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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Hair's to Blame

Another bad thing happened yesterday with somebody getting hurt. Fault was hardly on my part but bad luck sure was. Someone suggested that my new hair color could be to blame and because I'm superstitious, I'll be going back to dark hair tonight.

I went from black to a brassy orange to a dark blond. Not only did my hair get fried, day by day my life got from bad to worse. Enough is enough!

There's more...

I started with Gatsby EX-HI-Bleach and followed with Gatsby Aqua Silver few days later to cool down the color. I'm thinking that Asian hair naturally has red undertones so if you bleach it, you're gonna get orange hair as opposed to blond.

"Proper" picture courtesy of Rinnah

I actually liked how the color turned out. It complemented my skin tone and allowed me to wear colors that I don't usually look good on me (even did a tutorial). But in many ways, besides attracting bad luck, it wasn't a right fit for me. Some of my usual colors would look too strong or plain off. My room lighting makes my hair look brassy and with flash, it'll look red.

My intention was to match my hair color to my extensions and even though it was still rather warm, it blended in well.

I've had my "fun" with this hair and I'm ready to give up on it. Let's just hope that it's my hair color and not something else that's causing all the bad luck. I don't think I have time to figure it out before the next bad thing happens.


Hayley said...

Hmmm ya, certain people say hair color will affect our feng shui.. not sure about that.
Anyway, as long as you feel ok with it, it should be fine!
Have a great day Connie~

Connie De Alwis said...

Hayley: Thank you :) Yeah, an Auntie told me. But then again, I do kinda believe in feng shui (reason why I don't wear gold anymore). Changing hair back to "normal" tonight!

Anonymous said...

"Someone suggested that my new hair color could be to blame"

what a cruel, mean person to say that!!! ):<

Connie De Alwis said...

Anonymous: Oh no, she's not at all mean or cruel! In fact, she's very kind to me and was the only person who could tell that I was sad from the look of my eyes. I'm not sure where you're from but for some Chinese, there's a belief that colors can cause good or bad luck which also applies to hair color. She didn't mean that my hair color was ugly but since it was the only distinct change that I've made soon before all the bad luck came along, it could be the reason.

Abbie♥ said...

ohhh i really like it! it suits you very well. <3

Anonymous said...

oh > < sorry for the misunderstanding > <!!!

Connie De Alwis said...

Abbie: Too bad it's not here to stay!

Anonymous: No worries :) I can understand how the idea can be perplexing to some!

Fifi said...

The color really does compliments your skintone but honestly, I think you look prettiest with naturally black hair :)

I hope you are well and that everything's will be okay with your life.

miss syukur said...

hey there, been a silent reader for a while but realizing that all the bad luck is causing lack of posts for me to read (yeah a bit selfish) i had to speak up..hehe..i'm not superstitious but i know for sure that if you do things that makes you happy you'll be getting a whole bunch of positive aura. I do think that everything will be ok so don't worry yea. by the way i like you more with black hair. I hope this comment is not offending :)

Pepper said...

I find changing something about your hair affects your mood and how people interact with you. I remember when I cropped my hair really short from mermaid's hair length, quite a lot of good thing happens to me. The funniest I guess when an acquaintance pay attention to me only after I cut my hair short. We become friends after that. Right now, even he's in different state, when he message, he'll ask what my hair style now. It starts to look like that he's making friend with my hair. not me.

Connie De Alwis said...

Fifi: Thanks, dear :) I hope so too

Miss Syukur: No no, I'm not offended at all! Well, I'm meeting friends tomorrow so that's a good thing

Pepper: That's a great hair story! Thanks for sharing :) I'm really glad your short hair is working out for you. I've been happy with mine too. Just not this color! I don't even feel quite like myself.

slowbrogal said...

Life's always about ups and downs connie!! Ur hair color just look on you~~ :)

Izz Latif said...

i have a chinese fren
who told me bout da feng shui-thing relates to ur hair colour too...
my chinese math teacher changed her hair colour because of da chinese new year celebration
she said, for good luck...

xin said...

as much as i like yr new color, but i hope the 'undo' can change yr luck back!

makeup said...

Chestnut haircolor is so pretty! I love it.

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