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Friday, November 12, 2010

Having Cold Feet?

Warm them up with a pair of Whooga Ugg Boots!


A friend of mine recently expressed her interest in purchasing a pair of ugg boots she saw online for when she travels to a cold country. I was looking at the boots and found it amusing that the wooly material was made of "synthetic sheepskin". I suppose it's not that odd when you think of "faux leather" but my instincts were right on the dot as I later found out that authentic fleece in ugg boots makes quite a difference in the well-being of your feet.

Read on for giveaway and discount details!

Look how thick that fleece is... Makes me wanna cuddle it

Whooga prides itself in creating sturdy, durable and well-fitted ugg boots lined with thick Merino (breed of sheep prized for producing the best quality of wool) fleece that:
  • Improves circulation
  • Contains traces of Lanolin oil to moisturize and soften skin
  • Cools feet when they get too warm to prevent sweating, food-odor and bacteria build-up
I've always thought uggs to be short for "ugg-ly" but I take it all back. Blair Waldrof rocks the uggs which makes me want them except I live in Malaysia, not New York, and I don't own a trench coat *sighs*.

Giveaway & Discount

Each month, Whooga selects a winner for a pair of Whooga Ugg Boots and you can stand a chance to win simply by signing up for their newsletter. Open worldwide!

If you can't wait to win and would prefer to purchase a pair, here's a 10% discount code (860DECO) that you can use for the next week.


Ohamme said...

I'm from London and recently I have seen a lot of tourists thinking the same thing "London's cold, lets wear ugg boots!" What they forget is that London is rainy and wet!!!! Que lots of destroyed wrecked ugg boots all over the UK!

So if your friend is coming to the UK, I highly recommend leaving the ugg boots home!

Connie De Alwis said...

Ohamme: Thanks for the heads-up! Lol, these boots are definitely not meant for wet weather. She'll be going to Sweden so I think the boots should be fine though I'm not sure how well the synthetic ones would work.

sakuraness said...

Girl, I live in Montreal and I have a personal vendetta against UGGs. These boots are useless in our winter months which is basically half of the year. I have seen so many sloppy, salt-encrusted, feet abominations such as these all over the city. But if you must, I suggest the cheaper rubber/synthetic lined ones that can actually stand up against the snow and won't deflate into over-worn bedroom slippers with repeated use.

Connie De Alwis said...

Sakuraness: Oh dear. how do they deflate into bedroom slippers? You mean, the wool inside becomes compressed and thinner with use?

Jessying said...

I definitely need this !!! so temptinngggggg

Jessying said...

Aiks but seems like some of readers don't recommended for winter use..

geekchic said...

I LOVE my sheepskin boots. (A bit reluctant to call them uggs since I got them from a flea market and not from an Uggs store) and as with most of your readers above, I really don't recommend wearing them outdoors. I THINK they were first developed for fishermen to keep their feet warm when out fishing but as a piece of fashion accessory, I think even Ms Waldorf has failed in this >< But, that's just me. To each her own in fashion, I must say. I have a pair that I tote around at home and they're a life-saver :)

Also, as to your question does the wool on the inside DOES become a little deflated so if you do plan to buy, it's always OK to buy it half a size smaller.

geekchic said...

*trot around at home in, ugh. Lack of coffee. Soz ><

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

i bought a rubber (similar looking of construction boots like Phua Chu Kang)boots... hope i don't ended up looking like PCK though... hahahahaha... I don't find ugg boots useful in wet winter countries just like Ohamme n Sakuraness mentioned. That's the reason i bought a rubber type, hope it helps in wet...

missroum87 said...

Hiya, i use ugg boots during my last trip to London last July. That is their summer season and it was still freaking cold! I think there's difference between those who actually live in london and Asian's who visit London or any cold parts of the country. We need ugg boots real bad even during the summer T.T

The ang mogs uses flip flops during summer, i use 4 layer clothes and my ugg boots. its considered cold to me. so yeah.

Gravity Gardener said...

Many people experience cold feet and hands. Finding immediate relief can just be less than 90 seconds away by using the common microwave to heat up your booties. This process is a relatively low tech and simple way to add some long lasting comfort for your soles and toes.

Cold hands and feet can a symptom of poor circulation or other specific health issues such as:

* Hypothyroidism
* Peripheral Neuropathy
* Peripheral Vascular Disease
* Raynaud's Phenomenon

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