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Monday, March 29, 2010

Update: Rounding Up March '10 + Body Treatments + Mani-pedi

March's coming to an end, which means there's only a little more than two weeks left until I have to face my dreaded finance and economics papers. Guess who hasn't been studying? *grins*

Before I go on to tell you about my rather eventful weekend, here are some great posts from March:
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I felt very much like that steamed herbal chicken in the picture above when I had my first body slimming treatment experience at Bizzy Body in Mid Valley Boulevard.

First they rubbed ginseng oil all over my body, wrapped me very tightly in several layers of cling wrap, chucked me into an infrared sauna blanket, allowed me to steam for 30 minutes to get my juices going and finally, cut me out from the wrapper, ready to serve. After that they strapped me down to the bed and electrified me for another half hour.

Why do people pay 600 bucks (I got a voucher for free treatment) to torture themselves? Seriously, I'd rather exercise. Don't get me wrong, I was rather pleased with the staff. The therapist even showed me a few massaging techniques that I can do at home to help tone my arms and thighs.

Because I had some extra moolah, I treated myself to a "membership". If I was predictable, it would have been a spa or gym membership but since I'm not and I've been desperate to get an even tan, I signed up for an indoor tanning membership at Fabulous Tan in Mid Valley. The consultant was hot (gorgeous tan!) and very helpful -- perhaps I am gullible after all.
I only had my first session on Friday so it'll take a few more sessions before I can fully blog about my experience.

Meanwhile, if you're considering to sign up for a package at Fabulous Tan (FB Page), I'd really appreciate it if you gave them my membership number (M600852) upon registration. I'll be honest -- there's a referral program :) Oh, and do e-mail me if you did. Thanks!

Mom treated me to a manicure and pedicure, which I was long overdue for. If I had known, I wouldn't have cut my own nails just two days before. Apparently, I can't even get that right (see ring finger). The manicurist chose Siberian Nights by OPI for me -- such a gorgeous deep purple!


plue said...

oooh! it's a lovely shade! ur mom so sweet to sponsor u :P

where's ur pedi???? :P

Connie De Alwis said...

no color on my toes so no point showing :p

Hanny Kee said...

My math trials is tomorrow!! ^.^ Pretty nail color!!

ning * star said...

woo, i need that food, my stamina is low now... due to extend no sleep days, extra stress of thesis

gio said...

That nail color is so pretty!

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