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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review: Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-Drain Serum

Asian women often hope for sharper facial features. However, it’s a challenge even for a thin person since Asian women have particularly prominent fat pockets on their faces (two on the cheeks, two under the jaw and one under the chin). Some have even gone to extremes such as getting their molars pulled out or facial liposuction just to achieve the perfect V –shaped contour.

The new formulation of Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-Drain Serum addresses this concern safely and painlessly.

The Shaping Facial Lift is used as a pre-treatment thus, it wouldn’t interfere with your current skin care regimen. Instead, it prepares the skin for better absorption of following treatments. The serum works by achieving an optimal lymphatic and blood circulation which in turn will help release toxins and fats from the skin and also prevent water retention that causes puffiness.

First and foremost, let's talk packaging. As elegant as the pump bottle looks, it doesn't function very well. The pump feels as though it's not strong enough that when I pump out the product, some of it will drool down the side, creating a bit of a mess. Also, it's slightly irritating not being able to see how much product is left in the opaque tube especially when the tube already feels rather light when it was new.

Thankfully, the content satisfied. The serum pumps out to look like lotion and has a rather distinct herbal-floral scent. Once the serum is spread on the palms, the lotion warms and immediately melts into a gel, which is then patted onto the face, from the center outwards. The enveloping scent is almost aromatherapeutic and lingers during the Manual Auto-Lifting Method. As the serum is pressed into the skin, it absorbs readily without feeling sticky or heavy at all.

The Manual Auto-Lifting Method is recommended when using Shaping Facial Lift because it aids lymphatic and blood circulation, consequently boosting the efficiency of the serum. It felt kinda odd having to do those steps but after getting a hang of it, it didn't take up much of my time and I actually found it to be a bit of a stress-reliever and relaxant before bed. Step #2 feels especially good as the tension is released and Clarins even suggests to do that step longer if you wish. The method relies on the weight of your own head so you won't be applying any strength to create extra pressure on your face.

Immediately after using the serum, I could feel that my skin was especially smooth and supple. In addition to that, the texture of my skin looked fantastic -- tightened pores and plumped up lines. After a month of using this together with my existing skin care products, I've noticed my skin to be firmer, toned and more lifted with less expression lines especially on my neck and forehead. Which made me think, this is almost the same as getting a neck liposuction. With better blood circulation, I looked less pale too even without makeup.

While I couldn't think of a sure fire way to measure the efficiency of this serum in shaping my face (PrettyBeautiful thought of a brilliant method!), I did notice that my jawline looked more prominent and my cheekbones were more noticeable. Also, I've had more angles to choose from in photos which was interesting because I usually only have that one angle. To a certain extent, the product did help to create more obvious contours but not necessarily a V shape. I'd need to lose weight first! ParisB has visual proof that the Shaping Facial Lift works.

Nevertheless, I can definitely attest to it being great for reducing water retention. On the rare occasion, I like to have supper and whenever I eat anything salty, my face will just balloon up the next morning. For the past two months, I haven't had that problem and I took things for granted. Just one week of not using the serum (because I was testing out some other products) and one fine night of sinful instant noodles in the wee hours, I woke up the next day looking like a blimp.

All in all, this would be a product for those with concerns of their facial contours or if you're just looking for something that acts as a pre-treatment. You may even want to consider this as a lipo alternative. I wouldn't say that this is a necessity but if it fits your budget, it'd make a decent addition to your skin care regime.

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift retails at Clarins counters and Institute Clarins for RM225/50ml

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Receive a complementary consultation and two samples when you register with Clarins.


Cherry said...

I have been wondering about this product for a long time. Thanks a lot for the review!^0^

permanent makeup said...

Superb and really effective product and nice post.

Connie De Alwis said...

Cherry: You're welcome!

Permanent Makeup: Glad you found the post helpful :)

lyn said...

I've been seeing this product reviewed on a number of local blogs and your recommendation prompted me to get a bottle today. I just used it tonight and I could actually feel a slight difference on my double (or triple!) chin. Here's hoping that this product works. I'll probably review it in a month's time :-)

Belle said...

I'm in Asia. Women in my country love this item so much.

Memory said...

Hi there
Ive just received this product from Hong Kong and was so eager to try it. Im very sceptical of skincare products and what they claim to do but ive used this for 3 days only and no kidding after initially doing the 'Mirror Test' when you look down into a mirror and visibly see all the fluid retention and puffiness/sagginess/heaviness in that one moment, after 3rd application of the Clarins shaping facial lift (use it in my nighttime s/routine) omg my skin looks more lifted,pores smaller, general tone of skin more even. I did the mirror test and my face felt more 'lighter' no so heavy i gota say thats only after 3 days. Cant wait to see after a month. Ok, it pays also to steer away from foods that cause facial fluid retention and a little exercise will help sweat out all the toxins instead of the massive buildup in your face pockets.
Take it from me, im so excited to see the results after a months time.

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