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Friday, July 31, 2009

Totally Wearable Tutorials: It's a Marvelous Night for a Moondance...

"Can I just have one more moondance with you, my love..."
I blame Mimi from the Drew Carey Show for making many women not only shy but run screaming away from blue eyeshadow. Moondance, as beautiful as its name, is the kind of blue that's for the faint-hearted and it'll be the main color used in this tutorial. With a total of only three eyeshadow colors used, this is one super easy look.

Read on for the tutorial, swatches and description of items used.

Champagne: Pale earthy color with silver shimmers. Works as a highlight shade
Moondance: Cool teal with a hint of gray. Absolutely gorgeous color containing multi-colored shimmer for added dimension
Taupe: Purplish gray with a silvery sheen. Excellent crease color to complement cool eyeshadow colors. It can also be used for a very simple smokey eyes by just layering it over black pencil liner

Items Used:

Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie
Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Golden Beige
Revlon Skinlights in Bronze Light
Estee Lauder Ideal Light in 03 Medium and 07 Soft Pink
RMK Loose Powder in P00
Benefit Dallas Powder (blush)

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Paint Pot in Rollickin
Lumiere Mineral Eyeshadow in Moondance, Taupe and Champagne
Stila Smudge Pot in Black
Maybelline The Colossal Mascara
Daiso Auto Eyebrow Pencil
elf Brow Kit in Light

MAC Slimshine in Bare

Prep lid with eyeshadow primer then using finger, apply teal cream eyeshadow without going over the crease line. With a dense eyeshadow brush (Stila #30), pat on Moondance over the cream shadow base. Add Taupe into the crease with a crease brush. Clean off excess eyeshadow on a tissue and use the same brush to blend Taupe upwards toward the brow.

Apply highlight with a dense highlight brush. Use a small eyeshadow brush, smudge Taupe on the lower lash line, placing more color on the outer end. Line with black gel liner and create a wing if you'd like. Finish off the eye makeup with mascara.

Told you it was super easy!

Close up with flash...

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Perricone MD Advanced Eye Area Therapy Giveaway

Did you know that the skin on our eye area is at least 3 times thinner than on other areas of our face? That's why wrinkles, sensitivities, puffiness and fatigue usually appear first around the eyes. Despite it all, many of us tend to neglect our eye area when it comes to skin care and to make matters worse, finding an eye treatment that works can be as painstaking as finding the lost city of Atlantis.

Perricone MD has developed the Advanced Eye Area Therapy which claims to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles with compounds used in Dr. Perricone's cosmeceutical program. Cosmeceuticals are skin treatments that offer benefits beyond regular cosmetic products. The compounds used in the Advanced Eye Area Therapy are DMAE and Alpha Lipoic Acid for anti-aging, and Vitamin C Ester to diminish dark circles and discoloration.

If you are a US resident, here's your chance to win a full sized bottle of the Perricone MD Advanced Eye Area Therapy worth $95USD!

Here's what you have to do by August 12th, 2009:
  1. Be a subscriber/follower
  2. Read and comply to the contest rules
  3. Fill in your details into the Contest Machine
  4. Tell me in the comment box, "What are your eye area concerns?"

Good luck!!

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Reader Questions + Makeup Experimentation

This post is basically to answer a compilation of questions I've received from Skin Deco readers through e-mails and older posts comments. I apologize if I did not personally reply to your e-mail. I do read everyone's e-mails and I try to reply to them even if not immediately, I try to get it done eventually. At times, I forget. Some of the questions are repetitive, meaning that I get them often from numerous readers and quite frankly, it gets tiring to say the same things over and over again. Please understand and don't be offended. I'll use this post to address some of the questions so hopefully, this will be helpful.

I was pretty frustrated over my makeup this morning and school has been overwhelming. To comfort myself, I tried out some of the MAC colors that I've recently acquired and came up with something colorful. I'm also running out of ideas for my video tutorials. Any suggestions? No series and natural looks as I'm already doing that with the picture tutorials. Send me some inspiration pictures if you have any.

Read on...

1. Could you suggest an eyeshadow primer that I can purchase locally in Malaysian stores?

I'd suggest MAC Paint as I did use that before I started using Urban Decay Primer Potion and L'Oreal De Crease (It's not available in Malaysia). Most of the time it works and you need very little for each application. The one I have is in Stilife but if you prefer a non-shimmery one, you can go for Bare Canvas. I Nuovi and Stage Cosmetics produce eyeshadow primers as well but I don't know if they work as I have not tried them. There's also MAC Paint Pot, Benefit F.Y. Eye, Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow, and Paul & Joe Eye Gloss. Basically, any skin-colored cream eyeshadow that doesn't crease on you would work.

2. Are you still using Dermedex?

Last year, I've had a pretty serious case of forehead zits and Dermedex did wonders to treat my condition. Unfortunately, only the first tube worked and the second one didn't so I stopped. Eventually, I found out the reason for my zits -- I've been using too much of drying anti-blemish products. Since then, I've been properly moisturizing my skin with rich anti-aging creams and my zits cleared up. As it turns out, my skin's surface has been too dry, prohibiting proper oil flow. The "trapped" oil becomes infected and turns into a pimple. Therefore, when the oil flow is restored, I no longer have zits. Everyone's skin is different so I can't guarantee that my method would work for you. Although, this totally blows the myth of rich creams causing pimples! It's NOT true! It all depends on your skin.

3. What do you suggest I use for long lasting makeup that doesn't require touch up?

Personally, I don't touch up any of my makeup except for lip color. I don't carry powder or blush with me when I go out. To have your foundation last the whole day, use a makeup base underneath. Liquid foundations also tend to be more long-wearing. For your eyeshadow to last, use an eyeshadow primer. My blush don't usually survive the whole day but if I want it to, I either use a cheek stain or cream blush then layer powder blush over it. The only waterproof product that I use is mascara.

4. What is your favorite foundation/makeup base/foundation brush/eyelash curler?

Foundation: I will always say Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation but I still can't justify buying it. However, I've probably reviewed over 25 types of foundation so you can read through them.

Makeup Base: I use different bases depending on my foundation. Monistat for oily liquid foundation, Benefit Dr Feelgood for powder foundation, Benefit That Gal for dark liquid foundation, and Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie for drying liquid foundation.

Foundation Brush: Again, I use different foundation brushes depending on the foundation that I use. EDM Flat Top Brush for mineral foundation, elf Studio Powder Brush for liquid foundation, I Nuovi Foundation Brush for cream foundation, and The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Kabuki Brush for stick foundation.

Eyelash Curler: I'm using RMK Eyelash Curler and happy enough with it. I don't need like 5 good eyelash curlers. I've tried Shu Uemura but I don't need it since RMK does the job.

5. Does XX product control oil? Is it suitable for oily skin? Will it make my skin look oily? Why does it make my skin oily?

First off, my skin is DRY. That said, I don't look for oil control in a product. In fact, I avoid anything that controls oil because I am happy with whatever little oil that I have and have no intention to control it. I honestly would not know how to answer the questions above if you face those problems and have a different skin type than I do. If a certain product is making me look like a grease pot, I'll mention it. If it doesn't, I won't. So, if the product turns out to be oily on you, it could simply be due to the differences in our skin types and how our skins react to certain products. Sometimes I may mention that a product would be suitable for "oilier" complexions. "Oilier" means oilier than my dry skin which could be normal or combination. I'm basically trying to say that the product is drying on MY skin so if you have skin that isn't as dry as mine, you may not feel that the product is drying. Whether or not it will cause oiliness to oily skin, I really wouldn't know.

My only advice is to use products that are meant for oily skin and controls oil. That's all I have. If you can't relate to my experience with products in my reviews, you can look for other reviews by reviewers with similar skin type to yours. There's nothing wrong with that. I do that too.

Err... no inspiration. Just winging it. No pun intended

Items Used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Paint Pot in Rollickin
MAC Paint Pot in Moss Scape
MAC Eyeshadow in Cool Heat
MAC Pigment in Antique Gold
MAC Pigment in Dark Soul
MAC Eyeshadow in Dreammaker
MAC Pigment in Heritage Rouge
MAC Glitter in Reflects Blackened Red
MAC Fluidline in Blue Peep
K-Palette Tattoo Eyeliner
Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Nuovi Celebrity Series - Winners

Before I announce the winners, I'd just like to say thank you so much to everyone who have participated and to those who submitted their looks, all of you did incredibly well. The winners for this contest have been randomly chosen, which means that if you had done the tasks, your chances of getting picked would have been higher. Seeing that quite a number did the makeup task, I'll look into having a contest in future where the winner will be picked based on her makeup instead of relying on luck. I will run more contests if more people participate so please don't hesitate to enter.

And the winners for the I Nuovi Celebrity Series Contest are....

Spunk Funk

Smoked Siren

Bronze Goddess

Congratulations!! Please e-mail me at within 48 hours to claim your prize, including your mailing address and contact number, which I will pass on to the I Nuovi representatives.
If I do not receive your response after 48 hours, I will have to pick another winner.

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Review: Benefit You Rebel Tinted Moisturizer

No, this isn't Wella Straightening Hair Cream! It's Benefit You Rebel -- a defiantly different tinted moisturizer. Few years back when I was briefly working for Benefit, I couldn't find a foundation that suited my skin. Goldilocks Syndrome -- Some Kind of Gorgeous was too fair, Playstick was too drying and Non-Fiction made me itch. You Rebel felt the most comfortable on my skin but to my dismay, the color was too dark and the coverage, too sheer.

Read on for the full product review and a little trick on how I made You Rebel conform to my needs

You Rebel Tinted Moisturizer is packaged in an unconventional metal tube. I can't say that I'm fond of the packaging because I know very well that it'll start to have holes when the product's almost finishing. Nonetheless, I love what the tube contains and I doubt I'll be able to get through the entire tube before it expires anyway.

Out of the tube is a light-textured tan-colored cream. The tinted moisturizer is applied as how you would with a regular moisturizer, which is by sweeping or massaging. On the skin, it feels exactly like how a moisturizer would. Some tinted moisturizers out there (eg. ZA) still gives the kind of powdery finish and cake that you'd get from foundations. When used alone, the color is about 2 shades darker than my skin tone (MAC NC35). In spite of that, the color simply screams "Healthy" to me. It doesn't look unnatural but I'd have to apply it over my chest as well to match my face. I've ordered a tanning lotion to help darken my chest and shoulder area so hopefully I'll be able to wear You Rebel on its own after I've completed my tanning project! If you're not up for looking tanned, not to worry. Benefit has You Rebel Lite for those with fairer complexions.

I've worn this tinted moisturizer out for paintball and believe me, this stuff lasts. You can sweat and have paintball paint dripping down your face, You Rebel is stubborn enough to not budge. Instead of looking washed out after the game, you'd simply glow :) As added bonuses, the formula contains SPF15, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Aloe.

The original method calls for the IT Stick but since I don't own that (because some lady bought the last one at the sale), I've improvised and used Maybelline Liquid Concealer. Before I explain the steps, let me tell you a little bit about the IT Stick. One of the underrated products, the IT Stick claims to be a concealer that fills in lines and covers blemishes. The thick cream is quite dense but blends very easily. Combined with You Rebel, the IT Stick lightens the color, adds coverage and ultimately, gives a creaseless finish to the skin. If you have a constantly changing skin tone, I'd highly suggest the IT Stick and You Rebel combination.

After you've applied your makeup base of choice (for oily skin, you may want to use an oil-control type), draw on the concealer around the center portion of the face on areas where you require brightening. Then, dot You Rebel between the lines and on areas where you have not applied concealer. Blend everything with your fingers in circular motions. If you'd like to use a brush for this, I'd suggest buffing with a duo fiber brush (MAc 187). Finally, set with loose powder.

The result: Coverage just enough to conceal the small imperfections with a warm healthy color and glow yet completely natural-looking. Doesn't look much like I'm wearing foundation, does it?

A 50ml tube of You Rebel is $30USD on the website. In Malaysian Benefit counters, it should be around RM135? It used to be RM125.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Revealed: I Nuovi Bronze Goddess Mystery Celebrity


We're finally done with the I Nuovi Celebrity Series Contest! It's been exciting to see so many of you submitting your looks and supporting this contest. The winners for all three prizes have been picked and will be announced tomorrow. Feeling giddy yet?

Psst... If you're a US reader, look out for a US-exclusive contest coming up tomorrow with a prize worth $95!

Read on for submissions from some of the participants...

Elizabeth wears brown eyeshadow soft with bronzy lipgloss

Queenyee embraces the summer trend with striking bronze eyes and cheeks

Adrienne recreates the Rihanna look with ultra metallic bronze

Chian Li plays down the bronze so that the eyes look natural but still shine

Arrie's bronze look shows off heavily contoured cheek and eye

Janice glows with bronze on her eyes paired with girly pink on her lips

Kay creatively combines bronze with a sheen of metallic green

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Review: Stila Smudge Pots

"This unique gel eyeliner and shadow is an innovative alternative to traditional powder and liquid formulas. This clever little gel has an inky intensity that leaves powder shadows in the dust. A favorite for the sultry, smoky eye."

Stila Smudge Pots are well-known faves of fellow beauty bloggers, Nikki of Askmewhats, and Prettybeautiful. Being a big time gel eyeliner fanatic, I started to venture into Smudge Pots with the Stila Smudge Pot Trio (Black, Bronze and Gray) and more recently, added Jade to my collection.

Read on for the review and comparisons.

The Smudge Pot Trio Set is limited edition -- Three Mini Smudge Pots in Black, Bronze and Gray with a Mini Eyeliner Brush. Each pot is 2.0g, which is half of the full-sized Smudge Pot. The brush is not as firm and precise as I would prefer it to be but it's handy so I don't mind it.

A full-sized Smudge Pot is 4.0g. The jar size is exactly the same as the jar of Benefit Creaseless Shadow/Liner but I assume that Benefit's product is more dense hence the extra 0.5g.
MAC Fluidline is 3.0g and in my opinion, it's more than enough for a jar of gel liner since they dry out quickly. I would actually be happier if more companies produce gel liners in 2.0g to prevent product wastage.

Having used numerous brands of gel eyeliners, I'm aware that I can be quite fussy. The Smudge Pot's formula feels more creamy than gel-like but not powdery (like Bobbi Brown). Although it applies very smoothly, the shimmery colors such as Jade and Bronze, are not able to give solid color in one stroke. I find myself having to dip into the pot for more eyeliner countless times just so I can get a solid line. These colors also tend to have poorer staying power, especially the bronze. After a few hours, the liner will start to flake off.

As for the matte colors, Gray and Black, they have much more solid pigmentation for a consistent application. While they don't flake off and have better staying power, I did experience a tiny bit of smudging. The MAC Fluidline reigns supreme in terms of being reliably smudge-proof.

Quite obviously, I still think that MAC Fluidline is the best gel eyeliner for me. The Smudge Pots are excellent quality but not equal across all the colors with only the Gray meeting Fluidline's standards.

Jade (shimmering green): Medium-tone olive green with gold shimmer. This is a highly similar shade to MAC Fluidline in New Weed except lighter (but not as light as Sweet Sage)
Bronze (bronze sheen): Metallic medium-tone bronze. It looks nice in the pot but on the eyes, this color makes my lids look wrinkly. Safe to say, it's my least favorite shade
Gray (rich steel-charcoal): Matte deep blue/indigo gray. A very unique color and my favorite. It's also the most smudge-resistant
Black (jet black): Matte dark black with very slight hint of brown. Darker than MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack but has higher tendency to smudge

Stila Smudge Pots retail at $20USD on their website. Other permanent colors include Brown and Cobalt. Occasionally, they would have limited edition colors such as Pomegranate, 24k, Black Cat and Kitten.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

FOTDs + Makeup Talk + Haircut

Guess who got a haircut? Despite a few negative comments that I've received, I love this hairstyle A LOT! I'm so glad that I found a hairstylist who's able to meet my needs. He's incredibly affordable too :D I do admit that I miss my long hair but at this point of life, I would prefer not to look so "mature". It's bad enough that my classmates are all younger than I am and my boyfriend looks like he just graduated from high school. I don't need people assuming that I'm in my late 20s, married, with a kid, and thinking that my boyfriend is my younger brother.

Read on for details on makeup used for the picture above and there's another FOTD. They're very basic looks but I just wanna talk about a few new products that I've been trying out.

For my foundation, I used Benefit You Rebel Tinted Moisturizer combined with some Maybelline liquid concealer to lighten and add some coverage. You Rebel is starting to be addictive and I certainly can't think of any other tinted moisturizer that I'm so fond of. On the cheeks, there's MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Cheeky Bronze with Redhead Brunette (My bad!!) on the apples... I doubt you'd be able to see any color in the picture anyway 'cause I buffed them out. Brunette is very pigmented for an MSF which makes it a definite blush color. Even for a blush, it's pretty intense.

On my eyes, I applied just a wash of I Nuovi Metallogy Eyeshadow in Tin with some highlight and lined with K-Palette Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner. Although it creates a very beautiful and precise line, it's a complete pain to remove. They weren't kidding when they put "Tattoo" on the packaging.

Finally, on my lips is MAC Slimshine in Bare, which I absolutely adore. The Slimshines are fantastic stuff! They apply so smoothly, make the lips look creaseless, feels moisturizing and has reasonable staying power. Bare is a perfect natural color for me too.

With this makeup, I felt like I was preparing myself for winter. The eyeshadow colors that I used created some sort of "bedroom eyes". Not too bad but I was actually hoping for the colors to show up. I used Benefit Silky Powder Eyeshadows in Moody (gray taupe) and Guess Again (ashy purple) with some I Nuovi D27 in Pop Art on the middle of the lid. I expected the Benefit colors to be very low-key but not have crappy color payoff. When swatched, they still looked okay but on the lids, they're practically pointless. For my eyeliner, I used Stila Smudge Pot in Gray which looks like Guess Again in its pan. Lovely color and applies very well too. On the lips, my latest favorite, Stage Wondergloss in Venus.

Cheeks -- MAC MSF in Cheeky Bronze and Refined. OMG, I broke my Refined MSF O_O *cries* Barely a foot high drop and it split in half! Now my Refined looks like a burger. I'm still feeling the pain... It's such a pretty peach color and and and... *wails*

Side view of the hair... I'm thinking of going a shade lighter

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

ClarinsMen Boys Night Out

Last Friday, unlike any typical Friday where I usually hang out with peers, I was invited to join a little gathering put together by the Clarins team for Men. That’s right, for Men. It was a gathering where ClarinsMen invited some public guests through a lucky draw contest in the newspaper “The Star” and also some VIP on their list and I was one of the few lucky ones.

This party was basically a feel-good gathering to introduce ClarinsMen to the public. For those who didn’t attend or didn’t join the contest, it was a waste because the party or gathering was a blast. I was first greeted by the ladies of Clarins team and was presented with a goodie bag and a choice of tag between notorious, charmer, and seductive.

To play it safe of course I chose the charmer tag. The party started with a slow momentum where the first hour was mingling about with the ladies from Clarins and other public guests. After that, the show begins, with some introduction to Clarins and this time, their focus is on Men. They showed steps that guys should use for their daily routine and surprise surprise, most guys who attended didn’t really know even the three basic steps. Next there was an introduction to Louis Erard watches and a small competition was held. The last game, the liquor mixer competition was an intriguing competition, where contestants were supposed to mix liquor drinks and serve them to the judges.

Non, LiteFm deejay announcer was there too as he's a ClarinsMen user and so is Will Quah, a well-known TV announcer who, sadly, wasn’t present at the party. With the two announcers proudly using ClarinsMen products, I could not wait to try it out myself. Therefore, stay tuned in a week or so, for my review on a few ClarinsMen product which I myself am eager to try it after some explanation and consultation from the ladies of Clarins.
(from top to bottom: Mr Charmer, Mr Notorious (me) and Mr Seductive, posing with Non from LiteFm.)

P.S. I was certified by the Clarins Ladies as notorious rather than a charmer.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Review: Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask

I've come across many hydrating masks in the market but none appealed to me because they're either heavily fragranced or have this alcohol-laddened "cooling sensation" that's actually drying the skin rather than hydrating it. Having searched high and low for a reliable hydrating mask, I was grateful to have received the Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask for Dehydrated Skin. The very name of the product calls to my exorbitantly thirsty skin.

Read on for the review.

The light fluffy cream mask comes in a typical squeeze tube which is hygienic and easy to use. I use quite a lot for one face, as you can see, but you can adjust the amount according to your preference. Consistent with the other product in the HydraQuench range, the cream mask has a tolerable floral scent that is somewhat like jasmine.

What's in the mask?
  • Hyaluronic Acid with High Molecular Weight: Forms a barrier film to prevent excessive moisture evaporation
  • Katafray Bark: Boosts the transformation of epidermal keratinocytes into new corneal cells. Encourages the synthesis of natural moisturization factors
  • Hyaluronic Acid with Low Molecular Weight: Replenishes essential water reserves that keep skin firm and toned
  • Sorbier bud: Strengthens blood vessels and boosts microcirculation for enhanced skin radiance

After cleansing, the cream is evenly applied onto dry skin. The mask is then left for 5-10 minutes to absorb. Then, a dry sheet mask is placed over the cream mask and pressed on with gentle pressure. Excess cream mask is removed with cotton soaked in toner.

It's not difficult to tell when my skin is dry. See that shiny bit on my forehead in the before pic? That's an eczema patch with hardening skin, which is a lot less obvious in the after picture. Please ignore my horrendous eye bags and dark circles *sighs*

Another way to indicate dryness on my skin is by the white patches on my cheeks. There's also another protruding eczema patch on my temple. After the mask, my skin color looks better with the white patches less apparent and the eczema patch too became less visible. Also, my skin was slightly glowing.

After taking the pictures, I then continued applying my serums and moisturizer.

All in all, I feel that this is very good product and pretty much meets all the requirements I look for in a hydrating mask. I don't really have anything bad to say about it but it lacks a certain "wow" factor. Basically, I like the product but I'm not in love and overly excited about it. Don't let my insufficient enthusiasm stop you from giving this a go though. I'm probably just difficult to please.

Retails at RM135 for 75ml

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Totally Wearable Tutorials: The Mysterious Emerald

Every once in a while, you'll come across a very special eyeshadow color... The kind that independently stands out from the others. With this unique eyeshadow, I've done a tutorial for a soft but not-so-classic smokey eyes that's as simple as tying shoelaces. I really really really (x10) love this look and I couldn't believe how fast and easy it was. A one-wash color has never looked so good.

Read on for the tutorial, swatches and some color talk.

Medium-deep cool green with green shimmer. It's more sparkle than pigment so I probably won't use it as a primary lid color
Cafe Latte: Almost no pigment at all. It's very sheer and soft beige with golden-beige shimmer. Works as highlight
Black Cherry: Deep maroon with dark red shimmer. A very pretty color to darken the crease or even as a lid color for more intense eye makeup. Resembles MAC Beauty Marked but not as dark
Mysterious: You need this color! This would be the very special star eyeshadow for the tutorial. It's medium taupe with reddish undertones and GREEN shimmer. A color like this gives so much dimension that it'll rock even on its own
Pink Pearl: Pink almost never come close to my eyelids. Warm-ish pink with pale pink pearl sheen. I've used it to add glow on the cheeks.
Fresh Rose (Blush): Sheer warm rose color. Quite a general shade. Regardless, it blends beautifully.

Having been so satisfied with Everyday Minerals foundation, I wasn't hoping to find another brand of mineral foundation that I like a lot. Lumiere Cashmere Foundation is highly similar to EDM's Original Glow formula; I would not say that one's better than the other. The powder is finely-milled and smooth, providing easy blending and no caking. Coverage wise, this should be suitable for those who prefer light to medium coverage. The shade that I'm using is called Medium Warm, which is a good enough match for me.

What I like even more than the Cashmere Foundation is the Lumiere Silk Powder. It reminds me of Silica Powder but greatly better. Used over foundation as a finishing powder, the Silk Powder renders a soft blurring effect to the skin so that lines and creases become less visible. Initially, it felt kind of dry but after settling for 30 minutes or so, skin looks impeccably sliky. Unlike Silica Powder, Silk Powder doesn't leave any white casts that will show up on camera (as you can see). It's also used to help mattify the skin and contribute to oil control.

Smokey eyes are not necessarily black and there is certainly more than one way to do the smokey eyes. You can wear this sultry look to casual night outings and your eyes will dazzle. To complement the green shimmer in Mysterious, I've used Emerald on the lower lash line for a little pizzazz. Black Cherry is optional in this look unless, like myself, you prefer your smokey eyes a tad darker.

Items Used:

Benefit Dr. Feelgood
Lumiere Cashmere Foundation in Medium Warm
Lumiere Pure Silk Powder in Sand

Lumiere Blush in Fresh Rose
Lumiere Eyeshadow in Pink Pearl

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Lumiere Eyeshadow in Mysterious, Cafe Latte, Black Cherry, Emerald
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Maybelline Turbo Boost Mascara
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara
Daiso Auto Eyebrow Pencil
elf Brow Kit in Light

Stage Wondergloss in Venus (Love love love!!)

Prep lid with eyeshadow primer. Using a dense eyeshadow brush, apply Mysterious up to the crease. Then, with a highlight brush, sweep Cafe Latte beneath the brow. Without picking up any more pigment, blend Mysterious upwards above the crease with the same brush used before. To darken the eye makeup, take a small crease brush and place Black Cherry on the outer-V.

Blend Black Cherry, connecting it to the lower lash line. After that, with the same brush, apply Emerald along the lower lash line. To make the eyes more prominent, line the upper lash line thickly with black gel liner using the cat-eye technique. Finally, apply mascara heavily or you may even go for natural false lashes.

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