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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Review: L'Oreal UV Perfect Long Lasting Prefector

Product reviews are based on thoughts of the person reviewing it. Nevertheless, a bad review doesn't always mean that the product is bad. Simply, the product wasn't working in favor of the reviewer but it could be the opposite for someone else.

That said, my review for the L'Oreal UV Perfect Long Lasting UVA/UVB Protector is not going to be a good one. I didn't like it a few months back and I don't like it now. I'm sure that many would disagree with me but neither of us is wrong. This is just one product that performs differently on different people.

Read on...

Out from the nozzle is a thick blob of slightly purplish cream. It didn't do much in terms of anti-dullness. I found it difficult to get the product out because of its thickness and after about 3 uses, the tube was already starting to feel empty.

Having dry skin, oiliness is seldom a problem for me. By the time I was done filling in my brows, my face started to look and feel uncomfortably greasy. How strange! When used under makeup, my foundation would blotch and cake up within a couple of hours.

Paris B and many others have gone through tubes of this sunscreen so it can't be a bad product, can it? Though I was determined to make this product work for me, by the fourth try, I gave up. I passed it on to my mom, who has slightly oilier skin than I do, and she experienced very little greasiness. In fact, she likes it a lot and has finished using it.

My color-correcting sunscreen of choice is Garnier UV Protect. I've been using it for well over 2 years and it's my go-to sunscreen for days when I skip foundation but still want a fresh complexion. Paris B, on the other hand, wasn't a fan.

This comes to show that product reviews are merely meant as guides and you are encouraged to read several reviews of the same product before buying it. If you end up not liking a product despite good reviews, it's not the reviewers' fault!

L'Oreal UV Perfect Long Lasting Protector SPF50 PA+++ retails for RM33.90/30ml at major health care stores and L'Oreal counters. Also available in Transparent and Even Complexion.

* The featured product was provided by L'Oreal Malaysia for review on SkinDeco.Net


plue said...

how come you sound like as though someone scolded u/ blame u for rec a product that doesn't work ya?

something happen?

i myself don't like this Loreal sunscreen as i find it oily and yucky. My mom's using it and she quite likes it... tho i dunno if she ever used any other sunscreen or not! :P

Paris B said...

Yay someone who stands up and says they don't like it :) Truly skincare is such that what works for one may not work for another. Else as I've said before, skincare companies will go bust! :P I'm still liking this one tho :)

ning * star said...

I hate Loreal skincare so much, the heavy perfume smell, oh no...
But same things go to Garnier, non of the items works good on me, it is either totally no work, or work just a tiny bit good on me.
how weird~
but I have to agree with u that things that works on u might not work for me or vice versa


Shasha said...

Hi Connie. I'm a silent reader before this but decided to leave a comment after reading this post. Finally! I was wondering am I the only one who dislike this sunscreen :P I, on the other hand feel that once I slab this onto my skin, I have this uneasy, tingling sensation. It makes my skin feel a bit "pedih" when wearing this. So I decided to give this to a friend and it works for her. I guess not all products out there are suitable for everyone right? ;) Keep on blogging Connie! I love reading your blog! It's very informative! :)

Kizzy-online said...


Anonymous said...

I've been a silent reader. I got this sunscreen as well due to the raves online. Didn't really like it as well. Prefer Biore and Sunplay. Finds it quite thick and hard to spread as well.

Yeah I totally agree, every product works differently on each person's skin. What you are doing is reviewing how the product performs on your skin and not on others.

Connie De Alwis said...

Plue: Lol, I do? Nah, I'm fine. Just a little reminded ;)

ParisB: It's just really odd that many people assume something would work for them simply because it's popular

ning*star: Then perhaps you'd like products that are more natural/organic and fragrance-free. Lots of options out there :)

Connie De Alwis said...

Plue: *reminder

Shasha: Glad that you're commenting! I suppose when something doesn't really work, many would feel reluctant to talk about it due to lack of enthusiasm

Kizzy: Yikes indeed!

Anonymous: I love it when my silent readers start to comment! Everyone has different preferences :) And we're spoiled for choices

Anonymous said...

I love the garnier sunscreen too but I cannot find them anywhere now! Are they already got discontinued?

Connie De Alwis said...

Anonymous: Really? I never noticed. I haven't bought it in a while as mine's not finished yet. I'll keep a look out for it the next time I'm at the pharmacy

Gwen said...

Hey Connie!
I haven't been free to read your blog lately. Hope you have been good. I bought this product recently too, i find it okay at first but it turns my face looking very greasy later on. I have to bring my compact powder with me everytime to "cover" the greasy-ness. But overall i think it's a good product (if you don't include the greasy part).:)

sheue ni said...

hey connie, im a new reader of your blog. not long ago, i bought the same product randomly due to i ran out of my fav TFS sunscreen and needed it immediately.

i extremely dislike this product as i find that it is heavy and like covering my face with a thick layer of wax and it turns my dry skin into a really oily one. i also feel slight itchiness too. :( immediately stop using it after 2 times. urgh!

should have realise this review earlier though.. please do more reviews so we all can benefit from it. thanks!

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