sobs*), battery packs, cables, screen protectors and loads more! The prices are great and you'd find items that you won't be able to get locally in stores.

Shipping is free with conditions and only to selected countries (Malaysia included). Through my experience, the package arrives within 7 days but it's not registered so the postman will just fling the package into your house. Don't worry, the items are properly bubble-wrapped and packed with styrofoam popcorn.

Have you made purchases from those sites before? Do share your experiences!

Happy Shopping!!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Him-Spired Tutorials: Leonardo DiCaprio

This first reader-requested Him-spired look comes from Sue Lynn who nominated Leonardo DiCaprio. He shot to fame in 1997 for his role in "Titanic" but I remember him the most in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", "Romeo + Juliet", "Catch Me If You Can", and "Blood Diamond". While he was quite a cutie in his younger years, he's not aging gracefully. Fortunately, his acting more than makes up for it.

Inspiration, tutorial and product listing after the jump!

It's obviously not a recent picture but it's uber sexy. Hee hee
Leo is well known to be an environmental activist and actively dating supermodels. Thus, for this look, I wanted to incorporate Leo's love for the environment and supermodels... Green was the color of choice for the eyes and I gave the skin a healthy golden glow. It's a very simple look!

My supermodel pose though I'm lightyears away from being one

Items Used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Paint Pot in Mosscape
I Nuovi Eyeshadow in Envy
NYX Eyeshadow in Copper (from Trio)
I Nuovi Eyeshadow in Techno
I Nuovi Eyeshadow in Spotlight
I Nuovi Linerpac Eyeliner in Jet Black
Maybelline Turbo Boost Mascara
I Nuovi BrowCake in Oak

I Nuovi Illumina Makeup Base in Divine
Skinfood Salmon Concealer in #2
Revlon Spa Concealer in Medium
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus

Everyday Minerals Blush in All Smiles
Everyday Minerals Blush in Waffle Cone

I Nuovi Megalips Velvetshine Lipgloss in Barely French

I've just reformatted my computer so I've not installed a video editing software. Will upload the vid tutorial soon!

Apply a golden illuminizer all over the face as a base. Pay more attention to highlighted areas such as the cheeks, forehead and chin to bring your features out.

Apply a peach/salmon concealer to correct dark eye circles and conceal with a skin-colored concealer. Don't go too heavy with the concealer if your foundation is going to be light or the texture may look obviously different from the rest of your face.

Buff on mineral powder foundation. The light reflecting particles in the illuminating base applied earlier would have helped to camouflage minor imperfections so a heavy foundation wouldn't be necessary.

With your finger, apply an olive green cream eyeshadow over lid prepped with eyeshadow primer. It'll act as a base to help the glitter eyeshadow show up and stick better. Apply a medium green glitter eyeshadow over the cream base with a flat eyeshadow brush (Stila #30) using patting motions.

Take a fluffy crease brush (Stila #30) and apply a burnt orange/copper color into the crease and blend it over where the green shadow stops. Using a small contour brush, apply a golden brown eyeshadow along the lower lash line.

Apply a frost off-white eyeshadow on the brow bone as highlight using a large eyeshadow brush. Blend over the highlight with the fluffy crease brush.

Apply a black liquid/gel liner of choice thinly and create a small wing. Get some green glitter eyeshadow and go over the liner. Fill in your brows lightly but neatly. Finally, curl your lashes and apply mascara.

You may wanna use some tape to remove glitter fall outs

Apply a warm peach blush following the contour of your cheek, using a small duo fiber brush (188 dupe by Silk Naturals)

Highlight the cheekbones with a glow powder (Waffle Cone) and blend excess into the blush

Apply a shiny nude lipgloss

Hope you liked this look! Can you guess which nominated guy is next?

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Review: LUSH Buffy Body Butter

Last Christmas, two awesome people got me the LUSH Buffy Body Butter that I had on my wishlist and I was, of course, thrilled!

It is a body moisturizer and exfoliator in one product, targeted to improve circulation and soften skin. Having very dry and flaky skin especially on my shins, I was very excited to give this product a go.

Now that I have, I must say that appreciation for this product is acquired.
Read on...

Buffy the Backside Slayer is no soap, I can assure you. It doesn't lather and nor does it actually clean so I use it after cleansing my body with soap. From multiple reviews, I gathered that Buffy melts easily thus, I keep my bars in the fridge. Being a relatively pricey product, I use it very sparingly by cutting up the bar and using one piece for two shins and two arms. On contact with moistened skin, Buffy will start to soften. This couldn't be any more like butter. Heck, it even smells a tad like the butter that you use to bake cakes.

Above the buttery scent is a strong concentrated lavender herbal smell. I don't dislike the smell itself but it's very overwhelming. I store the bar in the LUSH tin and wrap it up in a plastic bag yet I'd still be able to smell it every time I open the fridge.

Many people have commented that the scrubby bits in my favorite Porridge Soap are abrasive. Buffy's worse and probably one of the most painful body scrubs that I've ever used. I'm not exaggerating! The grains are small but it might as well be sand. I only concentrate a tiny piece on my shins and whatever that's left on my arm. I can't imagine using this on areas with more delicate skin. Even with the butter softened, it doesn't move across the skin smoothly. It doesn't have the slip that soaps give and because the butter sorta repels water, wetting the product doesn't actually help either. When you wash off the grainy bits, there'll be a layer of lard-like oil left on your skin and it's not the best feeling in the world because the waxy feeling isn't comfortable.

After all the bashing you'd think that I'm ready to toss this one into bin. Here's the thing -- as bad as the execution was, I loved the result.
The skin on my shins have dramatically softened and the moisture lasts whole day long even without applying additional body moisturizers. I combined body scrub with a body cream afterwards and the result just isn't as intense as what Buffy can give. Thus, I still use this occasionally even though it's not pleasant to use.

Love it or hate it? I really can't decide!

Fair Trade Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), Ground Rice (Oryza sativa), Ground Almonds (Prunus dulcis), Ground Aduki Beans (Phaseolus), Perfume, Lavender Oil (Lavandula hybrida), Lemon Oil (Citrus limonum), *Citral, *Limonene, *Linalool.

    If you'd like to find out for yourself, Buffy Body Butter retails for USD$10.75 (3.3 oz) at

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Review + Swatches: Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color

You've probably noticed the new Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip Color in stores. The bold displays are hard to miss!
The line consists of 18 colors in 4 hues:
  • Fun Corals
  • Sexy Reds
  • Fresh Pinks
  • Elegant Nudes
A perfect color for everyone?
Read on for the review and swatches...

Sadly, none for me :( I have weird pale lips that reject bright colors.

You can definitely expect vibrant color-payoff from these lipsticks. Even the so-called Nude color group in Buff is far from being nude. Just check out the swatches!

The formula's fantastic as it applies very smoothly, doesn't sink into lines and feels comfortable on the lips. If you must know, I wore the bright red at home and got a shock seeing my reflection hours later because I totally forgot that I had lipstick on. Thank goodness I realized it before anyone could see me! It didn't dry out my lips and the color hardly faded. In fact, the red was so pigmented that even after wiping off the swatch on my arm, the stain remained there until the next day.

The bestselling shade from each hue:

Pink Bloom (PC31) -
Slightly frosty peony pink
Buff - (B41) Warm natural. Should work on most people
Papaya Milk (C51) - Muted orangey red
Summer Sunset (RC51) - Medium slightly bluish red

Personally, I find difficulty in pulling off these colors though I really wish I could! Nevertheless, if you're into bold, comfortable and long lasting lip colors, look no further than the Color Sensational range.

Retails for RM24.90 at major healthcare outlets. These lipsticks are currently 20% off!

Note: The Color Sensational range in Asia carries colors that are of different names from the Western range except for Summer Sunset. The packaging is also different.

* The products featured were provided by Maybelline Malaysia for review/feature on Skin Deco

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day Special: Tutorial Sneak Peek + Frugal Living

Photoshopping FAIL!

Due to unforeseeable circumstances, I couldn't get this post up on Earth Day itself but everyday should be Earth Day, shouldn't it? Being environmentally responsible ought to be a way of life and not just a one time thing which I'll talk about further after the jump.

Meanwhile, the Him-spired look shown above was inspired by this year's Co-chairperson for Earth Day and he's been known to date supermodels (hence the attempt to photoshop). Care to take a guess who he is? The tutorial will be up soon!

Read on!

Eco-friendly practices seem to have gained popularity in the modern age because we supposedly have better awareness and are more concerned about the environment compared to our elders. But when you think about it, their frugal way of living were eco-friendly practices just that their motives were different. Along the lines of modernization, we left frugal living behind and embraced convenience in forms of styrofoam boxes, plastic bags and matching rags. Looking back at the things that my mother and grandmother did, I discovered so many ideas to reuse and reduce waste:
  • Tiffin carriers used to pack lunch
  • Cloth scraps used to make pillow stuffing and floor mats
  • Old and torn clothes used as floor mats, rags or to make clothes for dolls
  • Milo tins to store Chinese New Year cookies
  • My grandma used to collect large Horlicks jars to store her "acar"
  • Reuse jam, mayonnaise and Nescafe jars to keep loose food products like dried dates, anchovies, sugar, etc.
  • Reuse the Gardenia bread plastic bags to pack sandwiches
  • Old newspaper used to clean glass surfaces
  • Mop water to clean the porch
  • Old/broken tires, pots and pails used as flower pots
  • Small KFC plastic spoons for the salt, sugar and cornflour containers
  • Cloth diapers
  • Pee on the plants (no need for flushing and you fertilize the plants!)
  • We'd bring our own plates and bowls when buying food like rojak or tau foo fa because we get more and it's cheaper
  • When we bought a new television, I was more excited about the huge box it came in. My mom cut out holes and turned it into a fort
  • Jacob's Crackers or Danish cookies tin to keep sewing kit or mahjong set
  • Empty shoe boxes or any type of box for storage
  • They used soap bars
  • Throw egg shells into the soil to fertilize
  • Collect rain to water the plants and wash stuff
Do you still practice frugal living? Do share your ideas/memories if I've missed them out!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review: HerCut Haircare

We've been schooled to choose haircare products based on our hair type and the problems that we'd like to tackle. Who would've thought of haircare designed for your haircut? Creator, Bob Salem, did and he has Kyan Douglas as the brand ambassador for HerCut -- Haircare for your Haircut.

Lucky Grace got to meet Kyan in person (who is apparently very good looking!) as he introduced this revolutionary haircare system.

Read on to learn more about HerCut and how the products perform.

"HerCut redefines hair care by working with the form, shape, and movement of your own personal hairstyle. Why? For your hair to perform at its very best, each strand needs to be supported with shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids that work with the natural behavior of your hairstyle. Accordingly, HerCut created products based on the five basic cuts (like the bob, long layers, etc.). Every formula utilizes cut-specific polymers—combined with controlled positive, negative, and neutral charges—to deliver the specific, optimal styling benefits each cut needs to look its best. Shag haircuts will have the separation, depth, and dimension they deserve, while long-layered looks will move effortlessly in all the right places. It's new technology in hair care. Where will it take your next haircut?" -- HerCut

Normal to Oily Shampoo

Scent: Honeydew with a light scent of citrus.

Viscosity: It’s really thin.

Thoughts: A little goes a long way! A half teaspoon amount is sufficient for my whole head. The picture shows approximately how much I use each time. It looks like a lot but the consistency is so thin that it spreads out. It lathers really well with such a small amount. What I love about this shampoo is that is washes out all my hair products in one go. I used to wash my hair twice in the shower because washing it once does not get all my hair products out. On top of its superb cleaning abilities, it does not strip my hair of its natural oils. I tried not using conditioner after shampooing and my hair was really soft. Which means using a conditioner after this shampoo is not a must.

Medium Conditioner

Scent: Honeydew with a light scent of citrus.

Viscosity: It’s rather thin for a conditioner. Its consistency is like lotion.

Thoughts: When I started using this conditioner I used about a 5cm (2inches) in diameter amount. That’s quite a lot. After about a week I decided to cut down on the amount I was using. So I went from a 5cm amount to a 3cm amount. I found that it didn’t matter if I used a little or a lot because I got the same great results. I loved that it was easy to wash off and that it left my hair super soft and tangle free.

Would I repurchase this? YES! The retail price of $22 may scare some people off at first but trust me it’s worth it. I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner for about 2 months now and I still have two-thirds of it left. So one bottle of each will last me about half a year!

Long Layers Catalyst

Scent: light scent of sunflowers

Thoughts: It’s recommended to use 2-3 pumps with towel dried hair. I use one pump and that’s good enough for my whole head. When you pump it out there’s a white cream on one side and a gel on the other side. You have to mix the cream and the gel together. I liked that it was a nonsticky formula and when applied to my hair it didn’t leave a residue. However, my hair looked the same after applying the product. I use it every day just because it’s really light weight and it prevents my hair from getting out of shape. My short layers tend to stick up a few hours after washing my hair and this product seems to do an ok job in keeping my layers in place throughout the day.

Would I repurchase? No. I really wanted to like this product but I feel that gel works so much better than this product. Priced at $28 I feel that this product isn’t worth trying.

HerCut products can be purchased from Sephora.

These products are paraben free!

"You is nekkid!" :p

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