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Monday, April 12, 2010

Review: The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Collection

Hyperpigmentation is one of the biggest problems that Asian skins face and in this part of the world, women are, for lack of a better word, obsessed with having fair and luminous skin.

Replacing its previous whitening range, The Body Shop introduces a new range with improved Japanese formulation called Moisture White Shiso.

Being a sun-junkie, I'm the oddball with little whitening concerns so I probably wouldn't have been too excited over this collection. Thus, to give the Moisture White Shiso products a fair trial, I got my mom to test them out.

Read on for my mom's experience. Before and after pictures included!

Note: This review is based on my mom's experience and written from her point of view

The key ingredients featured in The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Collection are:
  • Shiso Extract -- reduces early melanin-making signals
  • Vitamin C -- provides antioxidant protection to reduce melanin production
  • Licorice Extract -- helps address hyperpigmentation
Being in my late forties, I'm thankful that I don't have severe wrinkles and dry saggy skin. I have combination skin that gets oily on the T-zone and I still get the occasional pimples! However, hyperpigmentation is my biggest concern and even though I've been using proper skin care all this while, nothing seemed to really help without causing side effects (the last skin care range I used lightened my pigmentation but made my skin awfully sensitive). It doesn't help either that my line of work requires me to be out in the sun.

My expectations are realistic. At my skin's current stage, I don't expect the dark spots to disappear nor do I wish to be fairer. The clusters of spots make my overall complexion look very uneven and dull so all I want is just a more even and brightened complexion.

I have been using The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso collection for 2 weeks, day and night.

Moisture White Shiso Cleansing Powder (50g/RM75)

Although a powder cleanser would seem unusual to most people, it's no stranger to me. Simply add some water to lather it up and use it as how you would use a scrub. The cleanser is grainy, which helps gently exfoliate the skin without drying it out. After cleansing my skin felt smooth but not entirely clean because I'd have residue of debris on the cotton pad when I use toner.

Moisture White Shiso Moisturising Essence I (150ml/RM85)

As per the directions, I use this as a toner poured onto a cotton pad. Even though this formula is for normal/oily skin, it doesn't have the stinging alcohol that are in a lot of toners meant for oily skin. It removes any remaining debris that didn't come off with the cleanser and generally, feels comfortable.

Moisture White Shiso Whitening Serum (30ml/RM109)

The runny texture makes the serum easy to spread all over the face. It's easy to absorb but leaves a slight sticky feeling

Moisture White Shiso Concentrated Target Perfector (10ml/RM89)

This roll-on has a nicely-sized ball that's meant to be rolled over targeted spots. Since I'm already rolling and it's fun, I even roll this over blemishes and oil seeds (milia seeds) and it helps! My pimples would dry out faster without a scar, the oil seeds (especially around my eye area) reduced tremendously and of course, my dark spots lightened too. The concentrate doesn't absorb quickly so I'd have to tap it in after rolling.
This product stood out the most in the range.

Moisture White Shiso Eye Serum (15ml/RM79)

The lotion-like texture takes awhile to absorb. It made the eye area look brighter upon application but did little to actually treat dark circles, bags, fine lines and dryness.

Moisture White Shiso Whitening Moisture Milk (50ml/RM95)

I like the lightweight texture while the milk still keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day even in air-con. However, my T-zone gets oily sooner than usual.

Moisture White Shiso Whitening Night Treatment (40ml/RM119)

Aside from the invigorating scent, this cream does not feel heavy or sticky on the skin. Even though I sleep with air-con, my skin doesn't get dry in the morning like it used to. After shower I can feel my skin feeling soft and supple.

With only two weeks of usage, I've noticed some improvements to my skin:
  • Dark spots look lighter and the smaller ones that have been dulling down my complexion are not easily noticeable
  • Overall complexion brightened
  • I don't get as many oil seeds and pimples like before
  • Face doesn't get really flushed and painful when I'm under the sun
  • Pores look smaller
  • Skin texture feels smoother and refined
  • Foundation goes on and stays put for the entire instead of sliding off at mid-day
Knowing that my skin has been looking better, I don't feel conscious about going out without foundation on. Some of my church members even commented that I've been looking more radiant and coincidentally, that day I was barefaced.

Most of the products do not seem to stand out on their own but they work very well as a system. All in all, I'm very pleased with the progress of this product range. The results may not be dramatic but they're already more than what I had expected.

The huge patch of small dark sports look less noticeable and the larger patch looks slightly lighter. Oil seeds on the eyelid are almost gone. Overall complexion looks brighter and more even.

The smaller spots look lighter and some have vanished. The huge spot seems to be dispersing into smaller spots, which I believe are easier to treat. Pores look obviously smaller and skin looks smoother. Also, the oil seeds under my eyes have reduced.

Other products in the Moisture White Shiso collection are:
  • Moisture White Perfecting Foundation SPF25 PA++ (11g/RM75)
  • Moisture White Foaming Facial Wash (150ml/RM78)
  • Moisture White UV Protector Cream SPF25 PA+++ (30ml/RM89)
These Asia-exclusive products are available at all The Body Shop retail outlets in Malaysia. Print out the voucher below and get RM10 off any purchase of Moisture White Shiso products in West Malaysia. This offer is only valid until 22/04/2010. For more information and activities, check out their Facebook page.

*The products featured in this post were provided by The Body Shop Malaysia for review on Skin Deco


❤ Ee Von said...

the concentrated targeted perfector sounds great! i shall go check that out. again, superb review. good job :)

❤ Ee Von said...

sorry i meant concentrated target perfector lol

TINGkabelle CHAN said...

great review! :) i wanna try the concentrated target perfector too... but...

hmph /.\ asia exclusive

thanks for this post :)

lyn said...

Excellent reviews and your mum's complexion looks great! I must go check out this line, especially the eye cream :-)

xin said...

i think im so tempted to get the roll after reading this. i have some oil seeds too and they are extremely annoying! and tough i must add.

Ting Ting said...

Wow, that looks dramatic and obvious changes in 2 weeks! Impressive!

ika said...

I have tried concentrated target perfector and it's really great. My pigmentation getting lighter...i'm so happy...

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