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Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day Special: Tutorial Sneak Peek + Frugal Living

Photoshopping FAIL!

Due to unforeseeable circumstances, I couldn't get this post up on Earth Day itself but everyday should be Earth Day, shouldn't it? Being environmentally responsible ought to be a way of life and not just a one time thing which I'll talk about further after the jump.

Meanwhile, the Him-spired look shown above was inspired by this year's Co-chairperson for Earth Day and he's been known to date supermodels (hence the attempt to photoshop). Care to take a guess who he is? The tutorial will be up soon!

Read on!

Eco-friendly practices seem to have gained popularity in the modern age because we supposedly have better awareness and are more concerned about the environment compared to our elders. But when you think about it, their frugal way of living were eco-friendly practices just that their motives were different. Along the lines of modernization, we left frugal living behind and embraced convenience in forms of styrofoam boxes, plastic bags and matching rags. Looking back at the things that my mother and grandmother did, I discovered so many ideas to reuse and reduce waste:
  • Tiffin carriers used to pack lunch
  • Cloth scraps used to make pillow stuffing and floor mats
  • Old and torn clothes used as floor mats, rags or to make clothes for dolls
  • Milo tins to store Chinese New Year cookies
  • My grandma used to collect large Horlicks jars to store her "acar"
  • Reuse jam, mayonnaise and Nescafe jars to keep loose food products like dried dates, anchovies, sugar, etc.
  • Reuse the Gardenia bread plastic bags to pack sandwiches
  • Old newspaper used to clean glass surfaces
  • Mop water to clean the porch
  • Old/broken tires, pots and pails used as flower pots
  • Small KFC plastic spoons for the salt, sugar and cornflour containers
  • Cloth diapers
  • Pee on the plants (no need for flushing and you fertilize the plants!)
  • We'd bring our own plates and bowls when buying food like rojak or tau foo fa because we get more and it's cheaper
  • When we bought a new television, I was more excited about the huge box it came in. My mom cut out holes and turned it into a fort
  • Jacob's Crackers or Danish cookies tin to keep sewing kit or mahjong set
  • Empty shoe boxes or any type of box for storage
  • They used soap bars
  • Throw egg shells into the soil to fertilize
  • Collect rain to water the plants and wash stuff
Do you still practice frugal living? Do share your ideas/memories if I've missed them out!


Huda said...

my mom basically does nearly everything of the above...XD

Askmewhats said...

I do practice frugal living at times! and girl! i have to comment on your gorgeous photo!

Jenn said...

Aiyo no need to photoshop already la!! You look really gorgeous!!

Lol your list really brings back memories of my frugal mum (um except the peeing on plants part, lol!!)! My mum uses the water from washing rice to water the plants! :D

Sue Lynn said...

Girl, I believe the next HIM-spired tutorial is gonna be based on mah main mannn LEO!!!

Sue Lynn said...

Actually, I hoard a lotta empty boxes: cracker boxes, toothpaste boxes, etc to organise my cosmetics in larger drawers.

Even empty toilet paper tubes! I use these to make stands for my brushes - those Sephora-inspired styles don't work for me.

Connie De Alwis said...

Huda: Kudos to your mom for being eco-friendly! :D

Nikki: Good on ya! I do too but not to the extreme of my grandmother's days *sighs* I do like convenience :p And thank you!

Connie De Alwis said...

Jenn: Aw, thanks dear. I thought the photoshopping made me look plastic :p I kinda prefer the unphotoshopped pic.
Haha the peeing on plants are for the boys to do :p Days when they kept chickens and rabbits they'd even use the poop to fertilize the plants.

Sue Lynn: No additional prizes for guessing! ;) I actually have to redo the tutorial today because I was awfully out of frame. just gonna take pictures instead. Until I move to my new room I don't have a place to do video tuts :( I use some of my product boxes to organize my makeup too. a lot of shoe boxes as well. cool idea with the toilet paper tube! I use an empty cream jar

Sue Lynn said...

~_~ I'm anal about organising my brushes.

I'd stick a bunch of tubes together, pop them in a bigger box/jar, and shader brushes would be in one tube, crease brushes in another, yada yada yada...Bordering OCD :P

Becky said...

gorgeous look! I'm such a big fan of your looks! i'm gonna put you on my blog roll so I can keep up with your post.

Connie De Alwis said...

Sue Lynn: Lol! a little bit of OCD is good. I'm a complete mess

Becky: Thanks! Looking forward to your comments :)

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