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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Review: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

“Swept over cheeks or dabbed on lids, nothing lights up your face like shimmer”, says Bobbi Brown.

One of my makeup “collectibles” is the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. It’s just one of those things that any makeup enthusiasts should own (at least one) simply because it’s so sought after and raved about.

Albeit I have an undying love for glow, one Shimmer Brick is already too many. Read on for my thoughts.

Before I actually owned a Shimmer Brick, I itched for it BAD. To my extreme delight, I received a limited edition one called Pink Quartz from my lovely cousin, Eve. I promise you, giddiness was experienced.

While I’m not too ecstatic over Bobbi’s classic glossy-black-plastic-with-pointy-edges packaging design, I was lusting over the pink gold detail of the Pink Quartz’s compact. Just looks more classy than the usual black and white. The beauty of the five shimmer stripes made me break into song. Completely blinded, I've forgotten that the Shimmer Brick is indeed a brick of shimmer.

So here’s the problem – chunky shimmer can lead to a bad case of disco fever. I was expecting the powder to be finely milled but it wasn’t thus, the shimmers were quite apparent.
For the glow that I want, I’d have to be very light handed. Even then, it was still more shimmer than glow *sighs*. I understand that it’s not the product’s fault. If it was meant to give glow they would’ve named it "Glow Brick". I’d use it on my lids but y’all should know by now that I’m not big on pink hues especially when they're shimmery.

On the plus side, it does look good layered over pink cheek colors. Although, I’d pick my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Light Flush over this for the same purpose. The shimmers are simply too overwhelming. Mirror-shine belongs to hair and lips.

According to the website, there are five permanent shade but every now and then limited edition shades are released.

Retailing at RM145 (did the price go up yet?), it’s a swanky collectible and it’ll remain prized in my possession but I can’t bring myself to love it.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Review: Anna Sui Moisture Rich Powder Foundation

My yearning for foundations that complement my dry skin doesn’t stop just so I’ll know what are the options I have. Despite the let down from Anna Sui Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation for being too moisturizing, I was more optimistic about the Powder Foundation version being more suitable for Malaysian climate.

As if the stunning black rose casing hasn’t already induced infatuation, read on to see if it’s everlasting love with this one.

I received the Anna Sui Powder Foundation from Tongue in Chic (partnered with Anna Sui) to give it a test drive. Instead of B03, which is my color for the Fluid, I chose shade P04. Albeit a shade fairer than my skin tone, the slight pinkish hue neutralizes my complexion. Having tested the powder foundation in B03, I found the beige undertones to be quite distinct thus, making my skin look sallow.

While I cannot oppose that the powder’s texture is luxuriously fine and easy to blend, it was fairly sheer for a foundation. The coverage is enough to tone down redness and minor imperfections but it generally gives a no-makeup look. Even though it’s called “Moisture Rich” it wouldn’t be unsuitable for oilier complexions since it does blot off shine and keep the skin looking matte but without drying it out. Touch-ups would be necessary every few hours as the foundation isn’t very long lasting as expected from most powder foundations. In case you’re wondering, the signature Anna Sui rose scent is there but not too heavy.

So, quite obviously, I’m not in love with this foundation but it’s not because it is a bad product. Hey, Paris B likes this foundation! If you’re into sheer and matte finishes, I don’t see what you wouldn’t like this. However, if you prefer a heavier coverage and glowing finish like I do, you may find this foundation a tad lacking.

Retails at RM108 for the refill and RM52 for the casing

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Update: Jetting Off In a Few Hours!

How I wish those Folli Follie sunnies were mine...

Yep. I'll be leaving KL for Langkawi Island today and be back on Friday. There will be a few scheduled posts so this won't be considered as a hiatus. Hopefully when I get back, I'll have a decent tan to show off with the aid of some tanning gel since it's not very sunny this time of year.
Follow me on Twitter to receives updates of my trip.

Have a good week everyone!

Read on for more random pictures and rambling

Somebody needs a haircut... I love the waves though

My very obscene Lab, Nikki. It's her way of saying "Good Morning"

WARNING: Gross (to some) Picture Ahead!!

Mom found this little beauty behind our house and I managed to get her off the bamboo blinds. She was so sweet and never attempted to snap, I think I just may keep her. I named her Princess. To our surprise, she readily took in two... I won't finish that sentence

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why Men Skincare?

Hey guys, I know I’ve been on a hiatus for a month or so and I apologized as I haven’t been keeping my part of blog as active as possible. However along the month my understanding towards certain matter has deepened as well. For example a lot of people around me (guys) asked me, why do they have to use facial care formulated for men. I mean lots of them uses and share facial care products with their girlfriends or sisters. Here’s why.

Like most men wished, beauty is skin deep. But along the way came the phrase “first impression” which leads to more and more men looking after their skin. They must first understand men’s skin is different from the female counterpart. The skin is a hormone sensitive organ and men’s skin is constantly affected by androgens (particularly testosterone). And due to the largely affect of testosterone there are six points that differentiate the men’s skin condition from the women.

o More hairs -> Skin aggressed by shaving.
o More sebum secreted -> shiny skin , open pores
o Thicker epidermis -> more cellular levels and more skin cells
o A denser dermal -> more active fibroblasts and more abundance of collagen
o More prone to redness , under eye puffiness
o Nerve endings positioned differently , thus less sensitive to touch and need more vigorous
application techniques
o Men’s skin is 20% thicker than women’s

In short, the women’s facial care products aren’t suitable because we generally have “thicker” skin and therefore men’s specially formulated skincare is somewhat “tougher” in passing through those thicker layer skins. Don’t worry, the “thicker” isn’t always bad but it gives us an advantage of aging slower compare to our counterpart. Kudos to us.

*sources :

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Review: Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

If there’s something limper than my puny Asian lashes, it’s my willpower to stop buying mascaras (especially Western mascaras!). Despite the fact that I know Western mascara formula will weigh down my lashes, I was too intrigued by the metallic purple tube and bought the Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara anyway. How could I have resisted? It was shiny and PURPLE.

As expected, a Western formula once again fails to hold Asian lashes up. Nonetheless, money was not wasted. Read on for the review…

Boy Says:

“Not very curled and long but looks thick. I like.”

If a mascara can get you kisses, it should be doing something right *winks*

Metallic purple tube aside, another distinguished feature of Rimmel Sexy Curves is its very peculiar-looking wand which is claimed to make lashes look fuller and curvier. The spiky balls are very useful for coating outer corner lashes. However, the curves may cause uneven coating unless you do several coats.

You can curl your lashes all you like, this formula will still weigh stick straight lashes down. After about three coats or so, the outer lashes will start to get lifted up a little. The formula is dark and thick, amplifying individual lashes so it’ll definitely give the illusion of fuller lashes. The fact that it doesn’t clump even after multiple coats is a huge plus. This is an excellent day to night mascara. As more mascara is added throughout the day, lashes become significantly dramatic. Don’t hope for much lengthening though.

Sexy Curves’ non-waterpoof formula doesn’t smudge easily despite sweat and tears (minimal). It comes off with warm water or any eye makeup remover. There’s also a waterproof formula (metallic turquoise) but I can’t guarantee that the formula will be the same. The waterproof version of Rimmel Glam Eyes was very much inferior to the washable one.

All in all, this mascara will come across as pretty average but how can I not like it when it increases sexiness? I probably won’t repurchase but I’m not chucking this aside either.

Retails at selected Watsons outlets and Jusco for RM39.90. Look out for discounts where you can get this for under RM35 or so.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Totally Wearable Tutorials: In Search for Cherries

If you're wondering why my face and eyes look puffy, they were due to allergies. That aside, I was testing out some pastel shades and I think it didn't turn out too bad. Here's an idea to wear colors (non-neutrals) subtly by keeping them soft and sheer.

LovingMinerals have extended their September promotions up until 30th September 2009.

For foundation, I'm wearing Monave Concealer-Foundation in Teporah. While the coverage surpasses most mineral foundations that I've tried, I wasn't too pleased with the finishing. I thought I looked really old with saggy-looking skin and my lines were terribly accentuated. This one's certainly not suitable for drier complexions but it shouldn't be a problem for oilier skin types. Regardless, it did a great job staying on for hours.

One of the prettiest pink blush I've come across, Lumiere Cherry Blossom Blush is a "a sweet muted cherry with a slight brown undertone infused with gorgeous glimmers of pink & violet" that looks undeniably awesome. The color shows up really well and yet isn't over the top. I really dig the subtle glow too. I'd highly suggest this perky color for days when you're just not feeling jubilant.

Seduction (Earthen Glow): Sheer warm gold/tan with slight metallic copper sheen. Great as all over color. One of those very general colors that should work with most colors
Search (Earthen Glow): Sheer lilac pink. I was surprised that I could pull this color off as I don't look good with pastels, let alone pink shades. It's sheer enough to not be overpowering but the color still shows. To intensify the color, it can be applied wet
Black Cherry (Lumiere): Deep maroon with dark red shimmer. A very pretty color to darken the crease or even as a lid color for more intense eye makeup. Resembles MAC Beauty Marked but not as dark

Start by sweeping Seduction on the entire lid up to the brow bone using an eyeshadow brush. Blend Search from the outer corner going into the crease with a crease brush. Then, darken the outer corner by blending Black Cherry into the outer V using a round crease brush. Apply Black Cherry along the lower lash line as well. Use a purple/plum gel eyeliner on the upper lash line to compliment the pink-lilac hue and also to keep the look soft. Finish off with mascara

Other Items Used:

MAC Fluidline in Macroviolet
Maybelline Turbo Boost Mascara
Daiso Auto Eyebrow Pencil
I Nuovi Megalips Velvetshine in Barely French

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Short Reviews: Stage Nail Color + Revlon Nail Enamel

You can stop laughing at my nails now. Looking at the pictures, I think I'm in desperate need of a manicure -- no idea how to remove cuticles. Nail polishes are starting to grow on me though I'm not keen on venturing into nail art (happy enough that I can paint with my left hand!). Off and on I'll do short reviews of nail polishes that I have. Today's post will feature Stage Nail Color and Revlon Nail Enamel.

Read on...

Having such a thick consistency, I was worried that the Stage Nail Color would go on all goopy and chunky. It has a unique one-coat formula which is like a dream come true for me as I usually mess up my nails when I'm doing the second coat. Application was dummy-proof with minimal streaking. Even without a top coat (the one I have is sucky) my nails remained chip-free for a good couple of days. Removing wasn't too much of a hassle either. My only complaint is that I'm not a huge fan of frosty pearlescent colors for my nails. The color that I have is Charming, I think. To fix the problem, I did solid-colored brown french tips and they helped contrast the loud pearlescent finish (will post pictures when I do that again).

Retails at Stage Cosmetics outlets for RM35. Check out some other colors and reviews by Bee and PrettyB.

I couldn't wait to paint my nails with Revlon Nail Enamel in Plum Seduction and Chocolate Truffle the very night I received them. Such an irresistibly delicious pair! The watery formula was easy to apply albeit it makes the color go on sheer. Thus, a second coat is definitely needed. It didn't take long for the nail polish to dry between coats. Despite the fact that the colors are solid, which I love, they do give a glossy finish. Adding a top coat would definitely have helped prevent chipping and increase shine. I'm rather keen on getting a few more colors. At RM19 each, they're quite affordable and easily available from major healthcare stores.

sparked the idea to do dark french tips with Chocolate Truffle and ParisB pulls of Red Hot Tamale effortlessly.

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Update + Reader Questions

Despite the fact that semester break is supposed to be fun, mine is usually stressful because I literally move between three different places. My "HQ" is a rented room near the college where most of my stuff are and where I normally blog from. When I'm on sem break, I live off several bags and have hardly any internet access. I'm accustomed to having a somewhat predictable and routine life. Unfortunately, I'll have to be in this mode 'til early next month so I apologize for the infrequent posts and lack of enthusiasm. This week I'm back home in Semenyih with mom but I can't stay long because I have to get back to my gliders. So many responsibilities and yet there's only one of me *sighs*

Thank you for reading my whining. You may now proceed to reading about a Shu Uemura event that I've attended recently and also answers to several questions that were sent to my e-mail.

Shirley of Shu Uemura invited me to be a part of their mini workshop/preview which was intended to introduce their new skincare range called Red:juvenus and also two new additions to their base makeup range.

Shu Uemura Red:juvenus replaces the Beta Glucan range as an improvement to targeting concerns of aging. The range consists of five products: Refining Lotion/Lotion Enriched, Intense Concentrate, Retexturizing Emulsion, Retexturizing Cream and Line Reducing Eye Essence. I'm trying to work the products into my regime so reviews will come after I've fully tested them.

The renown Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Foundation now comes in the form of a stick and it's a truly one-of-a-kind foundation. I've only used it once and I'm already impressed.

Another famous Shu Uemura product in new form is the UV Under Base Fluid which is a 2-in-1 sunscreen and make up base with a lightweight fluid texture.

Shu Uemura sure has released pretty awesome products lately!

Feddrick, chief makeup artist, led the workshop and taught us a few tips and tricks on how to use the new products. Picture: One of the many usages of the Nobara Stick Foundation is to shade/contour for more dimensional features.

Reader Questions

1. Are products that are cheap or have unknown brands safe to use?

It's okay to use cheap products but of course, we assume that cheap products generally use poor quality or unsafe ingredients. Unknown products definitely can be risky because most of them may not have any sort of certification for being safe to use. However, they may be just as good or better than some branded products and they're cheap simply because the advertising and branding costs have been eliminated. It's trial and error. If the products don't work out, you wouldn't have wasted too much money. To play safe, test the product on your neck or inside of your arm to check for any allergic reactions. As a thumbrule, I avoid skin care products with unknown brands especially if they're really cheap. Definition of "cheap" is completely up to you.

2. Where are NYX products manufactured? I'm afraid to by products made in China

As far as I know, NYX is an American brand with most of their products made in China. Let's face it. Labour in China is cheap and manufacturing costs are low. These factors contribute to the low prices of most NYX products. Nevertheless, they have very good quality and I wouldn't be worried. After all, hundreds of people have been using NYX products and they have mostly good things to say. We ought not to generalize the quality of a product/brand simply by its origin. Many reputable brands have manufacturers in China eg. Longchamp (bags), Crocs (shoes)
E.L.F. and ecoTools are other American cosmetic brands that have their products made in China. Even MAC has a few products that are made in China eg. MAC 182 brush.

3. Can you recommend me a brand for lipsticks?

First of all, it's difficult for me to side just one brand because as a cosmetic enthusiast, I try out tonnes of brands. I'm not brand loyal, so to speak. I'm not big on lipsticks but I generally turn to NYX for lipsticks because they have a very extensive color range. They're also comfortable to wear. Some other lipsticks that I really like are from Rimmel and RMK.

4. Do new makeup brushes need to be washed before using?

Yes. New brushes have been exposed to a lot of debris during the manufacturing and retail process. You can't tell where the brushes have been and who has touched them. It is advisable to wash new brushes before you start using them. Washing also removes excess dye (for dyed bristles) as well as loose bristles. Some synthetic bristles tend to smell strongly of chemicals while natural bristles can smell of goat/pony/sable/badger. Brush cleansers (eg. MAC Brush Cleanser) are usually able to get the smell out.
If you don't have brush cleansers, you can use shampoo or facial cleansers. Wet the bristles thoroughly, squirt some cleanser on wet palm and lather by running the bristles across the cleanser back and forth. Repeat once or twice if there's a lot of dye coming out. Rinse through, squeeze out water and lay flat on a tissue/paper towel to dry.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Review: I Nuovi Megalips Velvetshine

One cannot have too many lipglosses. The latest addition to my seemingly endless collection of lipglosses is the brand new I Nuovi Megalips Velvetshine. As indicated by the name, this duo sided lippy claims to plump up the lips with velvety metallic lip color and ultra shine lip gloss. To top it off, the hydration and conditioning actions provide long lasting comfort.

How true are the claims? Hint: It's still in my handbag! Read on to find out more.

Duo-sided lipglosses are out there but they're considerably underrated in the market so it's safe to say that the I Nuovi Velvetshine is my first. On one side is a metallic shimmer (Lipvelvet) liquid lipstick and the other side (Lipshine) contains a sheer lipgloss with shimmer. Lipvelvet comes with a brush applicator that helps with percision while Lipshine has a doe-foot applicator to glide on the gloss without budging the bottom layer. The tube is of decent size so it's not one of those duo-sided makeup that'd a scam since they're only giving you very little product that's not worth the value (eg. Benefit Pocket Pal). Hence, it's also bulkier than your average lipgloss.

Lipvelvet is quite thick and creamy so you won't need much to fill the entire lip and the color can easily be layered on if you want it to look more opaque. The shimmer is super fine and dense to give a metallic effect without looking trashy glittery. Despite the fact that I really like the color, I feel that metallic shades tend to emphasize the lines on my lips so I personally would not wear the Lipvelvet on its own. Barely French Lipvelvet is a pale copper color. There's a vanilla-ish scent for both sides but Lipvelvet's is stonger. Lipshine too contains shimmer but it's along the sheer side and although it does give quite a lot of shine, it's not water-like glossy. On its own, the Barely French Lipshine makes a good daily lipgloss that gives just a hint of color. My preferred way of using the Velvetshine is to apply the Lipvelvet first then layer over with the Lipshine.

Texture wise, it's not very sticky and not gritty either. The color goes on smoothly and stays on for a reasonable amount of time. I'm not sure if it moisturizes my lips but it doesn't dry them out either.

Although I'm not raving, I Nuovi Velvetshine is nonetheless a good quality lipgloss that I find myself using very frequently for a MLBB (My Lips But Better) color that goes with almost any kind of makeup -- day or night. It's not too dramatic for the day and yet glamorous enough for the night.

Prettybeautiful is keeping Chinatown Glam in her handbag!

The I Nuovi Megalips Velvetshine is available on their international website for $25USD but as with all of their products, the counter retail price is cheaper. Retailing at Malaysian counters for RM60

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beauty Budgeting Chp. 8: Products That You Can Skimp On

Why spend a hundred bucks on a mascara when an RM20 one works just as great? While there's nothing wrong with splurging occasionally, buying cheaper products that work equally well can save you a lot of money. In this chapter I'll be giving you several suggestions of products that you can skimp on without looking less fabulous. If you have a shrunken-leather-pants budget as I do, you may find this post helpful.

"What product do you almost never splurge on?"

Products That I Skimp On:

Eye Makeup Remover

An avid eye makeup wearer can go through a bottle in a month so having to spend RM75 on an RMK Eye Makeup Remover every month can be quite a pinch. Maybelline and Elianto get waterproof makeup out effectively for less than RM20 a bottle.

Lip Balm

Some of the most popular lip balms in the market are drugstore brands such as Chapstick, Blistex, Burtsbee and Lip Ice. My personal favorites are from Clinelle and Neutrogena -- both under RM20.

Eyebrow Pencil

I'm using an RM5 eyebrow pencil from Daiso and I can't ask for anything better. ZA and Majolica Majorca make good eyebrow pencils too. Unless you can afford it, there really isn't a need to spend RM65 on a Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil.


Quite frankly, I can't justify spending more than RM50 on a mascara. It has such a short lifespan that it's simply not worth the "investment". Even after trying several high end brands such as Dior, Giorgio Armani, Lancome and RMK, I still find myself falling back to good ol' Maybelline.

Pencil Eyeliner

I can't deny that Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes is awesome. It doesn't budge! Rimmel's Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer doesn't either. Bloop's Pencil Eyeliner (RM18) touches my eyes more often than the Dior and Giorgio Armani ones do.

Facial Toner

Simple Soothing Facial Toner (RM15) is probably the most reliable facial toner ever. It cleans, softens, soothes and refreshes the skin. A toner is the least significant product in a skin care regime and usually doesn't treat nor provide any direct benefits to the skin. There are high end toners that cater to specific skin concerns but the impact is normally not drastic.

Products That I Splurge On:


Face Powder


Facial Moisturizer

The others are dependent on the product itself rather than the function.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update: Semester Break + Lousy Sellers + Twilight Cosmetics

Today is officially the beginning of my semester break. Did my exams go well? Not really. I don't expect to get good results as I haven't had much motivation to study or absorb anything the entire sem. I've lost the will to attend classes even. Being the black sheep truly sucks!

Read on for more whining and other stuff. Normal beauty blogging shall resume tomorrow :)

Besides pulling all-nighters, the past week has been highly stressful. To make matters worse, the boy's grandma passed away hence I was out of town for about 4 days for the funeral. It was a traditional Chinese ceremony with endless amount of paper-folding, burning, prayers... Even with everything behind me, I haven't had the chance to actually rest. My skin has been suffering and my weight keeps fluctuating. Hopefully I'll be back to normal by next week! In less than 2 weeks I'll be jetting off to Langkawi Island for a 5-day trip so no posts on those days either. Maybe I'll put up some scheduled posts if I can manage but no promises.


In my years of online trading, I've been on both a seller and a consumer. With that said, I'm well aware of what consumers expect from a seller and also how a seller should conduct a transaction ethically. While I may not be the best consumer or seller, you know things are really effed up when you read a story like Kahani's experience with a blogshop called Lush Serendipity. Whether you're a seller or a consumer, it all boils down to being honest and responsible. If you dislike conflict, do things right the first time and don't be a bitch.


I have new things on my wish list! You crazed Twilight fans, check out this brand new cosmetics line inspired by the Twilight Saga called Luna Twilight. I know, it's yet one of those products that are plain gimmicks but looking at the line from a beauty enthusiast's perspective, I do find the products quite interesting. Besides the slammin' packaging, the makeup looks well-made and not like some generic re-labelled products. Several of the colors are unique and true to the whole vampire concept but there are more wearable colors for well, non-vampires such as the most of us. Added to my wishlist is the Luna Twilight Mortal Glow Blushing Creme. If I wasn't being realistic, I'd also love the 'First Light' Face Glow, 'Just Bitten' Staining Balm and Lip Venom.
The only products that I'm not too keen on are the eyeshadows (meh color choices) and mascaras. For a department store brand, I think the prices aren't too bad either though they're towards the higher end.

Photo Credit:

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Loving Minerals Promotions -- End 15th September

  • Enter code LMHRD for 9% off your entire order
  • Show off your "Colours of Festivities" look to stand a chance of winning a Loving Minerals Voucher worth RM180
  • Get a free mineral eye pigment (sample/1 gram/full-sized) for purchases of RM120, RM180 or RM280
Go to for promotions and contest details

I was going to do a tutorial for this contest (to inspire, not to enter!) but I won't be able to get it done before the 15th. Nevertheless, good luck to everyone who is participating! I hope that you'll find colorful inspirations from my existing tutorials :)

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Review: K-Palette Real Lasting 24-Hour Eyeliner

"Long Lasting" and "Smudge-proof" are highly sought after features in eye liners and while liquid liners usually promise that, they're not the easiest type of eyeliner to use.

K-Palette Real Lasting 24-Hour Eyeliner offers liquid liner with the convenience of a pencil liner (or pen, rather). Ranked as one of the best selling eyeliners in Japan and Singapore, K-Palette has sold over 1 billion pieces of this baby in three years -- that's a lot of eyeliners!

Needless to say, I was keen to have this and got Bee to pick one up for me during her trip to Singapore a couple of months ago.

Read on for the review and swatch...

K-Palette Real Lasting 24-Hour Eyeliner is packaged as a sleek gunmetal-colored pen with a very secure cap. Unlike other pen-like eyeliners, K-Palette doesn't have any dial (Majolica) or button (Shu Uemura) at the end of the pen to dispense the liquid. Good thing about this is that the ink flow will almost always be consistent since you won't overclick your eyeliner until the ink overflows.

The tip is a flexible brush that's very fine (finest compared to Majolica and Shu). It allows for great control when you're trying to draw a thin and precise line but I find it too flimsy for thick lines. My winged out line ended up looking "curvy". The black ink is really dark and dries quickly. However, the ink isn't completely opaque meaning that if you line over metallic green eyeshadow for instance, the eyeliner will actually appear as a metallic dark green.

See? Not completely black. The eyeliner holds up to its claim for being super long lasting and smudge-resistant.

I don't usually read instructions on the packaging but I'd advise you to read this one. This eyeliner is not water-resistant so you can remove it with warm water. In other words, I wouldn't recommend swimming or getting wet with this liner on. The formula is meant to repel oil and that's a bummer for me because I use a cleansing oil to remove my makeup. I did ignore the instruction and I ended up having eyeliner stained on my lids. So if I do use this eyeliner, I'd have to remove it first with a cotton bud saturated in warm water or cleansing milk before I proceed to removing the rest of my makeup with cleansing oil.

As advised, I store this eyeliner upside down in my brush holder so that the ink doesn't sit at the bottom of the pen.

Overall, this is a decent eyeliner and probably one of the best liquid eyeliner pens I've ever used so I can see why many people are so impressed with this. Unfortunately, I simply don't reach for it very often as I prefer my lines to be controlled, opaque and straight, which I obtain from gel liners. Also, the fact that I can't remove it one shot with the rest of my makeup annoys me.

The K-Palette Real Lasting 24-Hour Eyeliner is not available for sale in Malaysia. It's easily found in selected Watsons in Singapore. I can't remember the exact the price but I remember paying less that SGD$20 for it. Anyone care to clarify?

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CLOSED: OCC Lip Tar Pre-Order for Malaysian Residents

All Paid. Order Closed. Thank You!
Hey Ladies!

If you've been lurking around the online beauty community, you may notice that there's a highly raved about lip product called Lip Tar by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC).
I've been having heaps of fun playing with my Lip Tar in Uber mixing it with my other lipglosses, lipsticks and even pigments. Hence, I'd like to get a few more to experiment with. [View Jude's blog for swatches]

"A stunning new innovation in lip color, OCC Lip Tar combines the longevity of a lipstick, with the ease of application of a gloss. Goes on slick and moist, and dries down to a satin finish. Ultra-saturated in color, OCC Lip Tar contains an unprecedented amount of pigment, so a little goes a very, very long way. An intense yet featherweight layer of color that stands up to the scrutiny of Hi-Def Video and Digital Photography, without ever looking (or feeling!) heavy. Meant to be mixed, OCC Lip Tars come in concise range of colors (and black and white!) for a limitless selection of shades made by you!"

Thing is, shipping to Malaysia costs more than the Lip Tar itself so I was wondering if any of you living in Malaysia would like to join in my purchase. I'm taking orders for only TEN(10) Lip Tars and this is a one time thing. I don't intend to sell these Lip Tars. Also, I'm not taking order for any other OCC products -- only the Lip Tars.

From now onwards, please e-mail ME if you'd like to know the calculated price in RM. Please do not ask me to e-mail you and I won't post the price here

If you're interested, read on for the order procedure...

  1. E-mail me at stating the shade and quantity that you'd like to order. E-mail me even if you'd just like to know the price. Please do not ask in the comments or ask me to e-mail you
  2. Please include your name, telephone number and mailing address*
  3. Full payment is to be made within 2 days of placing your order. If you fail to make payment in the specified time, I'll have to cancel your reservation
  4. The Lip Tars will be distributed via postage*. You may choose the following postage methods: Pos Express (RM3), Pos Register (RM3), Pos Laju (RM5). Please state which postage method you'd prefer and I'll quote the total price
  5. If you're able to collect the Lip Tars from me personally, by all means.
  6. Payment can be made via funds transfer or cash deposit to either Maybank or CIMB. Banking information will be e-mailed to you once your order has been confirmed
  7. You will be notified once the order has hit 10 PAID Lip Tars which is when I'll place the total order to OCC
  8. It'll take approximately 2 weeks upon ordering for the Lip Tars to arrive from the US
  9. I will not be responsible for missing parcel or damaged product during shipping from the US and also within Malaysia
  10. You will be notified when I've received the Lip Tars and also when I've distributed them

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Get a Free Gift from I Nuovi Worth RM60!

Click picture for print-out size

Got a Facebook account? Simply print out the voucher above, fill it up and redeem your free gift at any of the participating counters stated on the voucher :) I haven't redeemed mine so I'm eager to know what I'll be getting!

I'm not a Facebook "enthusiast" but if you are, I'd really appreciate it if you'd follow on Facebook [click here]. This way, you'll be able to receive and preview updates comfortably on your Facebook homepage. Thank you in advance!

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Music Video Inspired Tutorial: Paramore's "Misery Business"

At last, an inspiration that's not blond!
This installment of what seems to have become another tutorial series is inspired by Hayley Williams of Paramore in their "Misery Business" video. Most artists would wear either very smokey or barely there (but still with loads of makeup) looks in their videos. Hayley, however, has been seen sporting more colorful looks. Major props to her!

For this look, I've used the 88 Color Palette so if you've been neglecting yours like I have, it's time to whip it out!

Click for "Misery Business" video
Once again, the colors used may not look exactly like what Hayley had on. This is simply my interpretation using the colors that I have. The color combination is pretty much similar to Sunset Eyes [click here for another version using the same palette]. I kept the skin fair and for the cheeks, I used an orange blush. As per usual, lips are quite neutral

With Flash: Sorry bout the oily looking nose

My eyes looked very the "sepet" (monolid-ish) with the flash. Lol

Looks better in natural light

Items Used:

Shills Super Cherry Blossom BB Cream
Ben Nye Cover-All Wheel in SK1
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus
Make Up Store Blush in Oh So Fresh (blush)

L'Oreal De Crease
Ben Nye Lumiere Creme Wheel (yellow only)
88 Color Palette: B2, I4, I5, K7, A3, B3
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
I Nuovi Fluidliner in Noir (pencil liner)
Maybelline The Colossal Mascara
I Nuovi Pro Lash EX03

MAC Slimshine in Assertive

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