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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review: Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick

I can't remember the last time a drugstore lipstick garnered this much hype!

Perhaps it's the Dior-esque pattern or the NARS matte feel or the Chanel way of branding on the lipstick. So packaging wise, the new Revlon ColorBrust Lipstick hits it out of the ballpark albeit a tad unoriginal.

You won't be needing my review to tell you that these lipsticks are a must-have since everyone's raving about them!
Read on anyway for my thoughts...

For those of us in Malaysia, we get only 8 out of 20 shades. Pretty upsetting, right? Nevertheless, we do have some of the more popular colors so it's forgivable. Out of the lot, two colors that stood out for me was 070 Soft Nude and 035 Blush.

070 Soft Nude: It's certainly great to see another nude drugstore lipstick since Rimmel's Nude Delight. Soft Nude is a warm milky peachy-pink color that looks awesome paired with heavier eye makeup in green, blue or purple. The color's pigmented but not very solid so you can gradually build up the color. The more layers you apply, the more nude your lips would look. It'll make a great option for nude newbies that are not too keen on going "hardcore" just yet.

035 Blush: This would be THE MyLipsButBetter color. It's a neutral rosy pink with a hint of mauve. A great choice if you're looking for something that you can wear daily and pair with any sort of makeup at all. It adds enough color to take away the paleness. I find Blush to give a better color pay-off in a swipe than soft Nude does.

If I were to be blindfolded and have someone applying this lipstick on me, I'd think that they were applying lip balm. That's how the texture felt. The lipstick feels slightly waxy and doesn't glide on smoothly though it applies color evenly. Granted, it does feel more comfortable and moisturizing compared to wearing regular lipstick.

I'm thinking that this lipstick applies a thin layer that molds to the creases of the lips while regular lipstick applies thickly and sort of sits on top of the skin. The upside is that this lipstick doesn't bleed easily but the downside would be the accentuated lines flaky bits. Since I don't have very smooth skin lips to begin with, I find the need to apply lipgloss over this lipstick.

Blush seems to be a color that works on everyone, except me. Probably because I don't have a typical lip color so a universal MLBB shade would still look kinda "off" on me. Well, it's not to say that the color didn't work because I actually do like it a lot and I'd wear it out often if it wasn't for the fact that I get stares. People would cock their heads to the side wondering what looked different about me. Blush is just a little too pink on me.

Soft Nude, on the other hand, looks spectacular when paired with smoky eyes. I love how the color matches closely to my skin color without washing me out. The texture could be better but hey, the color's still gorgeous.

Retails for RM39 at major healthcare stores. Available in 8 shades: Mauve, Plum, Fuchsia, Sienna, Blush, Soft Nude, Peach, and True Red.

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mint said...

they look nice! :) the soft nude color looks perfect on you!
do you think they are just as good as other branded lipsticks like mac or nars? I'm wondering how long these last too.

rinnah said...

Babe, I am always amazed at how you can pull off the nude shades... I think I look weird with nude lips. :P

germaine said...

I have blush and I think it has a hint of frost and it doesn't make it look nice on me. The colour is exactly the same as my lips and when I bought it home I was thinking to myself why did I buy I thought the colour peach is very nice too. Revlon nude is softer if compared to Rimmel's one that washes me out totally:)

❤ Ee Von said...

great lipswatches! blush looks really lovely! i always thought it looked similar to soft nude so i didn't wanna try it. i might just get it now! :D

DANA said...

Looks gorgeous!! Especially that nude shade! =)

Kizzy-online said...

Wow, Soft Nude looks BEAUTIFUL on your lips!

Honeys said...

i have Soft Nude too! and i love it alot!
i paired it with NYX Megashine Lg in Beige..
when i 1st saw it at Watsons, i just couldn't get it outta my head..
i knew i had to get it.. ;)

Adeline said...

I just bought Soft Nude, Carnation and Mauve yesterday!! Have only tried Soft Nude so far and am loving it!!! :D

gio said...

Blush looks gorgeous! And I love how soft nude looks on you, you can pull off nude colors so well!

jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) said...

i like the nude on you and the e/s goes really well with it too.

i am tempted to try false lashes now.

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

Nice review! that sucks that you guys only have 8 shades. Revlon should have more over there.

By the way, Its funny coz I was about to do a review on the same lipstick but in Peachy lol.

alina said...

Hey, Connie!

I'd really like to know where I can get a lip concealer that's of reasonable price? I'm into the nude lip now but have been using liquid foundation. Thought I'd get a proper product that serves its purpose.

Thank you! -alina-

Hsu Jen said...

I'd do a double-take if I saw you with "Blush" on, but in a good way! Super envious that you can pull off nude colours. I've been trying with different types of nude (e.g. beige, light pinks, etc), but I havent found "the one" yet :(

I bought Peach over the weekend and it suits me great though.

Blovet Beauty said...

Oooh.. I love the nude! Gonna check it out!

Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

both colors look pretty on you! i have also have Soft nude, Mauve, Carnation and Peach.

Tina Marie said...

Love the colors! I love the look you have on wearing Soft Nude. You look absolutely stunning! :)

Sue Lynn said...

Ahhhh...My favourite topic of all time 'Nuff said LOL

On moi, Soft Nude is MLBB, and it's not really a nude unless I use bronzer, lotsa bronzer ^_^

Sue Lynn said...

Oooppps :P Wrong acronym - I meant MLB-A-Lil-Lighter ^_^

april said...

Sighhs. You look awesome in the Soft Nude. I have Soft Nude, but it washes me out. I feel so left out!

I saw Megan Fox wearing Soft Rose in Allure mag and she looks so gorgeous in it that I wanted to dash out to buy it, but it isn't available in Sg.

Jade said...

Wow need these two so gorgeous <3

Laura said...

You look like Mandy Moore with the Soft Nude lipstick. Gorgeous!

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