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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You Sure You Wanna See My Stash?

It's not completely obscene but it's not exactly modest either.

Please don't think that I'm showing off, flaunting or bragging about my "collection" because that's not my intention at all. It's just that many of you have requested that I do a post on my stash and how I organize my makeup. I figured now would be the best time to show because I've just moved into bigger room, have my own table, new drawers and within 2 weeks my table will be in an utter mess. Basically, now or never.

If you insist that I'm showing off then you can simply not proceed reading. Otherwise, feast your eyes, ladies ;)

On this tray rack, I have all my skin care stuff. I segmented the trays with boxes and a basket. I got the tray rack from Carrefour for RM17 I think.

At the back of the top tray would be all my body stuff; moisturizers, mosquito repellent, stretch mark cream, firming cream, self-tanners, baby oil, underarm whitener, aloe vera gel. The box on the left holds sample tubes of products that I'm testing out and on the right are my sunscreens, masks, treatment creams and eye creams.

On the bottom tray there's a pink container (from Ikea) of lip balms at the back, boxes containing contact lenses, a pack of facial wipes and a tin of Badger Balm. In the basket is where I keep the rest of my skin care products like serums, toners, moisturizers and some of my masks and scrubs.

I bought this 4-tier drawer that has a covered compartment and slots at the top for RM21 from Carrefour.

The left slot holds my eyeshadow primers then moving to the left are my eyebrow stuff. I didn't really know what to put in the covered compartment so I just have some of my loose powder eyeshadows in there; Barry M, Ben Nye, Everyday Minerals.

In the drawers, I store my single eyeshadows. First drawer contains MAC, second has NYX, I Nuovi and Stila in the third and miscellaneous brands in the fourth. Previously, I categorized by color but that method took up too many segments and I don't exactly color coordinate.

I'll go into detail of the picture on the left in the next set of pictures. There's another box underneath the white container at the back and the gold box holds my cotton pads.

In the box underneath I have all of my mineral pigment samples in bags and jars. Then, in the white container you'll find cream eyeshadows, gel liners and MAC pigments in segments. I got the white container from Ikea for RM19.90 (should be).

I store my lipglosses, lipsticks and frequently used mascaras and pencil/liquid eyeliners in this huge segmented acrylic container. I can't tell you where it's from because it used to be a store display unit for a very famous cosmetic brand :p For liners and mascaras that I seldom use, I keep them in the drawer that you may be able to spot behind my mirror in the first picture. That's also where I keep my miscellaneous tools like tweezers, sponges, scissors, nail clippers, mixing medium, etc.

I have two brush holders containing my brushes. The black one from Etude House (gift from Xin!) holds mainly eye brushes and the Stila one holds cheek and face brushes.

Let's see what's under my table...
An A4 sized 4-tier cabinet. Picture on the right shows the "before" of my blush drawer. Cabinet purchased from Tesco for.... RM25?

I reorganized everything and added these slotted corrugated plastic dividers that I bought from Daiso.

First drawer contains eyeshadow/blush/makeup palettes, a few random single eyeshadows and some loose powder blushers. Second is my blush and bronzer drawer, which I believe is self-explanatory. My foundations and powders are stored in the third drawer. Finally, I have my makeup base, tinted moisturizers, liquid illuminizers and concealers in the last drawer.

I didn't take pictures of my nail polishes, hair stuff, sheet masks and my box of faux lashes. They're not that interesting, I believe.

I'm not very creative with my organization ideas so if you have any suggestions or great ideas to share, please do! I tried the cutlery tray thing, didn't work :(


Jessying said...

wow huge collection you have there, nice!!!Your arrangement is very tidy and as long you are comfortable with the arrangement with your stuffs, thats good enough !

Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

wow you have a LOT of makeups! =)

donnarence said...

that's loads of happiness!! you are so organized.. :D

PiNk pRiNcEss said...

love your collection!!!!

Hayley said...

I cant imagine what will happen if you're going to move house... =_="'

Jen said...

Whoa! I just bought a set of drawers about 2 months ago and it's completely filled to the brim now. just bought another set of drawers but i've been too lazy to reorganise everything. though if i had a collection as huge as yours, it would be a massive headache!

i so wanna steal your entire blush drawer!

joanyee said...


That's a whole lot of makeup! For that amount of stuff, i'd say it's pretty organised. I cant imagine going through all that makeup. I bet these makeup can last u for years!

Nice collection Connie. :D

Xiang Ying said...

wow..very huge colletion..i like it..
i think u organize it quite well, better than me :p

Jenn said...

Oh makeup porn for us!! *drools* Thanks for sharing!! :D

You have so many things my friend!! So jealous!! I like how you have a mix of everything!! :D

Your organization is perfectly fine! :D I think i need to get one of those multi tiered trays... my skincare stuff is ALL OVER my makeup table!! >.<

Sue Lynn said...

*drooling away*...then *evil cackle*

Colleague: Why are your eyes so large?!? Bad news!?!

Moi: Au contraire! I just need to show The Husband what I'm reading now LOL...Documented proof that we girls LOVE makeup and I'm NOT demented with my stash!

*continues drooling*

Anonymous said...

won't dust collect on your stash since most of the are on your table top uncovered?

i have this problem. but when it's kept hidden (drawers etc) i totally forget about them.


Yani said...

Connie - a feast for the eyes, indeed! :)

locke said...

Whoa! that's A LOT! love it =) thanks for showing it to us =)

Vonvon said...

I really salute you! Great collection and you organized everything really well. I wish my stuff are half as organized as yours, and I don't think I have half as much stuff as you have. ;)

Carmen said...

Now I sense andrew's horror when he complained to me the other day...HAHAHAHAHAHA..

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

Great collection. Mine is abouut the same just not as organized. Working on that part though

Fifi said...

So drooling over your collection, especially your blushes!! :D

Anonymous said...

i have to ask, how on earth do you remember what products you have? my problem is that i (probably only have 10% of your stash) but can never remember what to use and just always wind up using the same products every day :(

gio said...

You have a beautiful collection and it is so well organized too.

domncroxd said...

OHEMGEE SO NICE : ) am totally jealous of your collection! Do you spend heaps on it?

aisyah De Cullen said...

that is pretty neat! XD and what a HUGE HUGE collection u got there! I only have one box full of make-ups (a small box, that is..haha)
I love your blog..keep it up connie~<3

Arie said...

i wanna have collection like yours too !!
but i need to be budget , any suggestion for all these ?

SerraQuaL said...

very neat! i like. Say, i notice u place your table next to the window, aren't you afraid of the direct sun/heat might shorten the products' lifespan?

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