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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Review: Rene Furterer Myrrhea Anti-frizz Range

While I was well-exposed to high end cosmetics and can understand justifications for spending nine hundred bucks on a tub of cream, I truly could not comprehend the need for high end hair care when many people with great looking hair have happily used drugstore brands all their lives.

So, when I was first introduced to Rene Furterer, I had a swaku* moment; "Whoahhh... RM120 for CONDITIONER!".

Well, now that I've been briefed and actually tried the Myrrhea Anti-frizz Range for myself, Rene Furterer probably is worth its high price tag.

*Very unexposed person

First let me just list down the differences I felt between using a cheap hair care system and an expensive one:
  • Less product build up. Hair doesn't feel heavy or look greasy
  • No need for a lot of product to get the job done
  • Less hair fallout
  • Effect lasts longer
  • No more flaky scalp
The Rene Furterer Myrrhea Anti-frizz range works by nourishing, moisturizing and protecting (from external aggressions) hair with avocado oil. The myrrh coats and tames the hair as well as neutralizes static electricity by creating a film around the hair (lacquered effect). Ingredients used in Rene Furterer are mostly natural and plant based.

All products have a musky scent that is supposedly inspired by Arabian fragrances. I'm fine with it but it's not the kind of scent that would make your significant other want to nuzzle in your hair unlike when you use say, Herbal Essences.

Myrrhea Anti-frizz Silkening Shampoo (RM85/150ml)

A rather peculiar shampoo, this is. It doesn't lather up with thick foam so you won't be able to do the whole sexy foamy hair under the waterfall thing and start blowing bubbles. Nevertheless, it cleans well and it's easy to rinse off. The after-wash feeling was a tad unusual because I was expecting the super slippery feel that I'd get with most shampoos but instead I got squeaky clean and not exactly silky.

Myrrhea Anti-frizz Silkening Mask (RM120/250ml)

Compared to the shampoo and serum, the conditioner comes in an uber huge tube. The consistency is creamy with a solid color. I'm not sure how to explain the differences but if you take a look at a drugstore brand conditioner you'll notice that it'll have this translucency in the color kinda how cheap body lotion would look like. Anyway, you won't need for the whole head but then again, I have short hair. The recommended way of using this conditioner is to apply onto towel-dried hair (or no dripping water will do), massage the scalp and work your way down to the tips, comb through, and leave on for about 5 minutes before rinsing. The conditioner moisturizes and tames my hair well that I'd still get the defrizzing effect even if I don't follow with the serum. It also works with regular shampoo.

Myrrhea Anti-frizz Silkening Fluid (RM140/125ml)

This would act as a styling product so you massage the serum into your hair before styling it and the myrrh coating will shape the hair and keep frizz at bay. It doesn't add greasiness to the hair or make it look wet. Your hair won't get lumped up or feel heavy either.

Before and After: The Rene Furterer consultant applied the Silkening Fluid and flat-ironed my hair so the shine's probably partly contributed by the straightening

However, after using the whole system for a few days, I did see quite spectacular results. In the pic, I only used the Silkening Fluid and brushed my hair after washing and conditioning with the Silkening Shampoo and Silkening Mask. Totally in love with the shine! The bits of hair sticking is inevitable because I have very layered hair but my hair usually looks twenty times frizzier after washing.

Another benefit that I gained from this range is that it gave my hair body. There'll be volume and curves in all the right places as opposed to just flattening my hair like most de-frizzing hair care would. However, if you do not have as much hair as I do (I have A LOT of hair), your hair may be weighed down with frequent use, which ParisB experienced. Nevertheless, using the range only occasionally will still garner you results.

Available from Rene Furterer Institute in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Isetan KLCC and Hair Culture Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

*Products featured in this post were provided by Alliance Cosmetics for consideration on Skin Deco


theotherworldly said...

Hi Connie,

This looks *fantastic* because I look like a walking tangle of frizz. Something a cat coughed up. And I can't justify the price.... and I have hair products on my waiting list to complete :(

Anyway, why do you rub the mask onto your scalp? Doesn't it leave your scalp a greasy slick? Or does it strengthen the roots of your hair - I never let conditioner touch my roots and for some strange reason my hair drops out frequently because of weak roots. :S Maybe I should do as you say ...

Connie De Alwis said...

Ahh, I know how that feels. It's impossible for me to wash my hair everyday even though it's short because of the frizz. I don't think the shampoo would make much difference so if you're going to get just one product, I'd suggest the conditioner because it's really a huge tube and a little goes a long way. The serum's awesome but not a lot of product for the price!

I didn't add this bit in my post but the expert was telling us that Rene Furterer is all about achieving a healthy scalp because when you treat your scalp your hair will grow healthier and stronger. Sort of like preventing the problem as your hair grows as opposed to just treating the existing hair. Avocado oil is apparently really good for the scalp and since it didn't add oiliness to my hair, I went for it.

Hsu Jen said...

I dont know why, but I LOL-ed at "I have A LOT of hair" :P

On the other hand, wow I dont think I can bring myself to pay RM120 for conditioner. But the results look great! I have pretty limp long hair though, so maybe I need to look for something else.

Blovet Beauty said...

the price is pretty WHOAAA ... but ur hair looks frizz free and well conditioned!

Connie De Alwis said...

Hsu Jen: I really do! I probably won't be able to splurge so much for a conditioner and also I don't really fuss about my hair. But I'll consider purchasing it in future when I can actually afford to use a RM120 conditioner!

Blovet Beauty: Thanks! Well, there's high-end hair care for ya!

theotherworldly said...

Thanks for all the information! I'll be keeping this conditioner in mind :) I have really bad scalp problems (dandruff, but think eczema-like peeling and redness and ooziness around the hairline) coupled with grease ... and frizzy, wavy hair that falls easily with the slightest tug, so brushing makes it a furball shedding furiously.

I sound like I need help and this is totally TMI, eek. I'll be poking around for more information from the web - thanks for your help - because heaven knows how many different shampoos I've tried. Will keep an eye out for Rene Furterer.

xin said...

yeah the price is sooooo ouch! but the result is quite worth it.

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