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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review: Lancome UV Expert BB Base

Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield High Potency Active Protection BB Base SPF50 PA+++ High UVA PPD is an obscenely long name for a product! Here forth, we shall just call it the Lancome UV Expert BB Base.

BB cream is the Asian IT thing and it has become this revolutionary product that even Western brands are now emulating. Despite not being an avid BB cream user, this is exciting news to me because Asian BB creams have always been discriminating against atypically darker Asian skin tones, like mine. I feel very strongly about the lack of color options available!

Now that we have Wikipedia to define BB cream, I'm not going to. Read here (don't worry, it's not lengthy)

I've long given up on BB creams because they are almost always too fair for my skin and occasionally, oddly grey. If I do manage to get a close enough color match, the coverage would be too light or formula too drying. You'd think that having over a hundred types of BB creams to choose from, I'd find one that suits me.

Perhaps a Western BB cream could be the one!

I first read about the Lancome UV Expert BB Base on ParisB's blog (MyWomenStuff). Click here to read how this product fares on her fair skin.

A basic tube with a basic nozzle. Nothing much to the packaging. The BB Base comes out quite fluid and the color, ecru (greyish-pale yellow). When blended, the base leaves a slightly grey cast and quite a lot of glow.

While I was initially apprehensive about putting something grey on my already dull and ashy skin, it didn't turn out too bad at all. After giving the base a couple of minutes to settle, the effect is actually quite nice. You can clearly see that the base has helped to even out discoloration, reduce redness, conceal minor spots and make my skin look a whole lot smoother. It comes with a high broad spectrum sun protection of SPF50 PA+++, which classifies this BB Base as a tinted sunscreen rather than a foundation substitute in my books.

Worn alone, the BB Base does not offer enough coverage for my preference and it can look quite oily, even on my dry skin. To add coverage and blot of the excess shine, I'd apply a layer of powder foundation (Shown in pic: MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC35) over the BB Base. What I love about this base is that it grabs powder extremely well, never allowing that cakey powdery look. Since my foundation lasts the whole day with this base, I don't need to touch up but I do find myself having to blot with a tissue. If you have oily skin, you may want to be light-handed with the BB Base.

So, the Lancome UV Expert BB Base is not quite like the classic BB cream but it is a fairly decent product on its own.

Retails at Lancome counters and outlets for RM165/30ml. This product is Asia exclusive. I guess it's not that Western after all.

Perhaps I'll have better luck with MAC or Estee Lauder? (Source: Makeup For Life)

Google "MAC BB Cream" and you'll get this. LOL

But it's true. MAC has released their version of the BB Cream, which they call Prep + Prime Beauty Balm UVA/UVB SPF35 PA++ (USD$30). It's only available in travel retail and duty free locations.

Also only available in travel retail and duty free, Estee Lauder has released CyberWhite EX Extra Intensive BB Creme Multi-Action Formula SPF 35.


domncroxd said...

Hi Connie, I think Lancome's BB cream provides really sheer coverage in comparison to BRTC's. Quite expensive though, hohum.

Jenn said...

The lelong link you posted was DISGUSTING!!! How can anyone sell something like that?? >:(

Yeah, the thing about lancome sunscreens is they look quite only on the skin, but they perform exceptionally well! But then again, its nothing a dab of powder can't fix anyways so thats no excuse of skipping it... the only excuse i can think of is the horrible price!! :D

But oh my, i feel a lemming coming for the Ori MAC one... ARGH!! :P

Slowbrogal said...

This product is very oily for my skin. But for the sun protection/sunblock purpose I think is good enough.

❤ Ee Von said...

i stopped using my dr.g bb cream ever since i found the perfect foundation! don't really care for the sun protection since regular sunscreen will do it. i'll definitely skip this lancome bb base since it gets oily even on ur dry skin but thanks for the review! btw i heard one of the missha bb creams carries a darker shade. maybe you can give that a try?

milktea said...

I still do a double-take when I see the words "BB" cream or base on a Western skincare product. Not used to it. But it's probably just me.. *_*

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

The BB cream looks pretty good on you! Have you tried Missha? I've noticed it on a few bloggers saying they have one that suits darker skin tones as well.

Sue Lynn said...

The only 2 BB cream which passed my swatch tests were L'egere White Multi and Lioele Water Drop (which I raved about in my Part 2 Haul vid).

The Liole's still a little light, but at least it's neutral - not pink, not gray and the liquidy texture's divine.

Maybe try Missha? Shade #23 suits me, and now they have a Shade #31 which suits XPPinkXX at her current NC40-NC42...

donnarence said...

it made your skin look brighter and made the bb cream look smoother.. whoa mac bb cream?? sounds interesting!!

stellarvixen said...

lancome is way to oily for me too!
don like the sheen on my face T___T
and does breakout on me!! oh yeah

i'm on the HUNT for higher spf recently say spf50++ PA anything you recommend?
i think my 20++ and 30++ aint enuz am seeing brown SPOTS!

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