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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Apronbay Brow + Waxing Destination -- Welcome Onboard!

Murder at a Seaside Loft?

Apronbay is your destination to escape from the mundane hustle and bustle of real life. It’s the place for you to leave behind your worries, stress and unwanted hair.

Bonne vacances!

Note: This post also includes step-by-step pictures of my first eyebrow waxing experience and a mini tip on how you can make your eyebrows look less harsh.

As the first beauty boutique with an air travel concept, Apronbay allows you to be pampered like how you would be on a first class flight. It is the ultimate brow and waxing destination where you can be groomed in full privacy of your desired holiday destination. Well, currently limited to five locations...

Pick your destination -- Eyebrow design and all sorts of waxing services including Full Leg Wax, Underarms Wax, Brazilian Wax and Nipple Wax? *imagines hairy nipples*

Apronbay takes pride in using only the best quality waxes from France with an extensive range to suit different skin and hair types. There's nothing short of luxury here!

Step through the [air]crafted door into...

New York or Shanghai?

Each room is decorated to look like a holiday destination, from the wallpaper to the lighting.

Perhaps the beach will get you in the mood for a Brazilian wax? Or have your brows waxed in the middle of the Covent Garden?

The Country Garden is an ideal escape from hot and busy Kuala Lumpur.
You can also have your manicure and pedicure done at the first class waiting lounge.

Pay close attention and you will notice decorations meticulously selected to fit Apronbay's air travel theme. See the three clocks? Each one represents a different time zone -- London, Kuala Lumpur and Paris.

Middle: Founder of Apronbay and former flight attendant, Ashley Loong

While they're also pleasantly at your service in their 60's flight attendant uniforms, the Apronbay beauticians are trained professionals in the art of waxing.

You can have your eyebrows designed ie. groomed by means of tweezing (RM18), threading (RM12) or waxing (RM22).

If you ask me, it's like paying for economy and getting a free upgrade to first class. Why pay RM30-RM55 to have your eyebrows done on a stool in plain sight of curious passers-by in a department store when you can be groomed on a designated bed or seat in your favorite location, privately? Won't you rather have the full attention of a trained beautician instead of putting the fate of your eyebrows on a possibly untrained sales assistant who may abandon you halfway through to serve another customer? Just saying.

If you're not sure of which method to choose, have the Apronbay beautician consult you and make recommendations based on your existing eyebrow shape, hair texture and also pain tolerance.

Because I already have shaped eyebrows, waxing was a good option for me to clean up the strays.

First the warm wax is applied to the unwanted hair area where it hardens as it cools. The strip of wax is then swiftly removed along with the unwanted hair. I hardly winced during the stripping so I'd say the level of pain is about 2 out of 10. There was a slight numbing sensation where the wax was stripped off. I tried two types of waxes; beeswax-based and mineral-based. Again, the type of wax used is according to your skin and hair type.

Hair that is too short to be waxed will have to be removed using tweezers. The wax area is disinfected using an electronic thingamajig to prevent infection of the hair follicle as opposed to using alcohol which may cause stinging and sensitivity. Finally, a cooling gel is swiped over the freshly waxed area to soothe it.

The result -- exactly what I'm looking for! Clean brows that are even and not too thin.

My strays didn't start to grow back until after about a week and a half. Hair that eventually grew out were a lot finer than usual thus, not too visible.

With a laid-back ambiance and good company, I can confidently say that my visit to Apronbay was a delightful one. I can even imagine having a private ladies-only soiree with good food and some bubbly, being pampered to the max.

This is not the last time that you'll be seeing Apronbay featured on Skin Deco. Guess what's in store next?

After months of contemplating and finally getting proper "counseling" from Ashley herself, I'm about 90% ready to get a Brazilian wax. The other 10% is actually booking an appointment and doing it... *breaths in and out*

I'll definitely be writing about my first time but erm, no step-by-step pictures!

A Brazilian wax starts from RM35.

Apronbay is located along Jalan Telawi 4 in Bangsar. Please call 03-22878081 to make an appointment.

Visit the Apronbay website for full listing of services and be a member of their Facebook page for monthly promotion updates!

Mini Tip!

If your eyebrows are looking a little too harsh from the filling, lighten them with some face powder using an eyebrow brush. Lightening with a cotton bud or spoolie may lift off too much color. With this method, your eyebrows stay on completely, just lighter.

Credit: Many thanks to Kahani and Xin for the pics!


Sarah@Glossicious said...

how gorgeous was that purple was looking on your lower lash line :)

Connie De Alwis said...

Sarah: Awh, thank you :)

biianca said...

Hi Apronbay seems nice (=
May i know where is the place?

Connie De Alwis said...

Biianca: Apronbay is located in Bangsar. I've included the address in the post :)

domncroxd said...

good luck for the brazilian! i did mine at strip singapore and it was really good. couldn't remember the pain after 5 minutes, don't mind doing it again :).

Christine said...

Thanks for sharing! Have been considering brow waxing for sometime but was not too sure about it. But now having seen it being done step by step, I'm definitely going to give it a try :)

Connie De Alwis said...

domncroxd: Thanks! it's not so much the pain that I'm worried about. It's the exposure :x

Christine: Welcome!It's very CLEAN for sure. I've threading but that was quite some time ago in the wrong hands. didn't turn out too well :(

CYBELLE said...

Hey Connie, I`m from Brazil and always read your blog, I love it! About the brazillian wax, go ahead, I do it every 20 days, actually I wax almost all my body! Is a little bit painful but I think worth.

xin said...

i am contemplating to have the brazilian wax too! let me know how it goes for yours so i can decide :P

Blovet Beauty said...

wow! very pretty cleaned up brows!

toughcookie said...

sounds like a pretty decent place. the only thing i hate about telawi is the parking...

Connie De Alwis said...

Cybelle: Glad to hear from you! :D Thanks for supporting my blog. Wow, you're definitely very diligent to have it done so frequently. I can imagine it to be a very common practice in Brazil. I'm bracing myself!

Xin: Not brave enough... yet!

Connie De Alwis said...

Blovet Beauty: Thanks! I'm on my third week and my brows still look very much in shape

Juan: Yup, I like the place a lot. Haha, you need luck to get a parking or pay-up for the parking in Bangsar Village 2

Wendy said...

Hey Connie,

Read your review along with the other beauty bloggers who went to Apronbay, and it pushed me to try out this new waxing place! Just did my brows and a Rio De Janeiro :)*evil grins*
Service was perfect, so is Ashley!

Anonymous said...

can last for how long time?

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