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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Circle Contact Lenses: GEO + Dueba + Barbie Eye

When was the last time you've seen an FOTD of me without colored contacts?

I started wearing colored contact lenses over a year ago and I've never looked b(l)ack ever since. It has come to a point where, according to friends, I wouldn't look "myself" without colored contacts.

While I may seem addicted to contacts, on "normal" days I do wear spectacles. Some may say that I wanna "look more Caucasian" and not embrace my Asian features but I simply feel that colored contacts enhance my makeup and make my eyes look more "alive". Check out the pics and judge for yourself...

My favorite contacts to wear are Circle Contact Lenses. Read on for my views on different types of circle lenses that I've worn.

This would be me without colored contacts. Ahh... such a long time ago


GEO 3 Tone Grey CM901

These lenses are my staple. They look natural enough on me that most people wouldn't think that I'm wearing lenses. The grey has hints of brown and blue so the color blends very well. They don't offer much enlarging effect, which I prefer, and they go with any type of make-up that I wear.

Tutorial for this look here

GEO Nudy Grey CH625

While they don't look as natural as the previous ones, these lenses are my second favorite to wear. Again, they go with practically any type of makeup. The color can look light blue under bright daylight. The enlarging effect makes my eyes look bigger but not scary. They're also slightly more comfortable.

Tutorial for this look here

GEO Ash Wing

These contacts have a relatively thick black outer rim to frame the pupils so that they appear larger and more prominent. The supposed grey looks quite blue but the color in general isn't prominently visible in real life. I don't wear these often but they're the most comfortable pair of lenses that I own so I usually reserve them for traveling.

Tutorial for this look here

GEO 3 Tone Green CM903

Yeah, I'm not really rocking them, am I? I've probably only worn these lenses five times max. The don't match well with my makeup most of the time. The green is quite fake, making my eyes look witch-like. I'm still looking for a pair of green lenses that would suit me.


Dueba MX-21 Brown

The color shown on the chart is so misleading. With hardly any brown, these lenses look almost black. They do enlarge the appearance of the pupils but to a size that I'm not always comfortable with.

Tutorial for this look here

Barbie Eye

Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pink

Pink! How cute, right? I couldn't resist owning a pair of pink lenses even if just for novelty purposes. Surprisingly, the color turned out to be quite wearable. Depending on the lighting, they can sometimes look hazel or lilac. These lenses are insanely huge though. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to fit them into my eye! Also, they can make my eyes look unfocused and subsequently, crazy. From far, they look fine. Just don't stare into my eyes up close.

Some other GEO contact lenses that I've tried: Nudy Golden Blue, Angel Grey, Angel Brown

Lately, I've been purchasing my lenses from Miss Lens. Her prices are quite reasonable but more importantly, she's reliable.


Fintia said...

You look great in all of them ;-) xx

TINGkabelle CHAN ♥ said...

circle lenses really suit you, and i think without them, you still look you =]
i just received my first 3 pairs of circle lenses, and I'm scared it looks unsuitable for me (it didn't look very nice on my bare face lol)
nice post x

Hayley said...

Wow you own so many pairs of colored contact lens! ^^
i love the Barbie Super Nudy in brown, it's more natural too!

Doroshi said...

Nice reviews! I am wearing Fresh look color lense, i find it a bit "pokey" on my right eye, and causes some red vein in the eye..quite uncomfy and dry, esp when i blink..the lense will move, but when open my eyes, it kinda blur awhile.

Do u experience this when you wear Geo lense? There's so many lenses...really hav hard time to choose. We should get a larger lenses judgin by the it the bigger the better?

- lady conn- said...

Hi Connie,
I usuali get mine at Classic Geo lens since they have wide range of choices n ready stocks(plus they are super fast n cheap(no postage).. I have to agree that the Super-ones (16mm) was abit hard to put on n tho doesnt look weird at far but it does look too big in person. i have ppl commenting my pictures look like puss in boots.. -_-

Hanny Kee said...

OOOOO... I'm really interested in getting them... But how long do Circle lenses last, I mean, in terms of monthly/yearly etc etc.

gio said...

Wow, you have a lot of colored contact lenses. I think they all suit you very well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Connie,

Totally love it that you share this with us? How long can this lenses last? am thinking of trying out some ^^


Connie De Alwis said...

Fintia, Gio: Thanks! :)

Hanny, JC: These lenses supposedly last a year but I toss them out after 6 months, maximum 8 months. I rotate my lenses so there are certain colors that I don't wear very often

Connie De Alwis said...

Tingkabelle: Initially I found the lenses to look very odd on me but I got used to them very quickly

Hayley: I match my lenses to my makeup! I was thinking of getting the Green super nudy but I still can't get over how large it is!

Connie De Alwis said...

Doroshi: I've worn Freshlook daily disposable lenses and they were horrible dry. i've never experienced dryness with the GEO lenses despite wearing them for 10-12 hours without eye drops. As for the size, bigger will make your pupils look larger but they can be quite tricky to wear especially if you don't have big eyes to begin with. They can also look quite scary. 14mm is a good enough size

Lady Conn: I've come across that site before and I'm definitely considering to get from that seller for my next batch of lenses. Glad to know that you had a good experience buying from her :)

aisyah De Cullen said...

the super nudy pink looks great on you..=D
Gaaahh! U made me wanna try some coloured contacts! but i think i wont be able to pull off those colors like you do.. >_<
o yea, that's the first time i see your picture without wearing any lense. <3 Like it~! Idk, looking at people that wears coloured contacts in malaysia makes them more distant to exotic or something..haha
i used to stare at my friend's face whenever she wore those enlarging circle contact lenses..XD and i even still do..

Connie De Alwis said...

Aisyah: Lol! I stare at people wearing circle lenses too especially when they're way too big :p If they look good then I'd stare at them because they look good

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

I know what you mean - I find coloured contacts just make things look better, in real life and pictures :) It does depend on colour though - I've seen some people wear hazel coloured Freshlooks and for some it doesn't suit them but makes them look creepy...

Christine said...

hi connie, since u been wearing lenses over a year, do they mess with ur vision ? U wear them everyday ?

Connie De Alwis said...

Blue: Yeah! Most of the freaky ones I've seen are Hazels :p Asians typicall wear grey very well.

Christine: They prevent my vision from getting worse because I seldom wear glasses before contacts. Also because i've become accustomed to having better vision with contacts on, now I wear my glasses more because I can't get used to not having a clear vision. I don't wear contacts everyday. Only when I go out.

ash said...

wahh, glad i've found ur blog. thanks for the sharing. well u've made it easier for me to try the lenses by all those colors. apparently we kinda had a same range of desirable colours and so i hafta say that i love all the colours of ur lenses. its very suit on u. :))

eeyiffa said...

i love lens ..
<3 :)

dina said...

They all look black from distance i guess it's cus when your eyecolor is dark the colors don't show off as well, kinda waste if you ask me..

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