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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review: SilkyGirl Double Intense Waterproof Mascara

You’ll notice the funky packaging of this mascara within seconds but it’ll take you at least a minute to process that it’s by SilkyGirl. Uh-huh. SilkyGirl. It’s no doubt that SilkyGirl is a popular brand in Malaysia and Singapore but you can’t deny the flimsy and childish packaging that SilkyGirl products often sport that's enough to put one off their products completely.

Quite the contrary, everything about the SilkyGirl Double Intense Waterproof Mascara had lured me in -- packaging, brush, claims and price . It’s been awhile since I last laid eyes on SilkyGirl so I popped a tube into my basket.

Read on for the review...

The packaging and the wand get two thumbs –up from me. I need not say much about the packaging. It’s sturdy, doesn’t look cheap and certainly more attractive than most drugstore mascaras (though we all know that Majolica Majorca is unbeatable when it comes to kick-ass packaging for drugstore makeup).

More interesting than the packaging is the silica gel brush which is a favorite of short Asian lashes. The side with shorter bristles is for adding volume and coating every single lash while the longer bristles are meant to separate and lengthen as well as curl. The formula claims to contain collagen and protein nutrients to condition and strengthen lashes.

Double Intense is not my go-to mascara but it doesn't get banished to my "unused" drawer either. It's actually a pretty decent mascara so if you don't have absurd expectations like I do, I think you may like it.

To start coating every lash, the side with short bristles is used first. It coats every single lash including hard-to-reach lashes and bottom lashes. Adding volume, not so much. I'd say it lengthens better. Unlike most lengthening mascaras, Double Intense does not contain fibers. Instead, it gradually lengthens the lashes with "tubes" making your lashes look naturally lengthened and not furry. I especially hate it when the fibers fall all over my face and get into my eyes thus, this is a much better option for me. This mascara fairly holds up a curl.

While the tube says waterproof, it's not very much so as it flakes when exposed to water and excessive sweat. Nevertheless, it's relatively smudge-proof and easy to remove so that's good enough for me.

To sum it up, Double Intense could've been packaged in a Lancome tube and you wouldn't have imagined that it was SilkyGirl.

Retails for RM21.90 (if I'm not mistaken). I got mine for RM19 after discount. Available at major healthcare stores (Watsons, Guardian, etc.) and SilkyGirl outlets (there's one in Mid Valley). SilkyGirl is also available in Singapore and Brunei at selected healthcare stores.


aisyah De Cullen said...

Long time no see Silkygirl! XD
I once tried silkygirl's (prism lash maybe? dont remember) tester..and it was horrible! Horrible enough to keep me away from the products ultimately..haha
but your lash using this mascara looks good! I dont like fibres much either. Will definitely give this stuff a chance. =)

joany said...

For some reason, i stay away from silkygirl. Maybe it's the packaging or the bad advertising. Hm..this gives me a reason to try silkygirl out... the moment u said 'packaged in Lancome and i wouldn't know it', i was sold! :D

Connie De Alwis said...

Aisyah: Lol. I had Prism Lash and the packaging was too ugly even though the effect wasn't a complete disaster. I'm glad that they found an alternative to fibers

Joany: I highly dislike their print ads but they do make pretty cute tv ads. But the packaging! I used to like their eyeshadow duos until they changed the packaging to some weird cartoon girl printed plastic. Silkygirl is really stepping up their game!

Hayley said...

Well Connie, i believe you have quite alot of mascara in your collection, i dont think you really finish every tubes, right? mascara tends to dry up and we're advised to change one every 3 months.. this is why i seldom invest on mascara, do you have a better suggestion?

thanks and have a nice weekend!

donnarence said...

nice review.. i love lancome mascara because of their dry formula which suits my lashes.. i wish we have silky girl here

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

I love tubing mascaras! Its too bad my favourite, Blinc is so expensive. I should've tried this when I was on vacation, maybe next time!

Connie De Alwis said...

Hayley: If I like a mascara, I'll use it until it dries up and I can't use it anymore which is usually over 3 months depending on the formula. After that, I'll repurchase. I don't conform in the idea that we need to toss out our mascaras every 3 months thought it's not advisable. As for mascaras that don't work, they unfortunately have to just sit there in my drawer because it's unhygienic to sell or give away used mascaras.

I don't believe in expensive mascaras as some of my favorite mascaras to use are drugstore so I generally don't "invest" in mascaras. An exception would be MUFE Smoky Lash because I love it. I'm not too worried about my mascaras drying up before getting the chance to use them because I'd use 2 coats more than the average person would and I wear mascara almost everyday.

What do you need suggestion on?

Connie De Alwis said...

Donnarence: I prefer more liquid mascaras but only after they've dried up a little. If that makes sense :p I think it'll be quite plausible for Silky Girl to go to Philippines. I believe the brand will do well there.

Blue: I've heard about blinc too but it's pricey for me to just try it since my lashes are so picky with mascaras. The silkygirl mascara should still be here the next time you're back!

kay kamal said...

im actually pleasantly surprised to see the pakaging and it wow-ed me for a sec ther

nIcO xie said...

Hi... i've tried SilkyGirl autoliner... it's really can last long and its really waterproof.. i even test it on my hand n rub it with water and compare it with other brand of eyeliner.. Silky girl eyeliner is the most long lasting one.. ^^ but i never use other product of Silkygirl..

Connie De Alwis said...

Kay: I was wow-ed too when I first saw it. The mascara looked so out of place in the display :p

Nico: Thanks for sharing! I've heard good things about Silkygirl's eyeliners but I'm not much of a pencil liner person. Perhaps the mascara will be the next product you try from silkygirl

gio said...

Thanks for the review. I love the packaging, it's really cool and edgy. Too bad we don't have Silkygirl here.

april said...

Silkygirl is still quite a hit-and-miss for me. I love their single colour blushes, they are powder but long-lasting (lasted until I get home on the late evenings after work) with good colour payoff, and it's so cheap. Eyeliner is good too, but lipstick was terrible. I will try the mascara! You can give a shot at the blush too.

LyNn said...

the brush reminds me of mj
but when you said it gives tubes instead of fibers
is it something like heroine make kiss me mascara?

❤ Ee Von said...

lancome is overrated! i've tried 2 of their mascaras, not too impressed. they ARE good don't get me wrong, but i obviously expect more MORE MORE! lol. i'll give this silky girl one a shot when i've used up all of my mascaras haha.

Connie De Alwis said...

Gio: The packaging is quite different from their other product line. SilkyGirl is a Malaysian brand. Initially they replaced Wet n Wild in Malaysia. I doubt that they'll ever bring the brand to Europe

April: Thanks for recommending the blush! I've noticed them but never did give them a try

Connie De Alwis said...

Lynn: Hmm, no idea. I've never tried the Heroine Kiss Me Mascara

Ee Von: I believe that too. There hasn't been a Lancome mascara that I think is worth the high price.

Ere said...

This mascara is the best mascara ever. I have gone through at least 20 brands before I found this amazing one. Nothing can make my lashes longer, more voluminous or dark. It truly is the best!

This mascara is the best mascara ever. I have gone through at least 20 brands before I found this amazing one. Nothing can make my lashes longer, more voluminous or dark. It truly is the best!

Imah Ayub said...

Lash Prism Mascara seems to be okay with me, I'm using it as my Everyday Mascara. And to tell you the truth, my lashes seems to be a bit thicker and more visible after a month using my Lash Prism Mascara.

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