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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Update: Rounding Up May '10

Back to back, all of my weekends in May were eventful. Before I go on to tell you about them, let’s take a look at some good reads from May:

Week 1

Okay, I worked so it’s not exactly eventful but I get paid :D

Week 2

Ah… weddings. What’s not to like? An excuse to look better than usual, awesome food in large quantities, wedding favors, free-flow wine, a chance to shout as loud as possible, spending quality time with friends and of course, admiring the gorgeous bride that is PrettyB. Congrats, babe! Make babies soon, k?

Week 2 – New York

It was the week of Makeup Show NYC! The insane bargains were not to be missed and you’d think that being halfway across the world from New York I wouldn’t be a part of this spectacular event. You'd be wrong. Grace, representing Skin Deco, got in on the action and hauled back enough stuff to fill up a store. My portion of the haul is sitting in a post office this very moment. I can't wait to get my hands on my package tomorrow!!! Grace even got to hang out with some other beauty bloggers at the show *waves hello*. I hope I'll get to see you ladies one day!

Week 3

In my teenage years, I was quite active as I’d go for jungle trekking every week. After 8 years of slacking, I took on Broga Hill and almost died. The trail wasn’t difficult at all. Heck, there were people who went up in jeans and sandals carrying a handbag -- maybe they got lost trying to find the mall. But because I haven’t been exercising, I had little to no stamina. Ugh. I was completely drained of color when I finally reached the first peak. I was very close to passing out. Was the view worth the climb? Eh, it could be better without the hundreds of people on the hill. The entire hill was so congested that to get down, we had to queue as if waiting in line for an amusement park ride.

Week 4

The last week of May was a long one for us in Malaysia and based on calculations, there was going to be a full moon. Off we went to a kelong near Pulau Ketam to fish and basically chill. Eventually the full moon got blocked by the heavy clouds but there was a beautiful sunrise the next morning. Apparently fishing when there’s a full moon isn’t recommended for beginners so my fishing only yielded 3 tiny fishies. Thank goodness we brought chicken wings for the barbecue.


❤ Ee Von said...

ahhh all the events sound great! glad you had a great month :) yay you're back! missing your posts already haha

Connie De Alwis said...

Thanks :) Usually I blog on weekdays but now that classes have started my time's quite restricted! I need to start doing new tutorials. Haven't put on full makeup in quite a long while!

gio said...

Thansk for sharing the pix. Sounds like you had an eventful and fun month!

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