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Friday, May 21, 2010

Review + Promo: Madara Regenerating Night Cream

Another product that was recommended for my dry and sensitive eczema-prone skin is the Madara Regenerating Night Cream.

It's certainly one of the better night moisturizers that I've used and should work for most skin types. Plus, it's certified organic by ECOCERT!

Read on for the full review and a special promo!

"This is a must-have! Prevents skin aging processes at any age by stimulating cell renewal. Smoothes out fine lines. Repairs damage caused by stress, sun and environment. Hydrates and nourishes with natural plant vitamins and antioxidants. The result? Soft, smooth and plump skin!" -- Body Bar

As with the other products in Madara's range, the Regenerating Night Cream is packaged in an attractively sleek and clean tube with a pump. Very lightweight too which makes it ideal for traveling unlike most night creams that come in bulky and heavy tubs.

The cream is light and spreads very easily like a lotion but don't let the texture fool you. This cream offers very intense moisture to the point that it can look oily if you apply too much. If you have very dry skin, you can probably take one full pump but I only go for a little over half and for those with oilier complexions, you may want to use even less. As suggested, I spread the cream between my finger tips and pat onto my skin while it's still a little moist from my toner. If I'm using any serums, I'd spritz my face with a face mist or toner before patting on the night cream. Of course, you can still use it on dry skin and it'll work fine. There's a distinct floral scent but it's not overbearing.

Despite the fact that the product claims to be for all skin types, I'm not sure how it'll affect oily skins. I personally did not break out from this moisturizer nor did my skin get oilier the next day after I've washed my face. It simply moisturized my skin very well and I've woken up to comfortable-feeling skin every morning ever since I've started using this moisturizer. Makeup seems to sit better on my skin too, on most days.

This has also been one of the gentlest formulas that I've used, beating the Aesop Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream that I was previously using for my sensitive skin. If I happened to have eczema outbreaks, usually on my cheek and eye area, the Aesop cream would still cause stinging but I experienced none at all from the Madara night cream. Having used this cream combined with the Madara Deep Comfort Toner for the past month, I've also experienced less *hugs a tree!* eczema outbreaks and didn't need to rely on my steroid ointments to help relief any minor rash. Say, I might get them at night and by morning they'd be gone without the aid of any "drugs".

Check out some of the awesome ingredients contained in this night cream:
  • Tomatoes - Red pigment lycopene protects against free radicals and slows down aging processes
  • Barley sprouts - Destroy toxins, improves elasticity
  • Hop - Strengthens skin's tissue
  • Sea buckthorn - Enriches with vitamins, acts as anti-oxidant
  • Seaweed, Plantain, Chamomile and Calendula - Moisturising combination
  • Hyaluronic acid - Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF). NMF is a water-binding ingredient that is naturally present in human skin’s intracellular matrix. It reinforces skin’s natural ability retain moisture and function normally
In terms of lifting and smoothing out fine lines, I didn't see any drastic results but it's overall a great night moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin.

Madara Regenerating Night Cream retails at RM138 for 50ml at Body Bar outlets in Tropicana City Mall, Sunway Pyramid and Pavilion as well as their online store.

From now until the 13th of June 2010 is probably the best time to make your purchase of this night cream because Body Bar is offering a 10% off the recently lowered price, which brings the price down to RM124.20. If you're a member of Body Bar, you get an additional 20ml tube worth RM55.

*The product featured in this post was provided by Body Bar for review on Skin Deco


fuzkittie said...

You use the coolest brands, I've never heard of this!

milktea said...

I've never tried a night cream before even though age is slowly creeping up on me! Now I wanna, wanna wanna try Madara! Feel quite inspired by your column. And there's the fact that I sleep in an air-conditioned room.

annie said...

Thanks Connie, I am now a fan of your blog, have been reading it and thought of commenting today. I was searching for a cream for regeneraring my skin and found a good one here. I wish to share a new experience I had here.. I used haircare products from
Framesi and found my hair easy to manage and style.

Connie De Alwis said...

Fuz: Madara is a pretty low key brand. I'm not sure if it's available in the US though!

milktea: It's a fantastic moisturizer especially if you're sleeping in air-con. your skin will definitely not feel parched the next day

Annie: Glad you found the post helpful

Ere said...

Thanks Connie, I am now a fan of your blog, have been reading it and thought of commenting today.The cream is light and spreads very easily like a lotion but don't let the texture fool you. This cream offers very intense moisture to the point that it can look oily if you apply too much. Thank you for sharing this product.
certified organic makeup

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