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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Review: SilkyGirl Moisture Max Lip Gloss

In a previous post, I asked you to guess what lipgloss I was wearing and got some interesting answers. However, two of you managed to guess correctly. It's the new SilkyGirl Moisture Max Lip Gloss! Aishah Noordin and Vina, please e-mail me to claim your prize!*

Another shocker from SilkyGirl! Come on, does that classy tube look anything like SilkyGirl to you? It almost doesn't look drugstore! No tacky pictures or writings or weird screwy designs. The best part about this lipgloss is on the inside.

Read on for the full review, swatches and color descriptions!

*Please e-mail me by 06/06/10 or the prize will be offered to someone else

Smooth, non-sticky texture
Sticky lipglosses put me off completely. SilkyGirl says Moisture Max contains Jelly Base and that's actually how the gloss feels on the lips; like a lightweight layer of jelly. The staying power is comparable to any other lipgloss.

Fine, non-gritty shimmer
I usually hate drugstore glitter lipglosses because the glitter will be chunky, low quality glitter that collects into the line. The glitter in this gloss, however, is finely milled and the density varies from color to color. You won't be able to feel grittiness from the glitter.

While the gloss doesn't give a mirror-like shine, it's still pretty shiny and you can tell that the shine is from the gloss and not so much from excessive glitter, which is what most cheap lipglosses have to appear shiny.

Classy and compact packaging
I'm not going to be redundant. You can obviously tell that the packaging is not typical for a drugstore lipgloss. It's slightly smaller than a standard lipgloss, though. Comes with a doe-foot applicator.

No distinct scent
Most of us would still have to put up with the horrid orange/cherry/cough medicine scent of drugstore lipglosses despite how good of a lipgloss they are. I'm very happy to announce that Moisture Max smells like nothing! I'm serious, it has no scent at all!

Locally and easily available
In Malaysia, SilkyGirl is everywhere. You can easily get a hold of Moisture Max at any major healthcare stores in Malaysia as well as the SilkyGirl outlets. SilkyGirl is also available in selected healthcare stores in Singapore and Brunei.

RM15.90 and often on sale. I got mine for RM12.90

Available in 8 shades
Decent array of shades but they're all quite sheer so some colors can look somewhat similar

01 Amber: Milky coral with gold glitter

The color is slightly more pigmented so it can qualify as a nude-ish gloss. This is a great color for Summer and should go with any kind of makeup. I especially like wearing this gloss with green eyeshadow and peach cheeks.

03 Nude: Sheer cool brown with silver glitter

It's like a clear gloss but better. It'll give the lips a tiny hint of color and loads of shine. This will make a great gloss to top over lipsticks.

Other colors available in the range:
  • 02 Fuchsia: Mid-tone pink with fine gold and silver glitter
  • 04 Cranberry: Brownish pink with dense and fine bronze and silver glitter
  • 05 Raspberry: Bright cool pink with sparse pink and gold glitter
  • 06 Rose: Bright warm pink with dense and chunkier gold glitter
  • 07 Hazelnut: Bronze with dense and fine bronze and gold glitter
  • 08 Wine: Cool mauve with blue and gold glitter


ning * star said...

connie... ur lips is sooo pretty :)

e.motion in motion said...

Ohh so pretty! Wish we had these here :(

Vina said...


amber_ said...

i'm gonna get this lipgloss especially Amber. hahaha! yeah, the bottle doesn't look anything like Silkygirl.

LyNn said...

any MLBBs?

❤ Ee Von said...

if you didn't do a review on this, i think i would never in a million years try silky girl's lipglosses! so thank you! :D

Askmewhats said... looks really lovely on lips and very natural looking, obviously doesn't look sticky!!!

GARNET said...

Your lips look so juicy,haha.And i love that shade on you,even it looks not so good in the tube

gio said...

Love these, they look so pretty and natural on your lips!

xin said...

what? rm15.90 for such nice lip gloss?! it is impossible!!!!

Connie De Alwis said...

ning: Thank you :)

Erynn: It's ok! You guys have pretty awesome drugstore lipglosses that we don't have here! ;)

Vina: Got it!

Connie De Alwis said...

Amber: So cool to have a lipgloss with your name right? I'm yet to find one with mine!

Lynn: Well, it'll depend on what your natural lip color is. Nude's actually quite MLBB for my lip color. They're all pretty sheer so finding an MLBB shouldn't be difficult

Ee Von: Welcome! LOL! I didn't think I'd be raving about a SilkyGirl lipgloss either!

Connie De Alwis said...

Nikki: Thanks :D It's absolutely not sticky!

Garnet: I love how juicy the gloss makes my lips look :) The color in the tube can be quite different from the actual color on lips since they're sheer

Gio: Thank you! :D

Xin: Made possible by SilkyGirl! :D

Paris B said...

Haha! I have been tres tres tempted to get these to try no thanks to you! :P

sakuraness said...

The packaging reminds me of lancomes lipglosses. Which I love, by the way, because of their non sticky jelly texture.

Connie De Alwis said...

ParisB: But you don't even fancy lipglosses all that much! :p This post wasn't intended to tempt you

Sakuraness: Probably not as fancy as Lancome! SilkyGirl also has a Juicy Tube kind of gloss but I didn't like that one

amber_ said...

i think the biggest possibility that your name Connie appearing on beauty products would be on nail polishes. lol! hopefully someday you will find something named after you.

Anonymous said...

hii! i juz recently bought the hazelnut (07) lip gloss. ( love the color) but the thing is, a few hours after applying, the gloss kinda dries up on my lips... and that doesnt feel nor luk really gud :( im esp prone to dry lips...
any suggestions on how to prevent this? :)

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