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Monday, July 5, 2010

Spring Green by Sweet Contemplation Accessories

Jewelry is not really for me. I get bored with accessories as quickly as my cat gets bored with expensive toys.

So, when a dear friend of mine, Tine from Sweet Contemplation Accessories, asked me to pick one of her beautiful handmade pieces to review, I honestly wasn't quite sure what to go for. After going through with her all of my qualms about wearing jewelry, we finally decided on a piece that would suit me best -- A cuff-bracelet in my favorite color that has no dangling parts, suitable for dressy occasions yet casual enough to match my usual jeans and t-shirt "style".

It was as if the bracelet was made for me. Read on...

"This stunning cuff bracelet reflects the loveliest shades of green with black metal stars, Czech glass beads and Swarovski crystals laced in between. Worn during the day or night, it is set to wow. " -- Sweet Contemplation Accessories

I didn't know what to expect because I hadn't seen any pictures prior to opening the box. When I saw Spring Green for the first time, not only was I relieved (that it was girly dangly), I was beaming. It was so much more beautiful than I had imagined it to be. My love for teal and stars is very well reflected in this dazzling bracelet without looking too loud or tacky. It's certainly one-of-a-kind too because if I had ever come across a similar-looking bracelet, I'd notice!

Unlike most bracelets with beads that are chain-linked together and falls apart every two seconds in my possession, the beads are held together by a coil of Memory Wire. This is as hardy as a bracelet can get which makes it even more perfect for me. I can bet my left pinky that I'll never lose a single bead with this design. It's so easy to put on too. No need for propping the bracelet on a surface to hook the chain and then have it drop and then it breaks... I just coil the bracelet around my wrist and I'm good to go. It'll stay put for as long as I don't take it off.

The design totally works with my more laid-back style. At least my guyfriends don't ask in laughter why I'm wearing a bracelet (I got HELL for wearing a headband). Nevertheless, it's attractive enough to grab the attention of ladies with radars for shiny things.

Get yourself a Spring Green cuff bracelet [here]. The cuff bracelets come in two other colors -- Atomic Tangerine and Psychedelic Purple.

Sweet Contemplation Accessories is an Australia-based website offering unique handcrafted jewelry. There's a 25% off storewide sale going on until 31 July 2010! Just enter MIDYEAR2010 in the Voucher section of the shopping cart.

Thanks, Tine!


Tina Marie said...

I really like the bracelet. It's a pretty color! i would totally wear it!

xin said...

so pretty! i just ordered some stuff from tine too :D

GARNET said...

Love that,unfortunately,my wrists are too small to wear any kind of bracelet.Hiazzz

gio said...

That bracelet is gorgeous!

mint said...

I love how they match the different shape beads. Looks very nice on you!!! I have the same problem with loosing hanging bits from bracelets too. Puts me off from wearing anything at all. I will they were more secure. =/

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

I've been checking out her stuff and they are so intricate and pretty! Glad to see you back by the way :)

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