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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update: I'm Back From Singapore!

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty awesome! If you've been following my tweets, you'd know that the girls and I went down to Singapore and came back feeling very horny...


Read on...

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Being Malaysian, I've always been under the impression that food in Singapore would not be as good as food in Malaysia. This trip proved me wrong. Over the years, the quality of food in Malaysia's chain restaurants and food courts has severely deteriorated. Portions are downsized and tastes become a lot less authentic (could it be because now everything's cooked by immigrants?). Eating for the sake of becoming full is not a way to live but sadly, that's how it has been for me lately.

Eating in Singapore brought my taste buds back to life. That bowl of Pork Ribs Handmade Noodles from VivoCity's Food Republic was the best SGD$6 I've ever spent.

I was excited to finally enter the Sephora in ION Orchard but after circling the store a few rounds, I came out with nothing. The prices were very much marked-up compared to the original US prices and if you don't know me, I hardly buy cosmetics off the counter when I can get them cheaper online. Regardless, it was rather thrilling to see and swatch some of the brands that I've only been able to browse online such as Urban Decay.

The headline for our trip was the mouth-watering Chippendales performing at Hard Rock (oh, their abs were definitely so) Hotel in Sentosa. We had our bride-to-be (whose fantasy man was the plumber) wear a pink veil, getting her extra attention from one of the guys.

Lots of booty-shaking and dangling of family jewels... Buckets of sweat... Screaming, squealing and climbing on chairs...
Excuse me, I need to go fantasize about Lind Walter. Please read ParisB's post on the show

Top: Did some shopping at VivoCity which gave us only 2 minutes to spare before the show started
Bottom: Hot, sweaty and flushing after the show

The woman in bunny ears looks quite like ParisB, doesn't she? Since she didn't go up on stage to get a picture with the men (only three girls were allowed for each shot, though we managed to bat our eyelashes for another) we'll pretend that it's her, k?

Got enough hot men sweat rubbed off on me that I donated some to Paris and PinkElle. Bee got some "innocent" action from the crowd favorite, Bryan Chan (far right), which she claims to have a set of really huge hands *winks* You know what that means... hee hee hee

I can now check the Chippendales off my list of things to do before I die


Paris B said...

If anyone's interested, Connie did that look right at the top in under 10 mins in a hotel room with bad lighting. Amazing woman! She also wouldn't let me step out without makeup on :P Yes i can attest to having sweat donated to me and no i do not have bunny ears :P

Connie De Alwis said...

ParisB: Well, I kinda cheated since I had my brows and lashes done from morning :p
ahh... I miss the sweat

ning * star said...

your looks is beautiful!

rinnah said...

*echoes connie* I can now check the Chippendales off my list of things to do before I die... teeheehee! ;)

Monica said...

Welcome back! Looks like you had a great time, too bad one of those hot guys couldn't come back with. "Anything to claim...?" yes a hot Chippendale!

Grace Chan said...

sounds like you had fun!
i cant help but look at all the food! LOL
+ i love youurr makeup! =D

jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) said...

wow amazing trip you all. being single and childless and FREE!

and those guys... i want to touch their chests...

beetrice said...

heehee...yeah, it was an amazing time wasn't it? ;) you girls simply have to come to spore for more 'roadtrips' while i'm still here...hehehe...

PS: while we may have crossed Chippendales SG off our list, we still have Vegas to fulfill!! *wink wink*

Meldee said...


gio said...

welcome back! Sounds like you had a great time! I love your makeup :)

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