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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Online Shopping + Affiliate Programs + Birthday Update

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While I've been shopping online for years, I'm rather new to affiliate programs and I've been meaning to share these sites with you all.

These sites may sell completely different items but they have one thing in common -- FREE* shipping!

One of the sites even made a birthday surprise possible :)

Read on for my experiences...
* Limitations apply


If you're worried about ordering from StawberryNet, don't. They offer brand name cosmetics, fragrances, hair care and body products at discounted prices. Some limited offer products are so heavily discounted that you'd be crazy not to get it eg. Stila 8-piece set for RM50! It's also a great place to hunt for limited edition or discontinued products. On top of that, you earn more discounts for purchasing multiple items and repurchasing from the website.

More importantly, their service is beyond excellent. Your order will be confirmed within minutes and if it's during working hours, chances are your package will be shipped out within an hour. The package flies in from Hong Kong and normally you should expect a week for the package to arrive but at one time, my package arrived in 4 days. It was unbelievable! Registered shipping is free worldwide so you have less to worry about missing packages. The box will be tied up with their iconic purple ribbon. When I was at the post office to pick up my latest order, I spotted my package before the postman could!

Book Depository

The Book Depository

Story time!
The Boy have been hunting around local bookstores for a book that's apparently in the system but out of stock. Knowing how much he wanted the book and with his birthday coming up, I thought of ordering the book in but I didn't know how long it would take. Coincidentally, ParisB tweeted about how she'd ordered books online so I asked her about it and she referred me to The Book Depository. The book that I was looking for was in stock, priced at RM20 less than the Malaysian retail price and worldwide shipping was free. Without hesitation, I placed my order. Because the books were relatively cheaper, I got myself a title too.

The delivery was a tad worrying because the last status you'll get is "dispatched" but my books did eventually arrive about 2 weeks later. I was mostly worried that he'd manage to buy the book first without my knowledge. Oddly, they sent out the books in two different packets. The Boy saw the packet before I did so my plan to hide the book failed but it was a successful surprise nonetheless.

Play-Asia - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions

Another birthday agenda was the Video Games Live (VGL) held in Kuala Lumpur last weekend. VGL is an orchestral show playing soundtracks from video games through the years. The Boy is passionate about many things and one of them is gaming. I'm personally not big on gaming simply because I suck at games but I do love rhythm games and games that don't require much skill such as Guitar Hero, Elite Beat Agents, Katamari, Brunout, Loco Roco, Cooking Mama, Animal Crossing, and the likes.

VGL was the best concert orchestra that I've ever attended since it wasn't like the regular ones where you'd have to pinch yourself to hold in a sneeze or stop from dozing off. When they played the soundtrack from Sonic the Hedgehog, I was on the verge of tears, reminiscing the days when I was glued to my SEGA for 5 hours straight just playing that one game.

In the words of a gamer: "Gaming ruined my life. Thank goodness I have two more lives left"

So anyway, Play-Asia is a Hong Kong based website where you can find anything that's game-related. Purchasing consoles can be expensive and games would be priced at about the same. The real treasures from this site are the accessories. You'll be able to find a huge variety of console casings, limited edition skins, stylus (I lost my Animal Crossing one when my first Nintendo DS got stolen *sobs*), battery packs, cables, screen protectors and loads more! The prices are great and you'd find items that you won't be able to get locally in stores.

Shipping is free with conditions and only to selected countries (Malaysia included). Through my experience, the package arrives within 7 days but it's not registered so the postman will just fling the package into your house. Don't worry, the items are properly bubble-wrapped and packed with styrofoam popcorn.

Have you made purchases from those sites before? Do share your experiences!

Happy Shopping!!


Fifi said...

I've been lurking on for a while but haven't purchased anything from them.
Thanks for sharing these! :D

-AnGiEpInK- said...

Thanks for sharing..^_^..

Connie De Alwis said...

Fifi: If the price is right, I'd say go for it :)

AngiePink: You're welcome :)

gio said...

Thansk for sharing this! Unfortunately dosn't work for me. Every time I try to go to their website, I get an error. I guess it's because they don't ship to Italy. :( But I love The Book Depository!

Connie De Alwis said...

Gio: That's a bummer! But I have read that many beauty sites don't ship to Italy because the package won't get through customs. At least the books get through!

Dahlia said...

Cool guide! I especially like that book website... will definitely be useful!

Connie De Alwis said...

Dahlia: You're welcome :) It's not difficult to overspend at the Book Depository so be careful!

Abby said...

Am interested in trying out BD for books I can't find here. Want to know though, how's the quality of the book when you received it? New, puppy eared..?


Connie De Alwis said...

Abby: The books are brand new and all individually packed in a padded envelope. So if you order 5 books, you'll get 5 different packets.

Abby said...

Thanks Connie, just placed my order! Hope things go well!

Good luck with the exams!

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