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Monday, December 20, 2010

Update: What's Been Annoying You Lately?

It's been awhile, hasn't it? My hair's back to being dark (though not black) and as superstitious as I am, I believe the bad luck streak has stopped. However, from the looks of my eye bags and lip-eczema, you can probably tell that I'm still feeling a tad off despite the attempted smile.

My assignments are finally done with and I'll be having my final exams after the new year. To be frank, I'm a little worried about graduating. It seems like the older I get, the harder it is for me to plan out my life because as I become more realistic, I'm also becoming less optimistic.

It certainly doesn't help to be annoyed by minute things that eventually add up, affecting my overall mood.

I'm mostly gonna be ranting so read on only if you're bothered...

#1 Paying off my runaway housemates' bills

This is probably the hardest time to get rooms rented out and I haven't been having much luck in this area so everyday I will be worrying about getting in new people, covering rent and the bills.

#2 Being continuously unwell

I won't consider myself sick because my condition isn't so bad that I have to remain in bed 24/7 but it's enough to make me moody. Last week I had some sort of stomach flu that sent me to the toilet 5-6 times a day and made me constantly nauseous.
After that, I had the classic flu symptoms with the sneezing, blocked nose, fever, dry throat and all that jazz. I'm still recovering actually.

#3 Having people tell me that I'm not proud of being Asian because I wear colored contacts and color my hair

Yes, I'm so ashamed of my dark brown eyes and black hair so I'm changing them to look more Caucasian :) I should let my armpit hair grow out too. Come on!

#4 Being told that I'm dishonest because I review sponsored products

If you've noticed, someone posted that on my Cbox. I've removed it because, while I'm not upset by it, it annoys me.
Just so we're clear, my reviews have always been honest regardless of whether the product was purchased on sponsored. People who bother to read, would know that. I don't owe it to any company to write a positive review just because the product was given to me for free. If I like it, I'll say I like it. If I don't, I'm not gonna say that I do. If I was dishonest, I'd be stupid because what's the point of writing a dishonest review if I'm not getting paid to do it? Just saying :) Uh, to clarify, I don't get paid for reviewing a product nor do I intend to.

Okay, it's almost 3am. I'm going to bed. Will write a proper post tomorrow when I'm less annoyed and hopefully a bit more motivated.


Elana said...

Feel better! Screw what people say in the comments, I mean, they still come to read the posts don't they? That just says something! Your posts are interesting and you don't owe anything to anyone with them! ^__^

balletfillet said...

Pssh, I totally love your reviews and changing your hair or eye color doesn't make you any less Asian.

luckiebeauty said...

Aww hope you will feel better. Sometimes we have to pass trough hard times and when everything comes back to normal,we fell relieved!

&& don't listen to people who put you down like this. Your posts are really interesting! : )

Have a great holidays!


Pepper said...

gosh, I removed cbox from my other blog because of the ignorant negativity of certain people, months ago I even considering to stop blogging altogether. I can't understand all these people. They have this incurable "holier-than-thou" attitude.

Is that your new hair? me likey!

p/: I'm annoyed with the fact that the only foundation that matched my skin tone perfectly clogged my pores like crazy, and its taking forever to recover from that.

❤ Ee Von said...

i know you as a strong, independent and intelligent beauty blogger/student so i know you certainly won't be affected by ppl who talk rubbish :)

health wise, get better soon! i haven't been commenting these days, but i do catch up!

Fifi said...

LOL seriously, the whole you-must-want-to-be-caucasian thing is ridiculous, it's like judging people superficial based on exactly superficial reasons! Anyway, I like this hair color on you. I think it suits you better. :)

wande-ful said...

Sorry to hear about your health.

Ive always love your blog.

I hope you'll stay strong regardless what people say about you.


I dont have any problems with your product reviews cos i found it very informative.

keep up the good job ;)

Paris B said...

You? Not proud of being Asian? You? With the love for tanned skin? You? Then what are you? Hispanic? ;) *giggles* Get well soon dearie. Things can only get better and really, once your graduate, life really starts to get interesting ;)

Wendy said...

Hey Connie,

Awwh, sorry to hear about all these bumps in life, things will take a turn for the better! Love your blog, coloured contacts, darker hair colour and all;) Keep it up!

plue said...

*hugs* darling :)

cheer up k? just ignore those people and do what you do best! :D i don't really see the problem of colouring your hair n wearing coloured contacts cuz i think alot of ppl does it, maybe you do it too well, ppl envy? LOL

anyway, cheers and take care k?

see u soon!

Sue said...

oh dear, I hope you are doing good now. cheer up ya! :)

rinnah said...

Pffft! I've always known you to speak your mind about products, sponsored or not. Pay no mind to those petty, small minded people. :)

Hope things get better soon! *hugs*

xin said...

hopefully your crisis #1 will get sorted out soon. agreed with paris, once u start working and start getting money, u will be optimistic again!

Connie De Alwis said...

Elana: Thanks :) Well, that's what I thought. If it bothered her so much to read my posts, then don't read them! It's unfair to accuse me of being dishonest.

Balletfillet: Thank you :) The funny thing is, people who made those comments are mostly Asian only in the way they look. If somebody who's not Asian dyes their hair black, nobody says that they're trying to look Asian :-/

luckiebeauty: Thanks. Happy Holidays to you too :) Just annoyed, otherwise I'm alright.

Pepper: Haha. I'm thinking to remove my cbox too. I hate the spamming. I wouldn't stop blogging altogether because of something like this though. I blog for myself. Relatively new hair but it's really just a different color and getting out of shape. Ugh, I hate it when foundations do that. Same goes for skin care.

Connie De Alwis said...

Ee Von: Aww, thanks babe :) Today's been good. Nose not stuck and no fever. Enjoy your holiday! Don't spend so much time online :p

Fifi: Haha. you said it! At risk of offending some people, I've noticed that such remarks come mostly from Asian who do not live in Asia. The reason is beyond me :-/

Wande-ful: Thank you :) I'm better now

ParisB: Hola! :p Er... can't think of any clever things to say in Spanish. Sure ah... interesting and not "interesting"

Connie De Alwis said...

Wendy: Thanks :) *hugs back*

Plue: Haha. I'm "hiding my beautiful brown eyes with eyeliner and colored contacts". Yes, apparently applying eyeliner makes me ashamed of my heritage too =.= Thanks dear *hugs*

Sue: I'm good :) Just a tad annoyed. No biggie. Thanks

Rinnah: *hugs* Maybe I've become placid and no longer bash products, which made people think that I'm being dishonest? And here I thought I was being sensible.

Xin: Yes, that's the biggest crisis of all! Hahahaha. But I don't wanna join the Monday Moanings on Twitter :p

gio said...

Get well soon! I hope things will get better soon. And ignore negative people, I love your reviews. They are always honest, no matter how you got the products. :)

germaine said...

hi connie! the first and second happen to me just recently. I caught a flu and was sick for the 3 weeks before finals and found out I caught scabies just few days ago. I guess the only thing we can hope for now is that the worse is over and the new year will bring us new luck :)
p/s: I believe that u are totally honest in ur reviews:)

theotherworldly said...

It's all going to be all right.

Give it time, have faith in yourself, I know you will get it all sorted out.

And those criticisms come from people down there trying to pull you down. You've always been up there, now rise further above!

x x x x

PiNk pRiNcEss said...

Don't let one person bring you down connie... we all love you!! that person is just so wasted attacking you like that... alot of people out there including me love wearing colored lens... same goes to colored hair too... even a 60 year old women colored their hair!!!
we all your faithful reader know your writing style and we love it!! Keep the good work girl!
hope you get well soon!!

la mì said...

very pretty!
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I'd like you visit my blog and if you want...follow me! ^^
I wait you and your tips! kiss kiss
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Anonymous said...

Hi Connie. Those people are just wasting your time or jealous. Ignore them. We will.

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